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I’ve been to a few online groups with free psychic readings. If I present my question with a few details, for example, “will I ever be with so & so…” I get “no, he’s stringing you along, blah blah blah” answers with absolutely no details. If I do not add details, I get no response. Coincidence? Hmm…

Also, one psychic told me that my angel wants to “beat some sense” into the guy I was seeing, and that it’s a good thing that she’s a good angel.


So my question is, has anyone visited such groups as these with free psychic advice, and have any of their predictions come true at all?

Please don’t tell me they’re fake and to avoid them, I’m just curious as to whether anyone has had an accurate reading at all.

Answer by jpturboprop
I knew you were going to ask that…
Even in the world of psychics, you get exactly what you pay for. Free readings are unlikely to be reliable…
There are some accurate readings out there.

Answer by The Gnome
Beat some sense? I’d like do do that .
I once told a bunch of Psychic people that they were all fakes.
They said talk like that would get my Y/A account deleted….The very next day…My TAG watch stopped working, after I got it wet.
Moral is… Don’t buy a TAG watch for $ 6 in Bali.

Answer by Bohemian G
My friend’s mother’s friend went to a fortune teller and they said “your going to marry a docter whose 16.5 years older than you, your going to have 3 children one and 3 years apart, your going to live in the suburbers in london… and ten years later that’s EXACTLY How it happened.

A guy from my old chruch fellowship went went to a fortune teller they told him he’d get into a car crash in a year and he was really scared and a year later, he got into a crash, and all of his bones were broken, and he couldn’t walk… now what my fellow church goers say is that the car crash happeend because he believed that it would.

I had a friend from high school whose mother died in a car crash when he was 10 years old and he told me that the day before she died, his grandmother was reading tea leaves and told her “I see you inside a black box.”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there a qualified free psychic who answers a question via email?

I would like to ask one question from a psychic who willing to answer vi email and who is qualified?.
I have had this concern for about six months and its worrying me that i cant sleep.
Because i have had readings from Kasamba and some are spot on with somethings or not right on track.
if you can that would be great.

Answer by Đantes
Oh there’s plenty of “psychics” over the “Glorious Innernetz” but I doubt if you will find the word “free” in their vocabulary

Answer by Smeagle
You have to pay your own way in this life and just because they are “psychics” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get paid so pull out that check book first.

Answer by Jordan
I done it over numerous websites. You could go to Joan Marie Lawson psyhcis and ou can ask a free question.

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I need to ask just one question can you help

Answer by Pat R
Just ask your question right here. Plenty of free psychotics to choose from.

Oh wait, you want a psychic. There’s a few of those around as well.
Honestly though, stay away from those people since there really is no such thing as free. Perhaps what you need is a little advice that’s all.

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