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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Accurate Psychics?

I’m looking to talk to an accurate psychic. Anyone here? Please contact me on

Answer by ♥Pritty Girl♥

Answer by padiwan2
I can help. IM me or email me according the info of my profile.

Answer by MMM
Don’t bother unless you find one that is 100% accurate. In that case, the person is a prophet, not a psychic, and the Bible says, “Beware of false prophets.”

Answer by EMPATHY
is there such a thing. common. is they knew so much why aren’t they rich.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are psychics at deterning life lines and lufe expectancy?

My mom had her palm read years ago. They told her she would die at age 54. She’s turning 54 this week she’s been really worried about it and I’m scared of losing her. How accurate have they been?

Answer by Shredder7
Psychics are just scam artists who target gullible people. They guess at everything. Do not worry, your moms survival depends on many factors, but a palm reading is not one of them.

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
There is a million dollars for the first person to prove such abilities. Until this is won, there are no psychics. Only liars that say so.

Answer by Dhiman Seal
Don’t worry and be as perfectly cool as u can. Palm readers should be called fortune guessers. But I’m not sure she may die too for some reason but it will not be for palm reading. Stay cool and don’t forget that one who has come on the earth must go one day. Sorry if i hurted you but perhaps not now but someday or the other she has to go. I will say that: Stay close to your mother and have belief in god.

Answer by Super Gangsta
It actually is not really possible to read the age you’ll die from your palm. And even if the psychic could figure it out, our lines on our palms are constantly changing. After getting that reading she could’ve changed something in her life that increased her life expectancy.

The thing about psychics is that they can predict the future, but only based on that moment in time. As people make decisions those predictions can change.

Answer by Gracie
As a practicing psychic, I can assure you that you do have control over your destiny.

The last person to ask me about her destiny came with the following caveats:

1. If you continue drinking as you do, you will die at age 45 in an accident with a green pick-up truck. You will not be the drunk driver, but the other will. Still, it is your own excess drinking that made this future possible. At the same time, your husband will divorce you and you will lose custody of your beautiful son (who was not yet even conceived, but has since been born)

2. If you quit drinking, you can life to be 79, but if you also quit smoking, you can life to be 88 or 89.

I didn’t know the person, but I did know – through my psychic ability – that teh person had a drinking problem.

I have since learned that she gave up the alcohol.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever found palm reading and psychics to be accurate?

I’m just wondering because my friend tells me almost everyday that they are accurate and really do know the future. Yet, other people tell me that they just tell you what you want to hear. I’m curious as to what you might think. I haven’t had much experience with psychics or palm readings, so I really don’t know.

Answer by Random G
horoscopes are real..i know that much

Answer by chris
yeah, call ms cleo

Answer by Mari-San
No,it’s all a gimmick!

Answer by Licia
I see Disappointment in your future….

your friend is loopy if it was true all psychics would be loaded , if they could tell you about the future THEY would know what was going to win at newmarket or who would win man u or chelsea they r all a load of con artist or just insane lol

Answer by Dan B
If they were real, they would win the lottery every week.

They prey on your stress and tell you what you want to hear. Their predictions are very general in nature. I can predict that there will be an earthquake at the North Pole. Now if I sit and wait long enough, there just might be one.

They are very adept at separating you from your money and you will wind up being broke. There. I just predicted your future if you fall for these people. Send me $ 500.

Answer by d
one time i went to this psychis card reader with my ex girl.

i asked her what career i should study for and she said “computers”….

then i asked her if the girl i was with at the time was the right girl for me.

She said that that time of our relationship will be the happiest….??

i think its all a bunch of bs…..i guess u can ask which ever psychic reader to guess your birthdate, and then you’ll know the truth….but agian i think its all bs

Answer by Red Devil
I think they answer your questions very vague or down the road. You are talking to them today and they tell you you will be married in five years or have that future success you are striving for in five years. And their favorite is when they say that your loved one that pasted away sometime ago has forgiven you for something and love’s you very much but if you had a nickname that your loved one used to call you the psychic won’t be be able to tell you what that name was.

Answer by Vasudev P
Be practicaly not accurate bicous of diffrent ppl diffrent palm how can we justifaid for time pas it is ok

Answer by “Sweet Dreams in PINK”
yea…it’s all true…scary isn’t it?

Answer by Pisces Lady
i used to be a hardcore believer and now im really not…i think real ones are out there but most of them are phonies and only know some things and then make good guesses…idk….
when i saw a psychic 2 years ago she told me my future and basically made my life sound perfect and told me all the careers i was gonna have and how successful im gonna be and basically told me everything i wanted to hear and i just dont think my life will turn out THAT perfect haha

Answer by Starcosmos Tarot & Astrology
I m an Astrologer and a Psychic tarot reader.Astrology is real,but you need to spend hours in studing it if you really want to be an Astrologer.It needs much work.Astrology is a science . Being a Psychic Reader,it depends how much you work with yourself.If you have the charisma,you have to keep it in balance and take care of it.It s not like a job only .It s a life style.Personally I m not saying things that others would love to hear.I say and give advices on what they must do in order to succeed.Some love it,some hate it.If you want to be any of both,you have to be experienced in life and certainly you cannot do it before your 30 s.Advice,is a responsibility to individuals.You have to know to listen to others.Be patient and help.As far as I know,all people I have helped through my skills are very happy now.But you have to be disciplined enough.Being accurate depends on many things.But yes,we can read the future.Your boyfriend is right.

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