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Sometimes I see people and just ideas or things pop into my head about them. Like I look at someone and think their shoulder hurts or their tires are going to be a problem for them. Is this weird? Or is it my imagination?

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We are all born Psychic every baby born has an inflated Pineal Gland around the age of 7 upwards the Pineal Gland starts to deflate, and then the third eye closes
For some it does not and therefore are very Psychic and the Third eye is open to see : )

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience

In life we are all different therefore we will all perceive or be sensitive to energy differently and there are four ways to interpret an incoming thought, pattern or energy. Most of us will perceive primarily by one and partially by the other three.

Clairaudience – Intuitive
This is a person who will pick up a thought and hear it. This persons mental or intellectual understanding is very important and they can make good leaders. We all know someone that we would say was a mental person, always having to understand mentally. They carefully think things through. If this person were to become enlightened they would have the ability to become a medium, someone who channels information from entities who have passed over, because their most heightened sensitivity is to hear.

Clairvoyance- Visionary
This is a person who will pick up a thought and see it. This person has the ability to transform a thought into a vision, symbol or in colour by using their mind’s eye. If an artist, a decorator, a creative person, someone who mainly uses the right side of their brain were to become enlightened they would have the ability to read auras, our chakras, draw guides and this is how they would channel what they received because the ability to see images is their most heightened sensitivity.

Clairsentience – Prophetic (1)
This is a person who will pick up a thought and just knows it. This person is sensitive to precognition and has hunches, dreams and knowings and this person usually deals with the future or present and how it will affect another. If you were to meet an enlightened Prophetic you would be able to get some information about your ‘line of probability’, tomorrow is not set in time remember. This could be a person who has a dream about something and that dream turns out to happen in reality. They have the ability of prediction because they ‘just know’ and can tune into and understand their hunches.

Clairsentience – Feeler (2)
This is a person who will pick up a thought and transform it immediately into a feeling. This persons life can revolve around how it feels to them. Their sense of touch is well-developed and they have the ability to know people by feeling what they feel. After enlightenment, this is someone would have the ability to practice psychometry. The ability to put something belonging to someone in their hand and read the energy. Depending on their other gifts, they could tell the past, present or future from the energy. They have the ability to feel how others feel but only on the emotional level. They will be able to not only empathise but experience their pain, loss, grief etc. For instance, if they were to channel energy from a persons past life they would experience the pain and hurt that that soul experienced in that past lifetime.

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Answer by angeltails
You could probably find out by asking someone who you think about. For example, if you think that someone’s shoulder hurts – ask if it does… you’ll probably get a better answer that way than from here.

Answer by sherl
could be. no, i don’t think it’s weird.
next time why not approach them and ask them about it.
at least then you’ll know.

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That depends on whether or not those things turn out to be true.

Answer by Tia
wow, cool! some people born with a gift. there’s nothing wrong with that.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone had their predictions come true what your psychic?

I like to hear other peoples, experinces with psychics, feel free to answer.

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Im psychic and my dreams and things come true alot. helps you test yours out to.

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Yes it is so. A spelled prediction, of course only from a competent person, who really can spell predictions, by her or his capacity to see the future, is entering in the cellular form of the Baby, who heard the spell. But GOD has given us Free will and we can accept a prediction or not. When we are not accepting a prediction we are already changing the molecular structure inside of us and we are going to immunize ourselves to that spell…

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OK, will answer ANY question about Psychics you may have. There is a MILLION dollar prize for ANYONE who can prove there Psychic ability. So far, unclaimed. Scroll down, on the left, “JREF challenge”, so if your psychic, you can be on you way to claiming your million dollars.

Answer by suspendor
I learned that psychics are real at Magic Mountain in CA. There was this guy called ‘the guesser’, who would guess your age or weight for a dollar. If he guessed wrong, you got a prize. I went for weight, figuring that would be hardest for him. Out of curiosity, I wondered what my real weight was. I figured it was, well, whatever. It’s been awhile. Anyway, he guessed the exact number I was thinking, which happened to be 8 pounds off. I WON!

The next time I went, I decided to prove what I suspected. I stood behind the ropes and guessed the weights of four visitors in a row. He called out the numbers I was thinking, which were ALL wrong. He must have figured out that something was up, because he quit then for a while. It worked for him, because I had no desire to mess with him any more. I’d learned what I wanted to know. It’s real.

Answer by stessie
I am not psychic but I believe because I have lived it that GOD brings dreams to me that come true for warnings and such and to tell me what to do in future situations

Answer by fireslayer199
yes i have, i dreamed that my brothers passport would be found in the car he had sold a year earlyer, and about a week after that dream the guy who bought the car called and said he had found the passport underneath the seat.

Answer by yankee doodle
next time ask them what will be the winning lottery numbers.Or ask them why you need an appointment to go see them if they should know you are coming right ????

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you tell others about what a psychic says about them? Or do you tell them at all if it is somewhat bad?

I told my brothers girlfriend about what a psychic said, not on purpose, she kind of pried it out of me. (Personally, If it were me I would want to to know and I always take this psychic stuff with a grain of salt) My brother said not to tell her. The psychic said that she is going to want to have babies as soon as she gets married, but to wait because it isn’t the right time (wait 18-22 months to get pregnant) because she sees surgery and complications with the baby. So to make a long story short, she said it was fine and then then next day sent me a text message saying “I let you know in the future if you wouldn’t mind keeping me out of the conversations you have with the psychic.l I was kinda freaked out last night and would rather not have someone saying bad things like that about me thanks.” So now I feel like such a bad person. I wasn’t going to tell her but it came out and now my brother sent me a message that said “thanks”. They are getting married in 6 months and I am supposed to be in the wedding. I would rather hide under a rock. Please help with any suggestions to make the situation better. Thanks :*(

Answer by Skepticat (UKB Operative)
Psychics are either terribly mistaken people or they are downright frauds. There’s no such thing as psychic powers.

That said, relax and have a few laughs about it. Pregnancy conversations should be had with the doctor and not the psychic.

Answer by gambitgrrl
Stop believing in psychics for starters.

They are full of something, but knowledge of the future isn’t one of them.

Second, apologize to your future sister-in-law for making her upset. Even if she doesn’t believe the crap that you were told, it’s still not cool to sit there and tell someone that if they get pregnant, they’ll have problems.

Either she’s upset because she does know of some kind of issue that might make it harder for her to have a child, and may be hyper sensitive to suggestions that there might be issues. Or, she doesn’t buy it, but your brother does, and if she really does want a child right away, he might be against it now because of your “psychics” uninformed opinions.

Of course waiting to have a child for a bit after marriage IS a good idea. It’s way too much stress to get hitched, then before your first wedding anniversary, throw a kid in the mix.

Answer by Bill P
many psychic predictions are accurate, many are not. For a whole
variety of reasons.
It was your reading and the info was for you to use as you see fit.
A psychic tells you what they sense, feel, hear or see. If she
sees something about your sister in law, she will tell you. You
don’t have to block it. But all predictions are subject to change.
and not all “psychics” are psychic.
It is a grand way to get attention – and get paid too.

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Psychic Twins Prediction Of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce

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