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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any one have visions or psychic feelings?

Is anyone else having visions or psychic feelings? If so tell me about them. I have been having visions and weird feelings and such and I want to know if anyone else has the same thing.

Answer by ❤Love❤
Yes, I do.

What letter am I thinking of?????

Answer by deborahpsycic
psychic here

I wanted to answer your question via video blog, hope you don’t mind and hope I helped
your answer is here

also read more about visions and other psychic gifts and how to train a psychic gift

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it true that static energy moves a psi wheel?

I’ve watched videos of telekinesis and visited websites of the same field. All of these tell me one thing: telekinesis is because of static energy. If so, do I need to heat my hands to move a psi wheel?
So, there’s no such thing as “telekinesis”? But, why are there so many men obsessed in this thing?

Answer by orAnGE jULiuS
All superstitious beliefs are contrary to science. Its the action and reaction principle

Answer by Pocky
I am 100% sure its not true

Answer by mariskalen kampf Strudl v.Wurst!
What is “static energy”? No such thing in engineering.
What is a “psi wheel”? No such a thing in engineering either.

If you mean by psi, psychic energy, no such thing in engineering/physics, either.

Do not believe anything you see in videos, either. They use the same tricks we see in movies. You can say it is one thing but it is just another setup.

Telekinesis, although a recorded phenomenon, mostly in disturbed teenagers, is extremely rare and cannot be duplicated in laboratory conditions.

By rubbing and heating your hands, you can create an upward air flow which moves the wheel. No “mistery” there.

“Obsessed with telekinesis”? Sounds like teenager fantasy.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why don’t they ask a world reknowned psychic what happened to Caylee Anthony?I know it cant convict anyone but?

Why don’t they ask a world reknowned psychic what happened to Caylee Anthony?I know it cant convict anyone but
it would still be nice to know what one would say…I always wondered the same thing about jonbonet ramsey and any other child or person who is murdered…

Answer by Mar Mar the Candy Bar
I can tell you right now. Her whore of a mother killed her and then went clubbing. BAM! $ 50 please.

As for gruesome details, what do you want to know? How many rolls of duct tape she put around her mouth? I mean, who cares? The bitch killed a baby, put on a slutty outfit, and went to shake her ass while her kid was in the trunk or in the ground.

Look how worried she is!

In case you’ve got the slightest doubt that the skank in the blue dress is her…..

Answer by lilloric
because psychics generally aren’t real. there are some but they usually can’t give specifics just help in finding bodies and the like.they have that 1 psychic on ancy grace that is a total fraud. she says they had “hits” in the area where the body was bs.they show a video tape of them and what they say is the dog alerting but the dog makes no movement.they also don’t tell you they have these same video tapes from every site they have been to and if the body had turned up at those sites that they would have had “hits” at them she’s a scammer and that’s why the few real psychics aren’t taken seriously.i agree with you that it would be nice to know and we all get so involved watching this unfold before us and it’s just like watching a movie or reading a book and not getting the ending with one will ever really know what happened to that little girl except her mother and she will never tell the truth . she just isn’t capable of telling the truth

Answer by Incognito
You’re correct in stating it wouldn’t be admissable in court. Not only that but a psychic would not give you any better explanation as I would on what happened to that toddler.

Evidence overwelmingly shows she murdered that child…premeditated murder.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Psychic Videos

Derren Brown explains to Dawkins why psychic readers are fake (part 1 of 6)


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