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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any psychics out on the net that can tell me my future? lol im bored and saw some other questions like mines.?

Just curios on how psychics work and stuff. so i wanna see what answers i will get.

Answer by Flourish
I don’t know keep looking you probably will find them

Answer by Miss America♥MJFanForever
I see you getting married in approximately 7 years. 7 months from that you will have a child. The child will be born on the 7 o’clock hour, on the 7 month of the year. He will grow up to lead 7 kingdoms/cities.

Answer by Chico
a psychic is able to “sense” on a purely material level. Contrary to the movies he or she is not able to “tune in” the spirit world. It is said that “all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums.”

Psychics generally work through the use physical mediums. The touching of a missing person’s clothes, Tarot cards, Palmistry, and the position of the Stars are all tools that can be used in conjunction with a psychic’s natural abilities.

Psychics can subconsciously and/or consciously calculate possible future events by assessing information presented to them and forecasting the probable outcome. A psychic must use caution and care when conducting a reading as some people seeking help are quite vulnerable. It has been suggested that all psychics should be made to adhere to a code of conduct. This code requires psychics to refrain from predicting and frightening clients with visions of accidents and death of loved ones.

While it is possible that everyone is psychic to some degree because they use the natural intuitive or sixth sense that is inherent in all of us to make decisions, Instinct, a psychic is sensitive to the electrical, magnetic and other energies which emanate from the individual. This energy is known in the psychic world as “aura”. A psychic accesses information from this emotional, physical and spiritual part of a person’s auric field. Psychics claim that the aura contains all the information about a person’s life and that is why most psychic readings are very accurate. Psychics freely admit they also use non-verbal communication such as body language, facial expression, and overall appearance to aide them in an accurate reading.

Identifying the Psychic: It is said that if you can see at least a few seconds ahead into the future, you are a psychic. If you can obtain unknown information without using the normal senses you are a psychic. If you have paranormal abilities allowing you to read another’s thoughts, float in the air or accurately predict a future event, you are a psychic. If you can see into the past through dreams, you are a psychic.

Thank god for that last paragraph, because all this time I just thought I was crazy!

Psychic Testing: So how do psychics know if they are a psychic. Well the one I went to in order to get a psychic reading regarding my “construction dilemma” told me, “We just know…because we are psychic. That did not help me at all!

However, my research revealed that all around the country, primarily at Universities, psychic testing is conducted on a yearly basis as part of parapsychological training.

The testing is accomplished in part by using the tried and true “Zener cards” first developed by parapsychologist J. B. Rhine in the 1920s. The deck of 25 cards contains pictures on one side of five distinctive geometrical shapes. There are five cards of each shape in one deck. The 5 designs on the fronts of the cards include: a circle, a Greek cross, a five-pointed Star of David in outline form, a square, and a trio of vertical wavy lines (the “waves”).

The deck is shuffled by machine. The prospective psychic, or test subject, is then asked to take the deck in hand, hold it, and then lay the cards out on the table. The test subject is then asked to identify the shape of each of the twenty-five cards.

Alternatively, the test administrator picks out a card in a shuffled pack, looks at the back of the card verifying and recording the symbol. He or she then shows it face down to the test subject and waits for the subject’s response. The administrator then records the test subject and moves on to the next card. The test subject does not know if he guessed correctly and is only given his score at the end of the test. When the test is conducted in this manner physical separators are used between the test administrator and the subject.

In either case the test is video taped, recorded for statistical evidence and to make sure it was conducted fairly. There are other forms of testing for ESP. If you are interested I suggest you take the tests for yourself. I am told the norm, based on statistically recorded averages is 20% correct identifications.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the music video where the two kids are reading their future in tarot cards?

They come back to the same place when thier older and the stuff they saw in the cards comes true.

Answer by Salty Dog
Have no idea, but the video sure sounds interesting. Would like to know what the video is myself.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I always thought it would be interesting to read Tarot cards. Is it hard to learn?

Answer by wshao55

Answer by ind-a-go
The many different tarot decks will all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through your psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked, bring forth a tarot card meaning that significantly answers your question.
If you are using Tarot cards as an oracle, you may be more inclined to read card meanings and spreads. But if using Tarot Cards as a tool for Psychic Ability you would be less likely to hold to any hard and fast guide lines. I’m a profession psychic and use Tarot Cards in a random way. In 25 years of professional readings I’ve never used any ‘meanings, spreads or reversals’ of tarot cards from any books.

So if you want to develop ‘Psychic Ability’ throw the books and guidelines away and let the images inspire you. But you may need to try the Rider Waite or another imaged deck.

Here’s the how-to of reading tarot cards with your psychic perception in six simple steps. http://www.psychic-junkie.com/reading-tarot-cards.html

You can use this four minute video as a brief meditation on the tarot that, repeatedly viewed, will help you learn how to read tarot cards psychically. http://www.psychic-junkie.com/tarotvision.html

To tap in to it more you can go to my free psychic development pages here: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/develop-psychic-ability.html

But on the other hand, if you want to use the Tarot as an oracle, a form of divination that needs no real ‘psychic ability’, then keep the books and use the meanings and spreads if you prefer.

Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days to study meanings and spreads! http://www.free-tarot-download-demo.wotsnext.com

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Tarot Card Videos

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Video

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