Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : any tips of interpreting tarot card readings?

i do the celtic cross.
i know it varies from person to person but can anyone give me some tips to better understand my cards.
NOTE:please use only proper english when answering that means no slang,text,improper or derogatory terms.

Answer by Crystal clear
Take time to really get to know your cards.

Pick a different one each day (or every few days as time allows), and meditate on it – keep a notebook of what feelings you get from the card, the symbolism, the colors, etc.

Not sure what deck you use, but I would highly recommend this book that is based on the Rider-Waite deck –

I found the suggested exercises were helpful in getting to know my cards and my interpretations of them much better (for not only my Waite deck, but for a few other different decks I have as well). Also, the summary of meanings of the cards according to the author were quite helpful and made more sense than some I’ve seen in other sources. I started learning with a Waite deck, but I was easily able to apply what I learned with the help of this book to other decks.

Enjoy the journey! 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anybody ever had a Tarot reading that came out to be true?

or vise versa…i had a reading today and im wondering are these tarot cards accurate? know that i got the reading im scared because i thought i was with the person im suppose to marry but the cards say otherwise…i also told my boyfriend and i wish i im lost

Answer by If u understood scriptures u would not be Atheist
tarot is evil and will be punished by the forces of God on judgement day

Answer by The God Cupid
No. I don’t go in the tents on the sea front. They’re for idiot holiday makers who will cross the so called fortune tellers palm with silver, like £10 a throw.

It puts money in to the town anyway I suppose.

Answer by Pirate AM™
No, the few that I have had have been completely wrong. So far, the general M.O. of a psychic, astrologer, palmist, tarot reader, tea leaf reader, or anyone else seeking to take your money for telling your future relies on two things, they have a basic script that 60% or more applicable to most people (seriously, most people are worried about love, money and other common traits), the second is the huge amount of information that you are willing to offer up without thinking about what you are telling them.

Basically, they are all scams, period.

Answer by Forgotten Splinter
It totally depends how intuitive the reader is. I give accurate readings and people can vouch for me on this. I don’t care if some closed minds think tarot is evil, because it’s really not. These people should enlighten themselves on the subjects of psychology, symbolism and Carl Jung. I don’t read the cards magically, I interpret the symbols via my intuition. It’s just another way of analysing secrets of the mind. No magic, no evil. Simple as that.


may I add I have never received payment of any kind for a reading. Not in 14 years. Not even a bag of chips!

Answer by lazybones
Went to one years ago and she was surprisingly accurate.
Was walking down a street in my hometown a few months later and who did I see? Turns out she’s from the same town and knows my family

Answer by Goblyn Queen
Yep. Tarot cards aren’t used for “seeing the future”. They are used to give insight into a particular situation that the asker is too close too. In other words, they can show you something that’s there that you didn’t see before.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot: How would you interpret Three of Swords + The Lovers as what someone wants from a relationship?

I drew a card to see what kind of relationship X wants from Y (they used to be in a romantic relationship, broke up and are still in communication). I got Three of Swords and clarified it with the Lovers. What could this possibly mean for what someone wants from a relationship? I find the two cards to be quite strong cards but don’t see how they could apply here, especially the Three of Swords.

Answer by John quill Quill
If you think the bible is enough of God’s word, you’re right;
it’s enough to send you to hell.

Answer by Sassy SeaGoat
It would appear that X wants to break apart from Y or that X wants Y to break off a relationship with someone else. The three of swords indicates an emotional breakup, one of the worst cards for existing lovers to have. Lovers represents one of the persons making a choice, choosing wisely between two potential lovers. If Y is having an affair or a secondary relationship, that’s one way it would apply.

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The Magician Tarot Card Meanings – How To Read Tarot Cards – The Magician Card Interpretation

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