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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anybody here is a psychic or knows one? Those online psychics are expensive…?

I’m looking for someone who can tell me my future… I want to know if it’s gonna get worse then it is already. There’s got to be someone who deals with these things n doesn’t charge too much or doesn’t charge at all :)?

Answer by Donkey Girl
There is no such thing as a psychic. Nobody can possibly predict your future, especially not over the internet.

Psychics prey on the gullible. Don’t waste your money. Concentrate on making the changes you want in your life yourself rather than waiting for “fate” to happen.

Answer by Ducky
Any online psychic who requires you to pay is not a real psychic at all. Real psychics are gifted by God to help others. They won’t charge you for anything, and they won’t run a business with their gift. You will often find these people in your church congregation, however they aren’t loud about it. While the bible supports spiritual gifts it is common (and expected) for people to remain completely skeptical about anybody who states they have one.

Answer by Steven
Everyoy is gifted with ability like this, if people had th right nowledge n how to trigger this ability and used it would e great.I could say the same thing you , you could trigger this ability by doing meditation and opening yourself. opening chakaras and etc.

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Answer by karl t
ok noor from the arabic word meaning the stars and light i am no psychic but i am a scorpio half arabic half irish maybe i know you but any way psychics online will gather your information and feed you some stories how your life will change and blah blah blah they can relate to your problems and give answers that you may think wow that is right when actually its just putting 2 and 2 together and they do this to persuade you that they will help you on a deeper level which is rubbish cos no one can help the scorpio but the scorpio can help the world you already have the answers to all your questions , the only reason you ask them is becuase you want to know what others think cos it is empowering ………… let me know what you think

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I trust psychics online?

I asked , “Psychichs, intuitives, gifted plz answer!” and then I asked if there was a boy that liked me in my school. Two of the psychics started emailing me and one said that he would cheat on me. The other psychic didn’t mention this once, until I said that the other pyschic mentioned it, then she was like, “oh yah he will…’ etc…so shoudl I trust ANY of them? Is it possible to get an accurate “reading” online?

Answer by Da Horror Movie
I am a psychic but we may only see people’s lives if we can know true skin. We must see them face to face. We must absorb their thoughts which tells us their plans, and by following on their plans will lead up to one big thing. Example: You are going to the mall, than you will buy shoes, you will break them next year, you throw them away, you stink, you take a shower, you are really clean, you go outside, you will find someone that finds you attractive, you will be bf and gf, you will be ingaged, of coarse you get married. Us psychics cannot see straight into the future. Only by parts. And online we cannot find your thoughts and feel your palm skin. So no. Don’t trust our kind online.

Answer by Amelia
i agree with the first person, you really have to be able to visualize the people and know the circumstances to really be able to predict anything

Answer by The Eye

Answer by livingadream
I think that you need not give it too much thought. First off, the psychic should have asked your age and (dob) and what your question was or if you wanted a general reading. If you said general reading then you probably got one. but if you really wanted to know about a boy in school, then just ask about your love life or relationship. I think that if you are not paying for the information just take from it what you want.

Answer by franl155
no. not even on the phone. if you ca’nt see ’em, and look into their eyes, and they can’t look into yours, don’t beleive ’em or trust ’em!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i find a free acurate psychic online?

ny accurate psychics online that are free

Answer by LangKnowsALL
I have tried looking before and also couldnt find any

Answer by Mountain bike
no were no such thing

Answer by William G
you wont find anyone cause theres no such thing

Answer by mabiniss1
there are no acurate ones online. its all crap.
free ones there are, just type psychic on google and you should be able to find dozens of them.

Answer by gaurav_jozef
there are many psychic on yahoo answers who give free readings …

just post your question , name age and situation…. ull get answers

Answer by mhiaa
try They are people who volunteer their time and all they ask is that you leave feedback.. You might have to search under their site for psychics, etc.

Answer by michelle
idk. but if you want a real psychic, you’re going to have to pay because you don’t want know bulls*** psychic like miss cleo.

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