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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anybody know about a free psychic chat line?

I want to ask a question of a psychic but im not up for paying for it as im not sure how my answer will turn out. Its a relationship question! thanks!

Answer by visionaryme
i am free but not psychic yet

abs mentally fit

Answer by Tuddy
Sometimes you can find a psychic in the Astrology chat rooms on Yahoo.

Just go into the Yahoo Chat Rooms, Look under Religion, and look for astrology.

Not everyone who goes in there is “friendly”, but they sometimes give free readings if your not pushy.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

“im not up for paying for it as im not sure how my answer will turn out.” lol Do you mean that you will only pay if you like the answer you get?

What ever you do, maybe not finding a psychic would be best, as we tell you what there is, not always what you wish to hear x


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is their any free psychic websites?

Hi. is their any free psychic websites where I can chat to a psychic for free?

Answer by forgotten
You should have your chart done by a professional who states that they’ve been doing charts for a long time. You won’t get a good reading on this section because it’s mainly entertainment. I used to be into astrology, and found that people here give a different reading from astrologer to astrologer. That made me more confused than ever. The best readings I’ve seen are the one on the India Yahoo Answers.;_ylt=ApBHcF25buPELY5TZpXQ4ta8QHRG;_ylv=3?sid=396546042

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