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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anybody know were i can find a basic guide to pokemon video game stratagy?

Theres all these terms about “sweeping” and stuff, and i dont really know what all that means, could someone like me to a guide or somthing to the stratagys and stuff.

Answer by Joel Mcnair

Answer by Nisa
Google it

Answer by Blue Flames
Smogon is probably one of the best sources for competitive battling. Serebii isn’t really as much as a competitive battling site as smogon is…

Answer by qaswed
Try Bu;bapedia, Serebii or Smogon(websites).

There are two kinds of sweepers. Special sweepers and physical sweepers. Special sweepers are Pokemon with high special attack that are used to beat Pokemon with 1-2 hits or in other words, “sweep”.
For example, Alakazam. Alakazam has a base special attack stat of 135. With the right nature and good EV training, it can be WAY higher than that. Psychic is a special attack. Its power is 90. Because Alakazam is a psychic type and the attack Psychic is a psychic type attack, Alakazam receives STAB(same type attack bonus) when using the attack. STAB increases the power of a move by 50%, so Psychic will now have a power of 135. People usually use Calm Mind(a move) to raise Alakazam’s special attack stat until its special attack cannot be increased anymore. Then they attack using this Pokemon.
I don’t know if that made sense LoL.

It is kind of complicated, so good luck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : In warhammer 40k tabletop, how do i go about figuring out which psyhic powers my tyranids have?

I have recently got into the table top game warhammer 40k and am using a tyranid army. i have little to no clue about using psychic powers at all. i understand how to check to see if i can use pyschic powers but i do not understand how to choose which psychic powers i get. i have seen many videos on the internet of games which they roll? for powers but i do not know what i roll from if i even need to. are these taken from my codex?? i really have no clue about the subject. if possible i would like a basic run down of how i choose my powers on say my swarmlord

Answer by Drake
I think all those 40 k have the powers

Answer by Brian
Tyranids choose their psychic powers as part of their army build. You have to pay for them individually. Or, you do have the option of using the basic disciplines from the main rulebook, swapping them on a one-for-one basis. In other words, if you want three powers, buy three powers. The basic disciplines from the main book (and all others since then) are rolled randomly.
Swapping out powers can be a bit complex for new players, and isn’t really worth the hassle. The stock psychic powers for Tyranids are pretty darn good, and you know exactly what you will have, so you can count on it.
I think most of the details for this are covered in the current FAQ on GW’s website, if you want to know more.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Four questions for you on the paranormal?

1. Why do or don’t you believe?
2. What are your ghosts stories? (If you haven’t had one, what’s your favorite one?)
3. What topic of the paranormal interests you the most?
Example: Ghosts, psychics, UFOs, mystical creatures, and any other things related.
4. What do you believe is the most haunted location?

Thanks, I asked so many questions because I wanted some variety.

Answer by eri
1. There’s no testable evidence or phenomena. That’s why I don’t accept the paranormal exists.

2. Sorry, no personal ghost stories. There are lots of things people on here call their ghost stories, but when that stuff happens to me I always go check it out instead of hiding under the covers – no ghosts yet. But lots of the cat.

3. It’s all interesting, but as I grew older I realized there was nothing too it. But I’m still a big fantasy fan.

4. None.

Answer by Alesha
I believe in them because i’ve had minor experiences and heard a million others. I’ve heard the exact same crashing noise like something was falling happen twice in a row, but nothing had fallen. I’ve had a small bright light float over my head from one side to the other when i was in bed (scared the S*it out of me) and heard a whisper when in a quiet room when i was with my husband but neither him or i said anything. Then even heard my name whispered about 3 feet away. I thought it was my bro so i looked around-nothing. he was upstairs on the couch. Ghosts/Spirits interest me the most because they are the most common and it’s impossible that they DON’T exist.

I’ve heard of a lot of haunted locations…some are verrry scary. I found a house here in my town the other day that actually had a special on the Discovery Channels “A Haunting” in Union, Mo and i found info on a few websites..ended up with the address and it’s about 5 minutes from my’s pretty family stays more than six months. The lady who has owned it for quite a few years now seems to be the only one who can deal with it-but she don’t live there, she kinda made it like a doggie kennel. Anyway-things break, the house shakes, u can see a black figure roaming around, a man and child screams can be heard..there’s a butchers shower downstairs which is creepy and my friend said she got locked in a room upstairs once when playing hide and seek. no one was upstairs. she was stuck there for 2 hours. People walk off the sidewalk when passing in front of this house. Paranormal researchers have been in it and a book was written about it “The Uninvited” by Steven Lachance. I have seen that house many times before and didn’t know that was the haunted one until recently..crazy huh?

Answer by MeanKitty
1. So much personal experience I can’t deny it exists.

2. I have so many. One scary one that I remember is investigating a house where a young man had committed suicide. He seemed to be very angry. One night I set up a video camera in the basement and went upstairs. We heard a loud crash and went back to the basement to find the video camera in the floor on the other side of the basement. On reviewing the video all you can tell is that the camera was picked up and then went flying. It was broken of course.

3. Electronic voice phenomena

4. I don’t think there is a most haunted location. I think they are everywhere and can be anywhere. I spent the night at Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Kentucky and while it is haunted we have documented investigations in residential homes that have just as much activity.

Answer by shebajack
Until there is concrete scientific evidence I can’t believe
I have no personal ghost stories
Reincarnation most interesting topic
I am not yet convinced in haunting so I have no locations that interest me.

Answer by wushuboy001
1) I dont believe because I have not seen enough evidence that can not be easily attributed to something else.
2) One night we had a rythmic knocking sound in the kitchen, not random at all, very regular. Everytime me and my wife would get up to investigate it would stop, but start back up. Me and my wife were convinced it was something paranormal. The next night it started up again. This time I moved faster and saw the culprit. It was a mouse, determined to get into a can of food. It was able to get a grip on edge of the cover, and it was banging it against the wall as it moved back and forth trying to get it open.
3) I love odd stories, and legends, especially famous ones. I vowed to my wife that next year when we drive across the country to visit my parents we would have to stop in point pleasant, west virginia to see the statue of mothman. Also, I want to go through Boggy Creek, Arkansas (sight of the Boggy Creek Stalker), but that might be too far out of the way for me to win that one. I am not particularly into Cryptozoology, but I do love those two stories.
4) If I was to name one place off the top of my head, I would say the Winchester Mansion. I don’t really know how haunted it is, but it was creepy enough to inspire Steven King to write the Rose Red story.

Answer by noodles
1) I have had too many personal experience to believe otherwise.

2) Brief details – I held a full conversation with an elderly gent only to watch him disappear like smoke in front of my eyes – yes that did freak me out.

3) Spirits, ghosts, past lives, aura’s, in fact all the topics fascinate me and make me want to learn more.

4) In general, I feel that hospitals and jails would be good candidates for possibly being really good locations as they hold such intense energy.

What about you? What do you think?

I hope my answer helps in some way and I wish you a happy and bright future 🙂

Answer by Dont get Infected
i believe because i feel that sometimes even science cant explain everything that goes on. it can rule out alot of stuff but it cant always rule out everything. i always am a sceptic when i hear people talk about their house possibly having a ghost. especially when they dont take the time to look at what else it might be

my favorite ghost story was about the family that moved into the funeral home in Connecticut but a movie came out just recently about it so that ruined that story for me. but there is some about one of the small towns my family has gatherings in. like a old building someone hung themselves in and sometimes people can hear a rope swinging where he supposedly hung himself of they can sometimes hear a piano playing when threes nobody around. one of the buildings many of the people can smell cigar smoke when nobody has smoken a cigar in that building for years.

i guess ghosts interest me the most. i always think of mystical creatures as a joke to play when im in the woods camping

in my state i guess id have to say Port Townsend WA. since thats one of the oldest towns that hasent really changed at all. some of the places around there even have a spooky atmosphere like the old Military Base thats now a State Park

Answer by RinxXxHatake
haha i hear so much walking, running, crashing type noises i sometimes don’t notice anymore haha^_^ one of the coolest things that happened that wasn’t scary for me was i was in my bed with the lights off and it was 4 am… i couldnt sleep that night and i was just thinking about things when i just happen to look over to where the thermostat thing is and i saw it move(there was some moonlight in my room so i could see it) and then i heard a clicky sound and my heater thing turned on… and i know i hadn’t turned it on myself… then i got up and turned it off…^_^ another time i was alone in my house on the computer and i heard my moms car pull into the driveway, then a couple seconds later her open the front door and i could hear her talking and laughing on the phone… i yelled down to my mom “hey mom!!!^_^” i went downstairs to greet her, but she wasnt there… i checked outside in the driveway and her car wasn’t there…. im like “well thats creepy… i thought i heard her…..” about 2 mins later i saw her car pull up in the driveway for real and i told her the whole thing and she’s like “haha cool^_^ i guess my ghost felt like greeting you haha”
that was really cool^_^ but i’ve had a couple really scary ones too… when i was 7 (first ghost experiance so i was terrified) i had this creepy grey(black and white) dream where my first grade teacher said in a emotionless state “looks like there was a ghost in here…” i said “no there wasnt in a cheerfull way… then all of a sudden this strange eery feeling came over me and i woke up screaming….i felt a hard slap on my upper leg(near my butt) i ran to my moms room crying (it was 3 am) and she said she heard the ghost run to my room and run out as i screamed…. i was scared to go back to that house for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! im tearing up as i tell this story…. T_T scary **** i gotta say…. and yeah my mom had her own share of paranormal experiances….

Answer by psiexploration
I believe in some because of the extensive scientific evidence. I believe in some because people have reported the experiences since humankind first starting using written language. Thus, I believe in these as experiences (like seeing a ghost) regardless of what a ghost is or what explanation (normal or not) that the experiences ends of having.

My favorite ghost stories is of the military officer that actually fired his pistols at the ghost to prove it was a person (it was not).

Psi abilities (ESP, PK) and ghosts (and the possibility of survival after death) interest me the most.

I don’t know which location is the most haunted but the Myrtles Plantation and the Whaley House are very famous locations with reported hauntings.


Answer by FitzGerald
1. It’s 50/50. I often find myself scaring myself but I think logically to clear it. Seldom works.
2. The scary one.
3. psychics and mystical creatures
4. cemeteries, and hospitals

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