Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone believe that Edgar Cayce was an accurate psychic?

Answer by Corrosion EAC
Not at all. In fact, some of the stories of his buried treasure digs are downright hilarious.

Answer by Bubbha Jo
Very accurate, especially his medical readings on living persons.

His readings about other subjects was tainted by his belief system programmed into him as a child. It always does that with any channeler.

Answer by TruthBox
There is the ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ presentation about the life of Edgar Cayce. I presume that wasn’t fiction..

Perhaps the only psychic to have their work preserved for all time — with the A.R.E center, in which anyone can go to, should they think his readings can be of help to them?

The only other prophet of our modern times – would be Billy Meier – who is still alive and well.
Edgar Cayce was referred to as the sleeping prophet because he would go unconsciousness for his readings.

Answer by tuberoot
He was extraordinarily accurate about a few things. There is a place under the paw of the sphinx. Dr. Zahi Hawass decided to go no further after inspecting the place. Independent sources tested the site and found that the vibrations were in agreement with the place being more complex than Hawass said.

Before that, to my knowledge, no one had a clue that there was anything there than a sphinx.

Are the records of Atlantis there? We don’t know. Hawass proved himself impotent on pursuing the discovery by covering it up.

I have noted that Hawass has other things happening around him which shows this behavior.

Also, if Atlantis was so terribly ridiculous to consider worthy of contemplation, then why is Hawass looking for it in the Mediterranean?

Answer by גַּבְרִיאֵל
The card in the center represents the attitude you assume. The High Priestess: Wisdom. Sound judgment. Common sense. Serenity. Objectivity. Penetration. Foresight. Intuition. Perception. Self-reliance. Emotionlessness. Platonic relationships.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : if a psychic is accurate on the phone…?

could they also be accurate online?

Answer by Vampire Killer
Phsycic readers are really scam artists. You shouldn’t trust them online or onphone….or in person for that matter.

They only thing that they really “see” is the best way to sepparate you from your money….thats it.

Answer by Seth ☠♦☠♦☠♦☠
psychic are fake in nothing real about them at all all they ever want from people are there money psychic are rubbish♦

Answer by DLM
Psychics are good at reading people and their reactions. They “dig” for information, and tell you what you want to hear by being observant. The most accurate ones are also the most vague, because if they say, “Today is a good day for you to come across some money, if you keep your eyes peeled” vs. “You will find a $ 100 bill on the corner of 5th Avenue and Main Street at 7:03 A.M.” it is more difficult to disprove the former. Pay attention to the way they word things, and note the “hits” and the “misses.” They are no more accurate than coin flipping, or tearing petals off of a flower. They find out what you want to hear by paying attention to cues in your behavior, which is why they have apparent accuracy in person (they feed off of visual AND audible cues) and over the phone (auditory cues only), but likely have to feel you out a lot more over the internet.

Answer by Chenoa N❤A❤I
They live on blood. Not necessarily human blood. Daylight hurts them, but doesn’t kill them if they are old enough. With age comes power. The older the vampire, the more powerful they are and harder to kill.

Answer by starcherub
Yes. They could be accurate with e-mail too if they can do long distance readings.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want to get an accurate email psychic reading…any recommendations?

i want to get a real accurate email psychic reading but i dont just want to choose anyone! any recommendations will be helpful.. or if theres anyone here willing to give me a free reading id love that!!

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Im not free, but do email guidance. Have a look see if im the psychic for you – follow the Guidance Link.


Answer by Ginscense
No TRUE psychic will give you a reading over the internet and through email. Psychic readings do not work over the internet. There is no personal connection there. They need to read you, not your computer.

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