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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone ever visit a psychic or tarot card reader?

Has anyone ever had a visit with a psyhic or tarot card reader and had a reading come true?

Ive always wanted to try it, but wonder if its a waste of time.

Answer by tinkerbella
i went to see a psychic once on the recommendation of some friends who had gone to this particular person and said “you’ve GOT to see her.” yes, the reading was amazingly accurate.
one part that came true despite the numerous times i told her no that’s not possible, was that she predicted that this guy i was dating was going to ask me to marry him around christmas of that year. i kept telling her we just weren’t serious enough for that to happen. i even got annoyed and just wanted her to move on. lo and behold, christmas time rolls around and sure enough he DID propose to me. i was totally shocked, wouldn’t have imagined that would ever happen then…to bad i didn’t give her prediction more credence, maybe i wouldn’t have been so tongue-tied when it came true
not everything she said came true, but, as i mentioned, she was amazingly accurate for the most part

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you done Tarot Cards/Psychic Reading/Palm Reading?

Have you ever tried tarot cards and psychic readings? What was your experience and how accurate was the person?

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Answer by Bipolar Birdy
No, but someone read my cards once and told me that I was not nice to my husband.

Answer by jay1986
i don’t believe in any of that stuff. but a couple of times my friend has done tarot card readings for me, just for fun. i know that it’s just superstition though, and didn’t take it seriously.

Answer by dustylee33
yes I have but i discovered God and his wisdom is more accurate.

Answer by S.
I had my palm read once 3-4 years ago, it’s been 50-50 by far.

Answer by Alicia
I do my own tarot card readings, I turn to them only when I need real guidance and it works for me; the predictions turn out to be correct.

Other than that, I have a sense for things – it’s how I knew I was going to meet the man of my dreams. 🙂

Answer by Cacodemon Dempsey
I’ve taken free tarot readings on line and for the most part it is vague and what you make of it can vary. Sometimes it really does seem to work, after I concentrate on my question before I start doing the free reading.

Answer by Dino
No. I don’t believe in that stuff.

Answer by Noble Angel
yes as a teen and they were very accurate but I did not enjoy being a servant of Satan as it is all witchcraft

I will not go back to those days, it is not of God

Answer by Jeanette
never…thats Satan’s territory, i don’t need those practices, i have my Bible and God thats all i need

Answer by Hestia’s Priestess PM
I’ve been a reader since 1985. I do not make accuracy claims, but instead rely on the BS meter of those who come to me to make that determination.

Some readers are accurate in my experience and some are scam artists. I would trust your instincts with a reader. The ethical ones generally will TELL you up front that certain portions of the reading will be subject to change based on your future actions.

Answer by shonna
I do readings for people. I suppose they are accurate. I really do not know. Most people seem to be happy with the readings. There are some scam psychics out there though so you have to be careful. Like someone else said here, trust your instincts. Another person said the reading can change in the future. This is true. We all have free will and we are ultimately responsible for our fate. Although, I do believe some things will happen regardless with just a few details being different.

Answer by kclightman
I read Tarot, but only for close family and friends. If I know what’s going on in their lives, it’s easier to suggest what the cards mean.

My Mom goes regularly to several psychics and they are wrong very often, and sometimes the vision they have is right but they interpret it wrong. It drives me crazy my mother puts so much store by these guys.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Looking for ACCURATE Clairvoyant/Psychic in TORONTO?

Hi, I’m looking for a real accurate Clairvoyant/Psychic in Toronto,ON. has to be FREE of charge (real ones are supposedly) if you are one or know one please mail me kindly or leave a message, no websites please, or advertisements, i need someone who can go in depth even with names….

Answer by Miche
i hear James Randi is also looking for one. he has some cash for them.

Answer by Conan the Grammarian
I’m looking for a breath-takingly beautiful 24-year-old nymphomaniacal billionairess who’s obsessed with inventing ways to make me happy.

Answer by War Games AM
If a psychic is that accurate, and has something worthwhile to tell you…s/he will call YOU.

Answer by
Why do you think that you deserve help for free?… Insightful economist and philosopher Milton Friedman said “there is no such thing as a free lunch.” Haha!

The term means that nothing is free, and if something seems free, it’s just that you’re getting charged through a back-door means, for instance. a bar might offer you a free lunch but you pay for it in drinks and so on.

So, are you ready to get your FREE psychic reading??…
Take care!

Answer by gabrielbeware
Looking for ACCURATE Clairvoyant/Psychic in TORONTO?

The Hagall spread is a tool for revealing the path of spiritual growth in difficult situations. It is a favorite of mystics and those confronting a major life challenge. The Marseilles Tarot is an 18th century creation of obscure origins. It predates the occult symbolism of the Rider Waite deck by roughly 200 years, giving the readings a unique and rustic flavor. Many swear by this deck as the true oracle of the common man. If you would like your own copy of the Marseilles Tarot, you can buy it now!
The significator, not shown, is the card you have chosen to embody your presence and the focus of the reading. Le Bateleur (The Magician): Mastery over word, mind, and matter. The ability to turn ideas into actions, handle problems, and control one’s life. The initiation of new projects, great works, or a new way of life. Eloquent and moving communication. Arcane and eldritch technologies.
The card in the middle of the circle represents the core or central issue of the situation. Four of Cups (Luxury): Being surrounded by love and devotion but taking it for granted. Ignoring the real and longing for the indefinable. Apathy and disengagement from the world. Dissatisfaction with the condition and direction of affairs, but the inability to accept new opportunities.
The card at the bottom of the circle represents something you did to bring the situation about. Ace of Coins: The seed of prosperity and material gain – perhaps as yet unseen. A new foundation from which to turn your dreams into reality. The need to focus on the practical and understand the dynamics of the natural world. May represent a gift, document, inheritance, or an unexpected opportunity for physical achievement.
The card at the bottom left of the circle represents your beliefs, impressions, or expectations. Seven of Swords (Futility): An opportunity to withdraw from a hopeless situation and fight another day. Disengagement from a struggle you should never have been involved in. A desperate attempt to resolve a matter without conflict. The use of cleverness or outright deception to turn the tide in your favor.
The card at the bottom right of the circle represents the most likely outcome of the situation given present circumstances. Four of Coins (Power): Cleaving to earthly power in the desperate fear that it will be lost. Making yourself an obstacle to progress due to lack of originality and a desperate fear of change. Believing that security and identity are based primarily on the possession of material things. Coveting things and people. Living in a cloud of suspicion and prejudice.
The card at the upper left of the circle represents the spiritual history of the situation the things you’ve learned. Nine of Batons (Strength), when reversed: Delayed preparations for an impending trial. Efforts compromised by traitors or saboteurs. The scattering of forces before the conclusive battle is fought. Ill health and faltering of the will.
The card at the top of the circle represents the spiritual tasks and challenges of the present situation. Ten of Coins (Wealth), when reversed: Material prosperity and riches squandered through slothfulness, gambling, or family problems. The loss of reputation or inheritance, or the failure to pass an inheritance along to one’s children.
The card at the upper right of the circle represents the metamorphosis of the spiritual situation, and how your knowledge will evolve. Le Diable (The Devil): Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures. Lust for and obsession with money and power. Living in fear, domination and bondage. Being caged by an overabundance of luxury. Discretion should be used in personal and business matters.
The card at the left of the lower line represents the person or qualities that will sustain your spiritual journey. Le Soleil (The Sun), when reversed: Loneliness and uncertainty. Nostalgic memories. The warm passing glow of dusk. Peace without vigilance.
The card in the middle of the lower line represents the qualities that you express in this circumstance. Seven of Batons (Valor), when reversed: Failure to stand up for your beliefs in the face of a hostile majority. A self-fulfilling fear of failure or embarrassment. Great challenges met with cowardice. Quarrels, perplexity, and indecision at a crucial moment.
The card at the right of the lower line represents the person or qualities that will reveal spiritual knowledge. Three of Swords (Sorrow), when reversed: Unsettling news that helps you to distance yourself from a destructive relationship. Painfully honest communication that needs to take place. Not letting yourself be dragged by your emotions into a negative situation. A trust or confidence betrayed in an attempt to help someone in need. The revelation of a painful truth.

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The old occult saying of “Know Thyself” sounds merely like a cliché that seems overused in many circumstances in the occult. What does this term mean? How does knowing yourself and the power of “I” effect you as a person.

I would like to share a short biography of my life as a brief example. I would like to make clear the synopsis of this essay is to essentially show how the Will affects the the magical user through magick, but this is not an summary of playing the victim of ‘poor me.’ There are other people with worse things than what I serve an example of in life, but I only know my experiences from my personal perception.