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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone know where to download a free online spanish book?

I need a free online downloadable (if thats a word?) spanish childrens book quick! Please post a link or something, it doesn’t have to print out I just need it to be a REALLY simple spanish book thats easy to read! HELP!

Answer by Libertronic
Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The fun way to learn 50 new spanish words:


Answer by MadAnthony
Here’s one:
and there are some here.
haha! I see “bookworm” translates to El Ratón de biblioteca — (a ‘raton’ is a RAT!).
It’s fun knowing a bit of other languages! I always get a juvenile chuckle out of knowing
Raton, New Mexico is named after a rat and Boca Raton, Florida is ‘Mouth of a Rat”.
Someone named Ed Corte is really being called Ed Short (hehe). And in Polish, Jean Stopa
is Jean Foot. I get a lot of private humor out of this sh*t! 😉

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any good free online resources to learn Biblical Hebrew?

I am not Jewish but am interested in learning Biblical Hebrew. Can you recommend any free online resources? Also, how different is Biblical Hebrew from modern Hebrew?

Answer by Louie the linguist
Why would being Jewish be at all reverent?

You can search my database for colleges / universities that teach Biblical Hebrew. Hebrew as she is spoken today is vastly different from the written form in the Old Testament.

If this issue is important to you, you will no doubt have to spend SOME money. Sorry, most things that have value cost.

Answer by tuki
biblical hebrew is somewhat different than the normal spoken hebrew, however I’ve never seen it taught.
Here in Israel we are taught bible at school. We are native hebrew speakers and through our knowledge in hebrew you can understand the biblical language. It is somewhat like once you learn a computer language, you can read code even if it is not in the specific language you learnt, because you understand how it works, when referring to hebrew you spot roots of all kinds of words that you are familiar with and through that you understand the meaning of a word, of a sentence and you slowly build up to it.

I don’t know how non native speakers learn the bible language, perhaps they learn basic normal hebrew first and then they go along starting to read the bible while seeing what the words/sentences mean along the way.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I find this part of Breaking Dawn for free online?

I found Breaking Dawn on scribd, but right after page 21, I think it skips forward a little, so do you know any other place to read it free online?

Answer by samr
Go to the library. Borrow from a friend. Or actually purchase the book and reward the author for her work instead of stealing it online.

Answer by Erin L
I found this on scribd but I checked after page 21 in my real book and it’s the same text.

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