Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone knows a good psychic reading person and websites?

I am looking for free and also non free good psychic websites and psychic readers included. If anyone knows any good ones that is recommended please let me know, thank you so much 🙂

Answer by ashfire1109
Free or nothing IMO

Their is a good one that does your life paths numerology and astrology free.. and it gives some insight.. albeit vague but still cool imo

Answer by James Lee
Recommended both free reading by email and paid phone reading from Psychic Source. You can read a professional review site here:

Answer by Rekima
Hi Daniel, if your looking for a good website that will provide you with an accurate and precise reading. Try and check on the link below. Universal Psychic Guild is one of the largest Psychic Guild in the world. They provides accurate psychic readings about life, love and success and immediate answers to your questions.

Answer by Jackson
Here is a psychic where you can get free psychic readings:

Answer by dinesh s
You can try an amazing Psychic and Astrologer with amazing power and he speaks before you tell any thing. You will get all your Mystic answers and you will come to know about amazing unknown facts about your own self.

He is Aditya
+91 9811466137

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I have a free psychic reading please?

I have recently lost some money trading in the stock market and I want to know when I’m going to be profitable again. Thanks. Real psychics only please.

Answer by slim shady
i am a real psychic more loss to come ,hahah not your year eh ?

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