Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are fortune tellers a scam or are some honestly real?

My brother gave me a call about 2 minutes ago to tell me while he was getting his cards read, the teller told him that I was going to get pregnant. Now I know I can prevent this by using protection or not having intercourse period. But its creepy.

Answer by worldneverchanges
Ask the teller for the lottery numbers to Mega Millions.

Fortune telling is a scam. They say all kinds of nonsense and are very vague. The teller didn’t say when you were going to get pregnant. It could be 10 years from now or 5 years from now or tomorrow.

Answer by noodles
Hi Cynthia,

I would not worry too much about the pregnancy prediction, like you say, you can prevent this happening. No one, no matter what they say, can read the future with any conviction. The reason for this is that the future is based on events and actions taken now in the present. It is our present that shapes our future and even then the future can be changed at a moments notice.

Although I do believe in many aspects of the paranormal, I myself have been known to ‘read’ energy of others, I do feel that many of these that advertise as psychics/fortune tellers etc, are there simply to take money from those that are vulnerable in some way. However, that said I also believe that there are a few reliable and extremely accurate readers – these people do not usually need to advertise, as their reputation serves to get their customer base.

I do hope that this helps settle your mind a little and wish you a future filled with joy, happiness and peace. ­čÖé

Answer by Terry
There are always them of truth, but few want to truly know the truth. As well, if the future may be turned as a card is turned in meaning the seer must hide the truth but not ignore it.

Answer by Maria Meadow Rose
Yes, some are real, but most are fakes.

You have to be very careful.

In fact, I wouldn’t advise it at all.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know any good websites where i can find more info on fortune telling?

I do it on the side, and its mostly intuition on my part, but i still haven’t figured out card reading yet.

Answer by Robert N
catholic .com fortune tellers

Answer by Ylli B
type fortune telling in google or visit a psychic for advice on where to to take lessons

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any real psychics or astrologers on Yahoo Answers that can help me please?


I have a question for any psychic or astrologer. My husband and I separated 2 weeks ago and I wanted to know if you saw a divorce or a reconciliation for us. And when.

I can email any additional information if you need it such as names, birthdates etc.

I really appreciate any information I’m given.

Thanks in advance.

Answer by Mature Witch
It doesn’t take a psychic to tell you that you don’t want him back. If your issues together precipitated a split, the it needs to be a split.

Yes, I’m a psychic…I don’t do much astrology. I read stones and cards (and my crystal ball when it wants to talk).

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