Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are psychic predictions for the future set in stone or fixed? Why or why not?

Answer by Tukmyhamster
‘Psychic predictions’ are a story that someone makes up and tells you. Anybody can make a guess, it is like guessing heads or tails when you flip a coin, sometimes you are right, sometimes not. No one has any special ability to tell the future.

Answer by Nice Guy
I have two and they are written in stone. People will continue believing in psychics. Con artists will never run out of marks

Answer by notme
No they are not set in stone, you are in control of your destiny

Answer by here to help
huh? if ur asking if they are real yes they are no doubt bcuz i am a psychic

Answer by Steven A
Predictions of future events are probabilities, not certainties. Those people who are able to focus are able to accurately see likely sets of probabilities at the specific time the predictions are given. Just as with all things, every single detail of the group consciousness directly impacts the likelihood of one or more events actually coming to pass. Essentially, this truth is very empowering and optimistic because it actually gives all of us absolute power to affect what may or may not happen at some non specific point in the future.

Answer by Cilean_69

Psychic readings or predictions as you may call them are like surfing the possibilities of what is going on out in the cosmos. Each time a person makes a choice, or does not make one, it changes the out come. So while you listen to a psychic, you might decide not to do something or to do something that will change your future. The future is not finite, it is changeable as such, you gain advice so that you can affect your life.

Answer by Gary Y
First it must be shown that “psychic” powers actually exist. There is no good evidence for this, and no “psychic” has ever performed statistically better than chance under proper controlled test conditions.

So before you can get into the philosophy of determinism, in a “psychic” sense, you must get past this null hypothesis.

Answer by Gomez Addams
Can the future really be determined by anyone? In my opinion, even God doesn’t know the future with 100% certainty. The future depends on choices that living beings make along the way, so it’s really impossible to know the future. A psychic ability would really pertain to knowing or sensing what is in someone else’s mind, or what they’re thinking or feeling. Knowing the future would not fall under the category of ‘psychic’, and is probably impossible.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When in history has a psychic ever made a meaningful prediction?

By a meaningful prediction, I mean a prediction that has saved even one life, or prevented any kind of hardship?
Get over it, Silentscreamer. Stop being a git and grow up.

Answer by YahooizMine
I predict that I will have Pizza tomorrow night.

Answer by Chantal G
As far as I know, only in the Harry Potter novels–Professor Trelawney’s prediction that Harry or Voldemort would have to kill the other.

Answer by Shinigami (FAC)
oh, the carnival is in town this week, and I wanted to go into the gypsy’s tent, but instead we got a kachinka doll.

Answer by We’re a bunch of monkeys!!
Never, if there were ever any similarities between a “prophesy” and an event, it was either a self fulfilling prophecy or purely coincidental.

Answer by Crawling Chaos
Nostradamus was the most famous of “psychics”. Many of his prediction’s are still debated to this day.

Answer by The Wise Owl
On July 12, 2017 at 3:05 EST you will cross a highway because you will try to catch your runaway bride. A semi will be barreling down the highway at 63.365 MPH, but you will use your ninja skills to escape any harm.

Is that good enough for you?

Answer by B
I knew you would ask that.

And I predict your next question will also be stupid.

Answer by lazybird2006
not that I know of, but my father-in-law went to a gypsy Fortune telling once, and she predicted he would live to a long age and that his next grandchild would be a boy. She was right about the birth of my next baby and he s 89 years old.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a way that I can talk to a psychic online for free?

or if you are a psychic then tell me please…

Answer by Brother G
Call Cleo the psychic. she’s in jail..

Answer by Skookum
Psychic prediction: When you get free psychic advice you will never waste your money.

Answer by EVEI
Psychics are never free, they charge you so that they can lie to you. They do not know anything, they know things that the devil tells them. The only one that can tell your future and love and care for you and guide you into the right things is God, and that is free.
Trust me, they don’t work, they will charge you and keep you coming back for more, so that they can charge you again.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic prediction

2013 Psychic Prediction Show with the Psychic Couple

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