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OMG – They are offering free Psychic Readings for next day –

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New Blog: Psychic Readings | Tarot

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@postlocal I am giving tarot card readings online or by phone since I’m stuck at home anyway. #Hurricane #Sandy #HurricaneSandy

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are tarot readings online the same as in the phone or in person?

Answer by Madi M
i would say no because your ora can not be connected through the internet it works kinda but not as strong as it would in person
so i would say the tarot readings are Verydiffrent and condenced

Answer by Mel
Personally I wouldnt do a tarot reading for someone unless I was with them, although I havent, I do my use tarot cards occasionally.

Answer by sarah15203
I don’t think so. To do a true Tarot reading, you have to be able to feel the aura of the person being read for. I don’t think you can do that online.

Answer by buttercup1232cer
They are all the same. Fake. However, on the phone the reader can detect changes in your voice. In person they can watch your body language as well as listen to your voice. (It’s more of the psychology of reading peoplel)

Answer by Truth in a Can
Essentially yes, they are both as arbitrary, but your getting much more of the mystique if your doing it in person.

Answer by Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯
When I first got tarot reading online I would of told you that I prefer a reading in person because it sets you in the mood and adds so much of an experience to it. But now after so many readings I enjoy both and get so much out of them.

It depends on what you are comfortable with. I’ve gotten terrible unhelpful readings in person while online they give me great advice.

I read someone said something like “I dont think so. To get a true reading …” something along the lines. True reading? lol

Readings read energy but you DO NOT need the energy of the person to be informed of their lives. We do not necesarily need to retrive answers from within because all that exists can be tapped into in the astral plane A PLACE THAT IS NOT A PLACE AND WHERE TIME DOES NOT EXIST. Understanding this would surely help you see that readings can be done long distance. How many times haven’t ANY of you seekers asked about a particular boy and what he thinks about you? I’m pretty sure that’s the main reason you went to one. How do you know what he is thinking or what is going on in his life if HE ISNT THERE?

If it works one way it works from all directions. I’ve given readings here on Yahoo Answers and all give positive feedback. No i did not charge (and no don’t email me for one lol im sorry i do them when I feel drawn to do so only).

Energy can travel beyond time and space without a problem. I can light a blessing for you now and you’ll receive it before I even finish the spell. Just because our minds are limited does not mean that everything else is as well.

As for those who call it fake I recommend you learn what tarot is. I’m sure by the time you’re through you’ll walk away appreciating such a wonderful tool.

Blessings and remember that its what you feel comfortable with,
Shadow Storm

Answer by vid
Yes, Tarot can be just as accurate through the internet as on the phone or online. I know this because I’ve done readings for people over the internet–complete strangers. Tarot works and it doesn’t matter if the person is in the room. Personally, I kind of like doing Tarot over the internet instead of in person or on the phone because if I tell the person something that they don’t want to hear, I don’t necessarily feel bad because I don’t see their reaction.

I would suggest if you want to try an internet reading to buy one from eBay. I suggest eBay because there are some very good readers on there–of course there are some bad ones as well. But most readers on eBay don’t charge as much as other sites do. Also, there are some readers on eBay that are on other sites, but their readings are usually cheaper on eBay. I would suggest if going the eBay route to check the person’s feedback–not the amount so much, but the comments people have stated about their readings.

Online, on the phone, or in person can be just as accurate. However, it depends on how good the reader is, but that’s true whether they are online or in person. Also, online they can’t pump you for information, and that way when you get a reading you know if it’s genuine or not. Also, don’t trust those automated Tarot sites because it’s an automated computer system. I’m speaking of a reader doing a reading for you through email or through a messenger. Hope that helps…

Answer by Nia
Please dont do either, they charge rediculous prices. I suggest you get your own set of tarot cards and do your own, youself. There are a lot of places you can get them with a book that tells you how to do your reading.

Good Luck to you

Answer by SadharaSatguru

Having done all 3, no they are not.

The quality is the same, but when online ie email you cannot have the same energy as when you can talk to each other. But they are just the same apart from that aspect.

The clearer you as the client is with regard your question the better the outcome x



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