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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are there any online psychic readings for free?

Are there any websites that do online psychic readings, like maybe in a chat room or something. And if possible for free?

Answer by Missemotion75
Unfortunately no.The majority of the sites charge some type of fee.I work for one.That is why I am here in my spare time.

Answer by LiveReadings
Unfortunately the accurate ones are professionals and do this as a profession and therefore they charge for their services.

Most of the live readings online will give you some free minutes though.


Answer by Some Girl

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone know about a good online psychic?

Wheres the best online psychic reading website? I never talked to a psychic before and i think i want to.

Answer by dbraunofva
There are no such things as psychics, just scammers who can convince you that they can see your future and then take your money.

Michael Shermer, who is a well-known skeptic, once trained in how to be a “psychic” and afterward held demonstrations in which he convinced people he was psychic and then showed them how they were fooled. Read his books; you’ll never believe in psychics again.

Answer by ♥JesusFreak♥
please dont waste your money.
if you are of the Christian Faith, it is against God, to be or have anything to do with Psychics and Mediums and Spiritualist. (deut 18: 20-22)

and well, if you arent of the Christian Faith, and dont care for the above statement, answer me this.
Why arent all psychics rich? cause they are all fake and really cant see into the future…

Answer by brittni p
I am a psychic. Those “over the Internet” types are just trying to scam you. They can not see the future. Real psychics have to have a close bond with the asker. And besides, visions ‘come to you’ so it’s impossible for them to use their power at will. I only use my psychic abilities for me and my friends.

Answer by Six Foot Vardøger ➤➤➤
sorry but my mom tried this online psychic 2 nights ago in the person that was asking question wanted more money my mom said she was going to turn her into the bbb in she cut my mom off in when she tried to get back on the site she come not find it any more my mom said becareful they are to many scam artist out there that will rip you off in she cancel her credit card number all so where the person would not rip her off with more money

Vardøger ➤➤➤

Answer by legalmag
i can’t say i am a psychic but i am willing to help you, you don’t need to pay me anything, just send your and i will try to answer them as to the best of my knowledge.

Answer by Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯
I cannot point you in the right direction for you to find what you are looking for but I would like just a chance to speak with a different opinion on what others have said before me.

I think it’s unfair for all psychics to have to be called “fake” or “scammers” becuase of a few people and isntitutions that work towards misleading people.

That would be the equivalent of me calling all christians money hungry people who rip people off by asking for all that money. <-- this one is for the ones who called all psychics a scam and for that one person who mentioned christianity. By the way, just so that you are aware of this old news ... The roman catholic church has already given their blessings to anyone who wishes to find and use the services provided by any psychic/medium. They only ask that you do your research well so that you do not get fooled and just taken advantage of. Something any psychic, witch, christian, muslim or human would like anyone to watch out for. It has nothing to do with what we do but rather in what we believe in that brings us together and want nothing but to help each other. To warm each other of places we personally know are not real or are only out to steal people's money. So just like it would be wrong for me to say "Dont listen to the christians they're only out for your wallet and not your soul" it feels wrong for me to hear everyone talk so bad about psychics in general. Now for the person who stated that you need to have a "close bond" to the person, this is not entirely true. I am assuming you mean that they have to be in person and not far apart. While there are psychics that NEED to have the person in front of them, there are others who do not have boundries. Psychic gifts (or intuitive gifts) are not limited by time or space. They are the reading of energies old, present and new and can surely be read across the planet. It is how some lovers who are separated can still feel each other. It is how healing can be done, how prayers travel and how lover can be spread. Energy is not limited and there are people who can retrieve this energy for their readings. Very much like now I can use simple techniques to connect to each of you with just a simple meditation, or how i can use your questions and replies to connect with you since each of those words is dripping with YOUR personal energy. So before you open your mouth to talk bad about anyone (doesnt matter what the subject) try, instead, to use that time to research and find an actual answer before we just lower ourselves to negative vibrations. Finding what the questioner asked for would be more productive instead of wasting your time is talking bad because now the questioner is in the same place she was before she posted her question, difference being that now she wasted her time on reading nothing but empty words. "When we judge others we do not have the time to love them" <-- a quote but i dont think its written correctly and i forgot who said it. Blessings and much luck to the questioner in finding her psychic, Shadow Storm

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Camie

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of a psychic online website?

Does anyone know of a online psychic website that offers a one on one chat with a psychic and is actually accurate? I have been using live person…. but im looking for another website that is similar to live person. And if you have personally tried yourself and it has been accurate it’d be even better! thank you!

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Written by ArthurJames

I offer a Real experience when you have a reading with me. I do not sugarcoat my answers and never hold anything back. If you want the truth and someone who will be as straightforward as possible, please come visit my free chat. I will be glad to help you in all of life’s matters and give you the clarity you so dearly need.

Since the age of 9 years old I have had dreams, visions and heard voices. At that young age I became frightened and was not sure what to think of all this. Lucky for me my Grandmother and Mother were Psychic as well and helped me identify my abilities and truly hone in on what I was capable of doing. Once I was able to grasp everything that was coming towards me, I began helping people and I have not looked back since.