Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any real psychics online?

I am fascinated with the whole psychic phenomenon and I wanted to know if perhaps there are any real psychics online.

The reason why I asked this question is that I want to see if anybody claims to be a real psychic. If anybody does then I will add a picture of myself or something later to see what he or she comes up with.

I know psychics have real abilities and I have a lot of faith those abilities.

I would really be grateful if any real psychics would let me know that they are here.


Answer by icabod
There are no real psychics.

Have you ever heard of one winning a lottery? James Randi offers a one million dollar award for anyone that can demonstrate psychic ability. It’s been offered since the 1980s and has had no takers.

Psychics work with a good understanding of people and the ability to “read” them. Watch “The Mentalist” a few times and you get an understanding about how much information we give away.

One good techniques is to “shotgun” a number of possibilities. (“I feel someone has a loss.” or “There seems to have been an incidental”) are just a form of “20 questions.” Once the subject confirms one of these teasers, the psychic gets a lot of information to work with.

Consider “I know psychics have real abilities and I have a lot of faith those abilities.” We’d really like to see the data. Peer reviewed paper published in a journal would do fine. However, not testimonials, websites or supermarket tabloids.

Answer by ~!~lindzz~!~
Well, i think i am, but its not the kind of psychic tht can tell everything about a person right away. I’m the person tht will have a random dream about something, then the next day, it’ll happen. this happens almost every night.

Answer by Jelise
Ah! The way people earn a living!

Answer by Msean
I’ve always felt that if there were any real psychics they would be mopping up all the lottery winnings and beating us all to the right stocks. I don’t see it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please can somebody tell me how this Online psychic reader be 100% accurate all the time?

coz this shyt don’t make sense to me at all!!!

Answer by aMoLk
1. they only claim that they said it, after its already occurred, and not before.

2. Nostradamus’ writings are too vague and short poems, and basically it depends how you interpret them. There are many possible meanings.

Answer by NinJah
When you think of a two digit number, add together both digits and then subtract the total from your original number, the answer will always be divisible by 9.

99 – (9 + 9) = 81
96 – (9 + 6) = 81
80 – (8 + 0) = 72
12 – (1 + 3) = 9

That Online psychic reader is actually setting a predefined symbol for 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 and 81. Try looking at the symbols of these numbers, they are all the same. And when you click the crystal ball, it just displays that symbol.

That is how it became 100% accurate. It’s not actually mind reading since it already know which symbols to display. It’s just a trick.

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