Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any videos anywhere online that show a difference between tv viewers and non tv viewers?

I’m looking for a video that shows a personality change between someone who has watched television throughout their life and someone who has never, or very rarely, watched television. If not a video, at least an article. Thanks.

Answer by Kenny V
There is im sure. I read something about that long time ago. I dont remember the name or anything sadly >.>

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the order of the Gorillaz videos in terms of plot line?

With their new album Plastic Beach out, I’ve noticed there’s a plot line to the Gorillaz universe.. I always liked them and their videos, all the way back to Clint Eastwood, but I didn’t think they had a whole story going. So what video does it all start at, and the rest of the order up to the most recent?

Answer by Chelsea T
Gorillaz have a very long plot, And a whole book explaining everything,since the videos don’t explain everything that’s happened. The book is called “Rise of the Ogre” and it’s at most stores.But if you can’t find it, you can go on Wikipedia and read about the characters and plot.

Phase one,Albums “Gorillaz” and “G-sides (remix album)”
The video line is;
1. Tommorrow comes today.
2. Clint eastwood.
4.Rock the house
(There are also multiple “G-bites” (Non-music videos of the characters hanging out.) They’re called; Fancy dress, On the island, The Eel,Our toys have arrived,Jump the gut,The game of death,And Free tibet campaign.These are all on the DVD “celebrity takedown” but also on youtube.)

Phase 2; “Demon days & D-sides”
1. Rock it
2. Dirty harry
3.Feel good inc.
4. El manana.
(In el manana, Noodle,the guitarist is assumed to be dead,but she’s not.)

Phase 3; “Plastic beach” (Now)
Their album will be released in the USA tommorrow, you can buy the Basic edition or the Deluxe edition, (deluxe comes with posters,dvds,etc)
Their only music video so far is
1. Stylo
2.Superfast jellyfish
3. On Melancholy hill

Currently, There is an online Adventure game , (@ Where you explore and solve the secrets of Plastic beach. Murdoc is currently trapped behind a bookcase,and to free him,we must bail out 9,000,000 buckets of water. (A new cheat was released,and now we have less then 4,000,000 left,with a million or more done a day)

If you have any more questions,just email me (

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best laptop for video editing?

Ok, so I need a laptop for video editing for school, but I don’t know which one to get. I need one with at least 2.4GHz, something with a RAM higher than 1.00 GB, and lots of memory. Please don’t say “Don’t get laptops, get a desktop…” because I already have a desktop great for video editing and now I need a laptop.
Please help.

Answer by Buddy Love
I think it is all about the software you run. If you can afford a Mac, they have really good video editing software. But you can find good software for PCs also. Most PCs come with 3 to 4 gigs of ram and dual core processors so, no problem there. Just get a Dell or an HP and the right software and you should be set. Have fun.

Answer by pbplayer101
I use a Macbook Pro with a 2.4ghz processor and 4gb of ram. I use Final Cut Pro and Adobe CS4, and they work great!

Answer by bon-gart
Well.. this could help you narrow down your choices..

Get a laptop with a dual core processor that rates at least the speed you want there.
Get a laptop that has a video card with dedicated video memory, as opposed to one that uses shared video memory.

Now. I know you can read. You posted the question here. You know that 2.4ghz something means something, and you know how to spot that. You know how to spot RAM and the numbers that will be around it.

You are perfectly capable of looking YOURSELF for what you want. Why? Because any laptop you look at, will list it’s processor speed (that 2.4ghz thingy), how much RAM it has (Yep… RAM=RAM. No big geek translator needed there) and more.

In short, if you want to act as knowledgeable as you are trying (I don’t need a desktop for actual computing power. Got one. I want a laptop as powerful and versatile as a desktop. I just don’t want to take the time to learn what “powerful” means) then start looking yourself.

Prepare to be disappointed. Few laptops are made to the specifications you are expecting (made for video editing in mind), and the ones that are, are not cheap.

Maybe you should look at a Sager. Completely custom laptops. Go ahead and build yourself one there online. See how much it costs. Oh, and if you don’t know what all these options and doodads and numbers mean… isn’t it time you learned?

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