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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are we turning into a sound bite society?

If so, what are the consequences? If one reads letters from common folk in generations past, they were generally more articulate than those of college graduates today. Is this cause for concern or is the need for written communication antiquated?

Answer by information_police
Happened a long time ago.

I’ll bet most people only read teh top line of your question (the “sound bite”) and not the details.

Answer by Earl D
Turning! I think you’re about 100 years behind the times. Maybe 500 years behind the times!

Answer by ZIMMER110
wonderful question.
a passionate yes from me.

Answer by J.R.
Turning into? More like have been for years. People do not want to be bothered anymore with having to hear both (or all) sides of the story and forming their own opinions. They just take it for granted that Katie Couric knows best, and that she must be telling them the whole truth.

Written communication is extremely important in the writing of history, in the study of society, and for anthropologists. We no longer have the ability, as a culture, to write our feelings and thoughts on paper in complete and coherent sentences. Future anthropologists are going to think that we had forsaken education. Blogs may be the only records of our society that are left for future generations. That, to me, is scary.

Answer by Bad bus driving wolf
You are quite correct, it is a reason for concern. The written communication isn’t antiquated … yet. Thinking about the longterm, I guess with more and cheaper broadband will result in less written material, but I don’t think it will disappear because it is still the easiest way to express ones ideas.

Answer by Lawrence Louis
Much to my chagrin the answer is a resounding yes; we are turning into a society who articulates itself in sound bites. Just a casual perusal of MTV, most forms of popular entertainment, and even the news, and you can pretty much see a tangible demonstration of the diminishing art of conversation. Terse statements accompanied by vivid imagery are trumping elaborate and detailed rhetoric. Anyone who bothers reading a newspaper dated 50 years ago, and compares it to the average newspaper today, will see the great disparity that exists between the quality of prose today, and what it was in a prior generation. I recently rented a video called “Good Night, Good Luck” about a revolutionary anchorman name Edward R. Murrow whose editorials were instrumental in taking down Joseph McCarthy. The film had monologues and debates taken straight from the CBS News broadcasts of that era, and the level of sophistication with respect to his speech, compared to the news anchors of today, is tremendous.

You see this lack of in depth analysis and refusal to expand upon a topic in almost every venue of expression. The musicians (using the term loosely for rap “artists”) now abbreviate words without respect to whether it is proper to do so, kids write text messages back to each other that are hardly discernable, and even our politicians no longer see it as necessary to argue a point at length. The picture nowadays is not only worth a thousand words, it’s worth the entire English language.

The ramifications are staggering in my view, because the ability to articulate thoughts at length is inextricably linked with the ability to think out problems on a profound level. When real exchanges of ideas through words are supplanted by flashy imagery and trite expressions, the mind, like an unused muscle, begins to atrophy as well. As a result our critical thinking processes begin to diminish rapidly, thus leaving us open to manipulation by the media and our politicians. In other words it’s a perfect world for men like Bush to rise to power, because the typical American mind has been enfeebled to the point that it is ripe to accept any tripe as plausible.

I truly long for the days when politicians could speak like Patrick Henry and write like Thomas Paine. I yearn for an era when news commentators could enamor the mind with inspirational editorials like Edward R. Murrow did. I wish musicians today could weave words with such mastery as to inspire man to his highest ideal the way John Lennon or Cat Stevens used to.

The Bible has a verse which states : “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). Irrespective of your views of Christianity, I think the distinctive trait of humans is our ability to communicate effectively, and if you are a spiritual person, than you will also agree with the first chapter of the Gospel of John that the “Word” has a divine character to it. Once we debase the value of the “Word” we are in essence killing off a divine aspect of ourselves. Degradation of the word is degradation of the human spirit.

The truth is written communication, and well articulated verbal communication is being marginalized. We must ensure that it does not die out completely.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is a great idea for a computer game?

I make games on my pc, and i need an idea so i can put it on Kongregate.com It can be a shooter game, adventure, rpg, puzzling, musical, action, etc… Please give me specific details!

Answer by ther2kglitch
I’ve got a good idea for a computer game. It’s a game where I give you a great idea for free and then you turn around and make money off of it. What do you think?

But yeah, throw some wizards in there.

Answer by musicimprovedme
Something I have been wishing for lately is internet SKIPBO. It is a great game but so many cards to manage that it lends itself to computer play (as most double or more deck games do).

I don’t know if you wanted something original. I can’t seem to come up with new ideas, I just know I get sick of the same three themes…hidden object, time management, and match three….my god. How many differnet variations on those themes?

I do however like room escape games. AND we need a lot of those because you don’t replay them much so we burn through games.

Answer by scarface1473
i think they should make a game where youre a dolphin roaming the streets, where everyone in the world is dead, due to a deadly marshmellow meteor shower. and all thats left are hoards of peanutbutter monsters and you have to fight through waves of them with your special dolphin eye lasers. oh! and make sure the dolphin is dressed up like a gangster! with the shades and a beanie. people like that kind of thing, right? id play it..

Answer by igotabooboo
How bout a 2D fighting game like street fighter.
Instead of characters that you made up yourself, maybe try spoofing yoda,wolverine,ryu,Chun Li(Super big thighs pls :p)

Answer by Mudkip-Liker
A game where you have a gun that creates two portals that lead to each other which u use to solve a bunch of puzzles? Preferrably with the cake NOT being a lie? And a cube with a picture of a heart on it that you DONT have to incinerate? Mabye a crazy homicidal computer? Prefferably free. Portal ftw.

Answer by SOULCRY
A game inside a game. The player would feel in the setting of like a casino security control room, viewing gamers by a monitor. But it’s not a casino. It’s a room full of gamers playing video games. But the actual player is like such as Bill Gates, and is the game master, who creates the games and owns and controls the arena. There may be other arenas. The players/gamers could be in rooms, maybe globally, maybe in their own homes.
All these players get addicted to the games. Obsessed for the next hyped up release. Different games, different dimensions. Though all games merge. There’s a twist. Who’s controlling who? Etc. Maybe the creator becomes more affected by the games and own creation than the gamers. Maybe the gamers catch on. Maybe the game itself becomes it’s own entity.

You choose the mood, degree of suspense and actual storyline and plot.

Maybe the game turns focus towrds the actual gamer.

My original thought though, was a game that illustrates the affect that some games have on the gamers. Such as the desensitizing, mass-murdering game themes. And how thereipon the gamers begin to live what they play. Out in the street. In the schools. Breeding an army of game-conditioned/programmed zombie-like warriors. The next generation. Our future Presidents, etc.

Is media just a harmless medium, tool? Or, in the game, does the game behind the game manifest as it’s own living entity? A spiritual beast called MEDIA? Or, Ma-Dia (Muh De uhh)? Idk. Dio is like Theo, godlike, divine, diety. Dia would be feminine? Ma is like Madonna or Medusa.

This spirit would through the games (and all forms of media?) affect all of society. Even the way people drive on the highway. Everyone would come to feel dependent upon it. Even controlled by it though they think they are self-controlled individuals.

A mystery of who and what is really in control. A suspense of knowing where it’s all going and what is coming but desperate to… well what can they do if they all belong to one another? All wanna be free from the beast, but yet they are the beast. All wanting to be free, yet each keeping each other in check. The very few people unaffected are seen as wierd, strange, rebels.

But yet, just who is pulling the strings? Is it really MaDia? Or the actual gamer? Or, whoever creates the game(s)? Or is it who asks the questions, lol?

Why did I just write all I did? Who made me? Lol. Just what seduced my mind to think up such fantastic rubbish? Lol.

Hey, maybe the game controller transforms all of society into like a Babylon AD. Maybe MaDia is like a winged lioness (with a golden cup in her hand)? Etc, etc.

Ever seen the movie Westerworld? Coccoon? Truman Show? Matrix? Children Of The Corn? Revelation?

Are you one of us? Lol. Eeeek! (-.-)

If there was’nt a good and evil, there would’nt be an US and them. (Good subtitle for a movie).

The movie/game title?
We Are The World? Lol.
IT Becomes Us?
We The People?
(Are We Them Or Us?) Lol.
Sleeping With The Enemy?

How about a game based on The 7 Seals?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think of when you hear these names?

Gabriel Alexander (Boy)
Isaiah Bradley (Boy)
Alexa Elizabeth (Girl)
Aislinn Marie (Girl; Pronounce Ash-lynn, Irish spelling)
Rhys Alexander (Boy)
Elijah Joseph Michael (Boy; Joseph Michael is my father’s and grandfather’s name)
Wren Isabella (Girl)
Gabriella Rose (Girl)

You can include looks/personality/age/career if you want!

Answer by Shanti
They are all nice names and somewhat rare these days.

Answer by Jenna
I’m bad at this whole “what do you think of” type of thing… lol so i’ll just tell you that i like every name except for three.

i love Gabriel Alexander, Isaiah Bradley, Alexa Elizabeth, Elijah Joseph Michael, and Gabriella Rose.
Gabriel Alexander & Gabriella Rose being my favorites 🙂

Aislinn Marie isn’t horrible, but i don’t love it.
Rhys Alexander isn’t horrible either, but i don’t like the name Rhys. it seems to be becoming more and more popular though.
When i hear Wren, i think of a boy.

Answer by Peaches
I shall do this in number of which they are said.

1. very tall dark and handsome, smart and works very high up in a tall building
2. I picture a foreign man, I am not very sure of this name
3. The cute geeky girl at school who is so easy to fall for, long red hair, green eyes and gorgeous
4. Short brown hair, tall, the cool girl in school
5. Hot! The man with all the ladies, maybe not the smartest but has a good career, well built, tanned
6. Smart, honourable, loyal man who is successful and is very gifted when it comes to looks, brunette
7. Reminds me of a bird
8. Beautiful. Tall, slim, long blonde hair. Model definitely springs to mind.

Answer by Harper Leigh
Gabriel Alexander – 16 – president of the National Honor Society – president of the Bio/Chem Club – Eagle Scout – president of the swim team – teaches Sunday School – very calm voice – incredible smile – blondish-brown hair – medium green eyes – good looking – tallish – loves music – wants to be a doctor

Isaiah Bradley – 17 – ROTC – president of both history and chess clubs – average height and weight – muscular but lean – reddish blond hair – blue eyes, sometimes gray – tallish – really a “cause” sort of person – always working towards helping others – attractive but not classically handsome – plans to make his career in the army

Alexa Elizabeth – 18 – head cheerleader for the football team – has been homecoming queen twice – does modeling jobs – tallish – dark blonde hair that’s usually in a high glossy pony tail – underweight – yoga junkie – vegetarian – wants to be a dentist – pale blue eyes – high cheekbones

Aislinn Marie – 7 – platinum blonde – light green/grey eyes – sweet as the day is long – loves animals and wants to be a vet – loves to go to school – takes ballet lessons – just staring yoga classes – tall – a little gangly right now – loving child – very spiritual – skinny

Rhys Alexander – 14 – light brown hair – gray eyes – average height – loves baseball – quite a lady’s man, even at the tender age of 14 – a face that would make Bradley Cooper jealous – muscular like his brother Bradley – swims a lot with his brother Gabe – plays guitar & sings – wants to be Adam Levine

Elijah Joseph Michael – 12 – quiet – reserved – not a physical person – pale – slender – tall – red hair – green eyes – spends a lot of time playing games alone – expert at Civilization – loner – nice looking – a philosopher in the making

Wren Isabella – 9 – a one-off sort of girl – they broke the mold – terminally happy – about everything – up for almost any activity, be it playing video games with Eli, swimming with Gabe or nursing animals with Aislinn – very family oriented – reads tons – loves to take pictures – wants to be a photographer for National Geographic – tons of energy – golden blonde – blue eyes – pretty

Gabriella Rose – 4 – a real girly-girl – has to have everything match – she looks like a miniature of Wren – but more feminine – loves pink – a little moody – likes to swim and play dress up – wants to be Victoria Beckham when she grows up – likes to play with Lego

So, that’s how I see the family . . .

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