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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Atheists, have you ever had a Tarot card reading or called a phone psychic?

Do any of you read your horoscope?

Answer by Kenyai
Your Horoscope For Today – Weird Al

Answer by CD
No…aint that stupid to buy into that hogwash either.

Answer by ►GRITS◄
No, I have better things to do with my time. Like play with my ouija board.

Answer by Chromestah
I have never had a tarot card reading nor have I called a phone psychic. I was always skeptical. I have read my horoscope, though.

Answer by The Reverend C
For fun, to see what everybody was getting so worked up about. Then again I went to church more than once for the same reason. Still don’t get it.

Answer by Ray J
No, of course not. I don’t even read fortune cookies anymore (much to my wife and daughter’s dismay).

Answer by MONK
My mom gives me free tarot readings whenever I ask. Telephone psychics are a scam, along with every other pay-per-minute service. I read my horoscope whenever I come across it, because I find the advice intriguing.

-agnostic theist

Answer by Aussie
No, of course not.

Answer by nola_cajun
Being from New Orleans .. of course..

i consider myself more agnostic i guess.. and i deff believe in the supernatural

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot cards/psychics?!?

I’m thinking about going to a psychic and getting my cards read.
I’m really superstitious and I believe in this kinda stuff, but I was wondering, how does it work? Like is it accurate or not?
A lot of people say it’s satanic.
Well, not satanic, but against God.
I can’t think of the right term.
But anyway, my mom went to get her coffee read a couple years back (the lady she went to was a coffee psychic) and a lot of the stuff that the psychic told her was true.

So is it accurate or not?

Answer by Draco
I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not. But I can pretty much guess how it works.
The cards all have a particular meaning, and when multiple are drawn together, they describe your fate by meshing those meanings together.

Answer by not really my name

Answer by Mystery
well 99% don’t have the gift to see the future and they’re just going to fool u they will tell u common things that happen to people for example ..u are having problems right now or i see something good in ur future its rare to find someone that has the actually gift and won’t scam u

Answer by Eric
It’s not accurate. New Age stuff is fraud.

Answer by Doubting Like Thomas
Before wizzing away your money, spend a little time with James Randi.
Then, if you consciously choose to wizz your money away, at least you can enjoy the skills displayed by the person taking it.

Answer by Corey
No, it’s not accurate. It’s just making generic stuff up so that enough of it will be close enough matches for most people. Decisions made off of what a psychic or card reader tells you are going to be misinformed decisions.

“and a lot of the stuff that the psychic told her was true.”
But not all of it. And I’d be willing to bet that the hits were not that remarkable, and took a bit of fudging.

If there was such a thing as a real psychic prediction or reading, then it would be objectively verifiable, and not equivocal. And it would all be true. Not just what confirmation bias makes you think is “a lot”.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is my psychic who read my cards right?

So I went to consult a a psychic to read my tarot today( I usually do this once a year). She told me so many things that were right! Among them that I myself was gifted with supernatural activities that will return to my life as long as I’m happy in love, and that I have two angels guarding me ( one is my birth and one is a gift that was passed by my dead relative). Can anybody who is psychic tell me, is is true that I have no control about when my gifts will return unless I’m happy in love? How can I actively communicate with my guardian angels?

Answer by FreeHealthAdvise
Ehmm you are probaly gonna ignore this, and pretend that i never answered your question, but there is no reason what so ever that “phychics” can read your future or anything for that matter. Also their techniques are quite simple, dosnt take a genius to figure it out, let me give an example: You probaly know those tv-physics who can tell something about specific people in crowds and always be right, well thats called “cold reading” and the concept of it is used in ALL reading, its only the small details that varies. Now, pretend that there are 100 people in the crowd, i call out a name that in that specific area is among the most normal, where i am now that could be – christian. So i call out, and say something like: I sense a name!! christian, any christian here? No one answers(unlikely!), so i say i sense a relative or a friend(100 people with average 20 friends/relatives makes 2000 persons, where as just ONE has to have that name!), now the person answers, lets say its a friend of that person. As the person dosnt react in stranger manor, isnt dressed abnormally, or dosnt seem sad im in a difficult position as the person is alive, so i gotta make an analys based on clothing, behavier and age. I see a person end 10s start 20s, woman, high class person and tell her that i sense that christian is doing good in the local college, but that i he is tired of phychologi in school, but has a lot of fun at the school parties. Since the woman told me its her friend, im assuming its someone around the same age, which can i ofcourse know by the pronoucination, as most people refer to someone around their own age more personally than someone who isnt, therefore i know its the same age group. Because of the age i know its someone whos in college, presumably recently started, but instead of mentioning it, i just imply it by telling that the person is doing good and having fun, which indicates at transaction, so that im right wether or not the person just started in college. Now, since the person is normally dressed, although a little high class, it sets standards for friends, and so iknow that the friend is also high class, since i dont know the person myself, icant tell what subjects the person likes, BUT since the woman is a “normal” person, i can presume that he is too, therefore instead of telling her what he likes, i tell her what he dosn’t like, again – since he is normal i just tell her that he dosnt like the class that is most typical not to like, which is physchologi. And there u have it, a 99% right analysis. Now this was an example of “hard” reading, where EVERYTHING went the worst way possible, making it hard to make an analysis, but thats basicly how you do it, there is no hocus pocus its just a simple trick 🙂

Answer by Manny
First of all, I recommend to never go get your fortune read. It’s God’s job to know and make your future. Not yours. Even if it’s a good fortune.

Don’t do anything stupid. Just let your guardian angels do their job and live your life.

Answer by Amethyst
Happy in love does not necessarily mean with another person. You need to love yourself and know that you are enough, and you will see your spiritual gifts become stronger.

As far as communicating with your guides and angels, I would recommend my good friend Chris Alexandria and her Angel Chatter Archangel Oracle deck. You can find her at:

Many people also enjoy Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle and Angel Tarot decks.

Amethyst Mahoney

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