Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Best Online Course for Tarot Reading?

I have recently purchased my first deck of tarot cards and I am looking for a good online course to take. I prefer something that is hands on and includes things such as videos and quizzes. I am looking for a free course or a course under $ 50 if possible. I am just trying to find the best and fastest way so I can start reading soon!

Thank you!
I actually do go to church and I am a Catholic attending a Catholic university. I don’t see tarot cards as a devil’s act. I believe that God creates spirit guides to help you along in your journey on Earth and to help people. Tarot reading is a way to open people’s eyes and help guide them along. So maybe you should be going out exploring new ways to help people and guide them through life instead of falsely accusing them of being satan’s followers on online sites.

Answer by Latoya
Go To church okay

Answer by Apostle James The Greater
You are caught in a snare set by Satan, Better to leave this dark art before he returns to check the snare.

Answer by Anthony
I can teach you all you need to know right now, if you like.

1. Wait till a gullible person with low self esteem comes to you with a problem.

2. Flip a few cards in front of them in a darkened room, and go “hmmmmm” a lot.

3. Tell them a lot of bullshit, the more vague the better. Throw in some sensationalism for good measure.

4. Ask them for 50 bucks.

There; you’re an expert. Go get ’em, tiger.

Answer by Elaine M
Of course there’s free online courses, I’m surprised you didn’t just google them.

They use the Rider Waite style decks, if you have a Marseille type deck it will work with those too. However any Thoth type or oracle deck won’t have the same meanings which means you’d have to use books specific to those decks to learn them.

The Aeclectic Tarot site online has one of the best tarot forums and discussion groups online, I recommend that too, AND the book 78 Degrees of Wisdom which is very good for getting a beginner into tarot. You can pick it up cheap on in the used book section.

You can also check out your local site and type in ‘tarot’ and your zip code to find out if there are any tarot groups in your city, for one on one learning and doing readings with each other for practice.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Links to online videos about motorcycle helmets?

I would like to know links to online videos about motorcycle helmets. The video must be able to be played or downloaded online. Any aspect of the topic will suffice. Note. I am NOT looking for stunt videos taken from helmet cams! I am looking for informativeness, not show-off-ness.

Thank you. The best one will get points as Best Answer!

Answer by lepninja
It isn’t a video – but this is one of the best articles on helmet testing that I’ve read. It may be of value to you:

Answer by teddybear

Answer by standingbare3
i don’t know i am 56 been riding since 1966 i don’t ware a helmet

don’t need one in arkansas

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Video Converter Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard ?

Hello I Have A Compaq Presario SR1610NX Desktop PC Runing Windows XP Home Edition. I Downloaded A Program Called Super Easy Video Converter. I Converted Flash Video Into MPEG-4 Video So I Can Watch The Visdeos On My PS3 I Have The Converted Videos Saved On My 4GB Flash Drive I Was Wanting To Know If Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Had A Video Converter Program Like That Where I Can Convert Flash Videos Into MPEG-4 Video Please Answer My Question And Thank You Very Much

Answer by SilverTonguedDevil
There are two types of containers for Flash content: Shockwave Flash (filename.swf) and Flash Video (filename.flv). Either one can play video files but SWF is typically used for playing embedded video (and vector graphics) online. Flash Video is used for self-contained video that can be downloaded, so I think that is what you mean.

Before you get started on converting, download Perian and install it. That will provide the codecs for almost any video you find so you won’t need any additional video player other than QuickTime Player.

Apple’s iMovie can convert FLV video to MPEG-4. You didn’t mention which Mac you have. If it is any of the Intel Macs other than the Mac Pro, it came with iMovie. Open iMovie and choose to create a new project. Go to File > Import. Navigate to the video file you want to import. After it imports completely, drag the clip to the bottom of the iMovie window and drop it into the timeline. Next, go File > Share. For the choice of “Compress movie for…” click to see the option list and choose “Expert setting”. Then click “Share”. After a second, you get the window to navigate where you want to save the movie and at the bottom of the window, you can change the file type to MPEG-4. After you finish, you can trash the “My Great Movie” project. It is only needed for editing and you didn’t actually edit anything.

From reading the many questions about video on the Mac in this Answers forum, and seeing the many different suggestions to download some type of converter, it appears many people don’t realize that iMovie can do almost any conversion you can imagine.

Answer by Matt
Have you ever tried this mac video converter? It can help you convert video to mpeg-4 video on Mac, my friends recommend it to me, it works pretty well for me. And here is a guide about how to download and use it
Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question or use to search more answers.

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Kurzweil 3000 MAC V4: Listening and Reading Comprehension – Online Video

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