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FREE Tarot Readings – for a little online guidance from the cards…

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RT @TweeterScopes: The Tarot card representing Libra is Justice, which highlights balance and harmony.

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The Tarot card representing Libra is Justice, which highlights balance and harmony.

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what are the best online tarot readings??? I know that with a true tarot reading, the reading is actually based on the person who is being read energy as they pull the cards…so how does online tarot readings work? which are the best ones…
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The ones that talk

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Don’t get involved in these things, Satan controls them and will be given a way into influencing your life — stay away

Have faith in God, he is much more powerful than any of Satan or his demons — God can protect you

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Most online ones aren’t good because the cards that are picked involve the time settings/ip address you are connected to their server with. I would suggest investing time to learn how to read the Tarot itself, Buy a new set of Tarot cards a suggestion would be the Rider-Waite deck if you are truly interested since its a great beginners set.

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I hope you don’t mind if I stick to the tarot question, there is simply not enough space to discuss, ancient aliens, truth in mythology or whether the government uses lube before they bend us over. (All interesting topics by the way!)

When I give an online tarot reading first I start off with the introductions, name, how are you and so forth, I then shuffle the question into my deck and lay out some cards. Most questions I run across are answered in 3-6 cards.

Then I give a quick overview, tell the seeker what cards I pulled, and then launch into what the cards mean, how it applies to their situation and how the cards interact with each other. This usually takes about 10 minutes per question.

I do the same thing online that I do when I am reading for friends, I try to keep everything light and casual.

The best tarot reader, that’s a tough one. It’s like choosing a counselor, the most important part is to find a tarot reader who’s style you like. I’d recommend looking on bitwine, all sorts of readers with all sorts of styles. You may have to hunt around a bit to find one you like.

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It might sound funny but as far as good online tarot readings I like this Nintendo Tarot Reader Game:

Its free. It takes a minute to load after you click on it.


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

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