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@FallenLostRogue *nods* I think you need to talk to someone like Professor about this, maybe he can use the same psychic blocks —

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Would also pay money not to have to listen to coworkers talk about how they’re psychic.

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The psychic just tried to talk his way out of his bounty. It worked as well as you might imagine – he’s not THAT kind of psychic. #swn

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Psychic Talk Show Readings 2013 Part 7 – Secret Singer

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can a psychic tell what you look like in a long distance reading?

I got a psychic reading yesterday and she said that ” You are extremely intelligent and it looks like your also extremely beautiful”. Does that mean she can tell what i look like psychically?

Answer by Semtex
There’s no such thing as psychics but there are a plenty of fraudsters ready to take your cash. Psychic powers don’t exist.

Edit: And plenty of suckers ready to hand over that cash and believe everything that they’re told, just so that they can be told what they want to hear.

Answer by second chances
I guess. One I talk to knew I was a virgin. I didn’t say anything about it.

Answer by The
She might say that to every girl

Answer by Harleen
Are u intelligent and beautiful ? You should know your answer.

Answer by ◔◡◔
Semtex is correct. Psychics are all fakes. And apparently, you’re not actually intelligent because you believed her.

Answer by Sei
this is not an insult if i post this.

ask yourself if it really relates to you?

the answers is all in your mind depends if your insecure like me.

Answer by susan
It is possible to travel and see people. The government uses people to do this all the time in what they call a remote viewing program.

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