Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone give me a love reading, or help me out with giving myself a reading?

A love reading about a guy I’ve recently come across and interested in.

Can anyone give me a quick reading, or if anyone is willing to help me out doing my own reading with tarot cards. I haven’t used them for a while, and I don’t know what spread to use for a love divination. : /

Answer by ♥Mommy to Raynah and Ryland♥ <--free readings here!! This is my site. I operate on donations only so my readings are free. I believe its wrong to charge. 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone willing to read me for free?

I’d like to have a free reading including tarot cards. Maybe past lives, what my future holds and my career path along with love life. I can recommend you to others depending on how satisfied I am with your accuracy. Thanks!

Answer by Korean KItten
No pay up or no read sorry but nothing is free

Answer by owain
I see that you are a gullible person and easily misled and your future will have some misfortune if you continue in your lack of logic.

Answer by adrianna
I could do it for you but i can’t do it over the internet,sorry. but i know their is a lot of people out their who would do it for free. just ask around and maybe you will get lucky. (:

Answer by Felicity
That’s a lot to ask for. Past lives is kinda hard to do and career paths aren’t my forte.. So, I will do a reading that everybody and their mother does.. A love life reading! (I really don’t care if you recommend me or not, I’m learning so I give readings for free right now.)

Also, if you want.. You can pm me about the career or past life spread.. I feel more comfortable doing those readings in private.

I made my own spread, if you don’t mind.

“This is you.” – 1 – Ten of Swords, betrayal or loss. This is a pretty sad card. My deck is a picture of a man with ten swords in his back. Usually in the “you” position it means somebody who is the victim or martyr. Swords deal with the mind and doesn’t actually mean real stabbing. This is a clear indication that you should put your trust elsewhere.

“This is your past.” (Dealing with love.) – 2 – Knight of Pentacles – This Knight is all about taking things slow. This usually means less about romance and more about being dependable. We’re not really seeing any flowers or romantic dates in the past here. A bit dull, a bit too cautious.

“Your love life now.” – 3 – Seven of Wands – Taking a stand. Fire is associated with the wands, which brings personal growth and sometimes aggressive behavior. Things happen fast with fire. But, with the Seven of Wands specifically, it’s all about calling people out who have done you wrong or just saying something when you had been quiet before.

“Love Problems.” – 4 – Eight of Pentacles. – Are you too busy with your work to even think about relationships or your relationship? This may be your problem. You don’t have enough time to think about love because you have other things on your mind. Problems with dedication and commitment. Pentacles indicate that this might have been here for a long time as pentacles deal with the element of Earth.

“Future advice or, overall advice. ” – 5 – Ace of Wands – All up right aces are good omens, I believe. The Ace of Wands tells us that you should have confidence with love. But, especially combined with the ten of swords, I think the best advice I could give you would be to let go of old ideas and mentalities that aren’t working anymore. Take a new approach and with the seven of wands in place, take a stand. Be bold.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there any one who reads tarot cards with regular playing cards?

want someone to read free tarot cards with regular playing cards online

Answer by ♠ Hot Mess
Why not get a legit Tarot Card set.
People who are actually serious about this reading thing would rather use legit decks than playing cards because playing cards can’t tell as much. The legit decks have pictures and details all over it.
Well anyways I don’t know what to say, I heard people can read with regular playing cards, but I don’t know, I’m a bit skeptic on it.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Tarot cards are tarot cards and playing cards are playing cards. Either can be used for readings but they are not the same.

Look online for free readings. I haven’t myself seen any online playing card readings.

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Rider-Waite Tarot Card Reading – MagickWyrd

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