Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone give you a virus on your pc by playing free online games?

I was interested in playing Angels Online,and I’ve never played
online games before.I quit going on myspace because my desktop crashed after getting a virus from myspace.I got a new
laptop,and I don’t want something like that happening to my new laptop.Does anyone know if you can get a virus on your computer if you play these free online games?
thanks for reading my post,and thank you in advance for any and all replies.

Answer by IB Punjabi!!!!

Answer by Kellie C
google it!

Answer by Random I
Angels Online looks like a legit game, and I don’t think you would get a virus from it.

Answer by auspicous_carrot

Answer by Fernay

Answer by Lauren
iknow that lots of games do give you viruses, although im not sure about that particular one
hope it helps

Answer by jmclaughlin07
if the link isn’t a reputable site you can get virus. i would not click a myspace link, many of them are bad. there’s plenty of good sites though like yahoo games and

Answer by Michele N
You have to be careful and be sure you have anti virus and spy ware software. I picked up a nasty bug that almost ruined my system. So from past experience….YES it can

Answer by liza
i think so

Answer by jenny
I think you should any type of Anti virus software.. such as Trend Micro, Or Norton.. or any others.. thisd way u can be 100 percent safe before going on ANY site.

Answer by nana_3375
I have been playing online games for several years and I have never gotten a virus.

Answer by sarahk1299
Yes.. i used to play those online games and it crashed my laptop… so never play them… some might be good n not have a virus .. its not worth the risk! just go buy ur self some games !hope this helps.. good luck!

Answer by loshene_devika_anandan
yea, online games themselves have sis did this and invited trojans evryday evn after she stopped using it… depend on the reliability of ur site

Answer by rockstardom17
I don’t think you can get a serious comp virus through myspace… a virus through myspace might mess up your myspace account but not your computer…

you mostly get viruses from looking at porn sites… so stop looking at porn! or go to trusted sites…

doubtful to get a virus through an application like an online game!

Answer by Strykerking
Its possible to get one though a downloaded file, online games often support their software through Ads and Malware that are packaged with the game!

try scaning with AVG virus scanner

Answer by Neal G
Yes. Anyone is susceptible to viruses once they are online. Beware of commercial anti-virus programs. NEVER answer emails that offer free anti-virus software – they often contain malware, viruses and trojan horses.

Answer by Piojito_x
never heard of “angels online”

but yes, its very likely, especially the types that ask you to download. if at all its best you try reputable places such as yahoogames, and such..otherwise be careful, and find a decent antivirus

I cant say for sure, since i rarely play online and I’ve yet to face a problem..but yeah…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where online can I read ellen hopkins books for free?

I really love this author and I want to read some of her books for free online without any downloads or payments or being limited to how much of the book I can read.. Someone please help me I really love her books and It would mean a lot if someone could help me with this problem.
Thank you.

Answer by Zarah
If you love this author, you will go out and buy her books. Or at least borrow them from the library. Reading them for free online, unless explicitly released by the publisher, is called PIRACY. It’s illegal, and it takes away from the author, the publisher, and everyone in between. Grow up and be responsible.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i read In cold blood by Truman Capote free online?

Is there any website that will allow me to read the entire book for free online? I lost my copy of the book at school and I am in DIRE need of a copy. I already checked Google Books and the only segment they give me is the beginning?


Answer by redunicorn
There is no free and legal copy online. I suggest the public library.

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