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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone help me interpret a Celtic Cross tarot reading?

My question is concerning the future of a romantic relationship.

1. Hermit
2. 4 of Swords
3. Judgement Reversed
4. 2 of Cups Reversed
5. Queen of Cups
6. High Priestess
7. 7 of Cups Reversed
8. 8 of Swords
9. The World
10. Page of Wands
Dropped Cards: Justice and Kinight of Swords

Thanks so much for your help!!!

Answer by darwinsfriend3 AM
The simple meaning behind all that is that it is bs

1. Mah boi, the triforce beleives in you
2. Dont run with scissors
3. Erectile disfuntion
4. Dont watch that video, she pukes in a cup its gross
5. ” ” ”
6. Yes, i have a nun fetish
7. Nutella is arguably more popular than peanut butter
8. Small pox
9. What did you want wheels on the bus
10. Frostbolt

Dropped cards: –> testicular cancer

Answer by denise t
no such thing.

Answer by ?
First of all, nobody can interpret these cards but you. All you can get is general meanings.
Second, don’t ask for clarification here. Try Aeclectic.net forums. You can exchange readings there or find people who actually know something about tarot .

Answer by tesla14
The first card is your self position, ie… where are you at now? and what is your starting position in the present?

The second card lays on top of the first card but is placed horizontally – this is what crosses or opposes you. The third and fourth cards are what is below and above you. What is below you are things you keep close to your heart and are present in your subconscious. What is above you represent external influences.

The fifth and sixth cards are what is behind you and before you. What is behind you is your recent past and things you have overcome. What is before you are challenges or opportunities you will soon face or meet. The seventh card is where you will find yourself. The eight card represents your immediate surroundings. The ninth represents your hopes and fears. The tenth and last card reveals your eventual outcome based on your present motivations and influences.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I upgrade my Video Card?

I guys umm i would like an upgrade for my video card which is Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family i want to upgrade it because it doesnt really let me play games so i want upgrade it that it actuatlly upgrade it can someone give me a download link? Please thank you

Answer by Nick
You have to buy a new one.

Check newegg.com

Answer by C-Man
A video/graphics card is hardware, not software. You need to actually puchase a physical card to install in your desktop computer’s expansion slot. Graphics adapters on laptops are chipsets permanently soldered to the motherboard and cannot be changed.

Answer by Big time
you cant download a video card, its hardware you have to buy

Answer by blamay22000
You might try a tarot reading website so they can figure out what you have for a PC being you dont have sense enough to post the details in here! Secondly, you DONT download a piece of hardware.

Answer by Dan
download? downlaoding something will not upgrade your video card, you need to purchase a new one and swap it out with your old one inside your pc.

Answer by John
Umm…. where to start…

A video card is a piece of hardware, not a software program. You can’t download a new one, you have to go to the computer store and buy one, open up your PC and install it.

Another thing to consider:

Do yo have a laptop? If so, you’re out of luck. You will need to buy a new laptop with a better video card (look for “discrete graphics” or “dedicated graphics”).

If you have a desktop you can just go to a local computer store or even walmart or best buy and buy a new one. You will need to know what type of graphics expansion port your computer has. It may be AGP or PCI if it’s an older computer, or probably a PCI-Express if it’s never. You will need to get the correct type of graphics card. After you have established this info, you can pretty much buy anything in your price range (look to spend about $ 100 for a decent one, more for a better one), because any dedicated video card costing $ 100 or more will be way better than the Intel onboard adapter you already have.

Answer by fernieortiz
is your computer a desktop or laptop, if its a laptop, then you’re stuck with what it has, but if it’s a desktop then you need to see what kind of video card you can put on the motherboard. DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and so on.

Answer by eric b
is this a laptop we are talking about. if so there is no graphic card “or also known as Video card” that is compatable. the words chip set tells me that its intagrated graphics witch means they are binded or fused into your motherboard. that means they cannot be replaced or upgraded. if you have a desktop that you want to install a graphic card this is possible depending on if you have a graphic/video card port. this can either be a pci express or a agp slot. you can find this out the easiest by finding the brand and model and model number of your computer and searching for it on this website below. after punching this in you can find the ram and if it has a graphic card port what kind. hope this helps . eric 🙂

Written by SuperPsychic

I’m gonna fill this section very soon! Promise.