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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone tell me the name of this song that was in a teen nick music video?

Ok it was a woman I think that sang it and it was a carnival theme and there was this guy on the wheel and there was a scene where there I think it was a boy getting a tarot card Reading can anyone tell me what the song is I remember it played last Sunday

Answer by Hannah Floral
I think it might be Shark in the Water by VV Brown.
If I find out it is something else, I promise I will edit this answer.


Answer by I better find ur love
its a song that the cast of degrassi sang i think

Answer by jayceee.
the only carnival themed song i can think of is mixi-i miss those days (ghost).

Answer by Sky
Shark In the Water….And the video was about the upcoming season of Degrassi

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