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@musiknonstop (Catarina Cervelleira) tweeted the following : 3 Card Celtic Cross (via @tarotcom) There had better answer! Thank you so much!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can i get a tarot card reading online? is it as good as in person?

Answer by Walter
Yes, an online reading would be just as affective.

That is, not at all. It’s all bunk!

Answer by Rex A
Tarrot Reading is real or online both are hidden from u , so both are okay .. but i dont belive in such stuff.

Answer by blueladyblue_r
Yes you can, you are best to ask around to see what others have to say about the person. I have been doing readings for 27 years. I tell the client either in person or on the phone if I am not accurate within the first ten minutes no charge. There are alot of phonies but there are alot of good ones too you have to ask around.

Answer by U.K.Export
Of course it is as good, total rubbish is the same on line as it is face to face. On line will probably be cheaper but no matter what an idiot and their money are soon parted.

Answer by gwhiz1052
Same thing, foolishness.It is a deck of cards.

Answer by nampapagan
Online Tarot readings work just as good as an in person readings. I recommend a couple of sites that I have had good readings with many time. One is Mystic Games and the other

An advantage to getting a reading online, in person, or over the phone with a “real” person on the other end reading the cards for you is that you can get clarification and ask additional questions about things you don’t quite understand.

If you are interested in getting a reading from a person, online or otherwise, I would be happy to help you.

Answer by Randi M
Yea…I believe that it is just as good online as it is in person. How bout someone do it online then go do it in person just to see if you get nearly the same results…..

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

As a reader, nothing is as good as face to face or via phone, but can be very affective all the same.


Answer by Lori G
Yes, I believe an on-line Tarot reading can be very effective. However, it is probably preferable to have a face to face reading so it becomes interactive and the questioner can say if they don’t understand something or even ask further questions. A good reading should be a two-way dialogue. The questioners who just sit there saying nothing aren’t getting the best out of a reading.

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