Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can i trust an online psychic?

i had an online psychic reading..based on the little information that i gave her she seemed extremely accurate…there were things i didnt mention that she talked about and was dead on…i understand that some psychics can only read face to face but every talent is different so im not sure whether i should trust this or not.

Answer by Vibra
Ask her.

Answer by Wiz
You can trust an online psychic to take your money and tell you nothing is many words, just like a psychic in person.

Answer by …KLoUdZ…
who can you trust?

Answer by Vasudev P
That is your subject but real astrology is match with your practical life that is only real so no need trust

Answer by Tammi
No way! They don’t know you from a hill of beans! They just want you to help fatten their wallet!

Answer by Lala
I lost a lot of money (also dreams:) in that case.
I don’t advice u!!! don’t trust!!!!!!!

Answer by Jessica R
well if she was dead on and you gave her no information then why not trust her?

Answer by Maj Hewitt’s Equestrian Acad
As much as you can trust any “psychic” – you can’t.

Answer by Ravenmel
I do on line readings and yes it is possible to get a good energy to read with, alot depends on what gift the psychic has and how strong a link they are able to sense from you.
I ask for feed back from people i read for online and then i publish it onto my site so that people can see it before they ask me to read for them.

Answer by Missi
I dunno who you were getting the reading from but theres this guy on ebay called dusty whos REALLY GOOD …everything came true lol

leo S /cap M / aries R

Answer by Some Girl
i am an online psychic also i must tell you be aware that some of them are frauds but if the reading was accurate i’m pretty sure it was a real psychic

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do Psychics normally charge a lot of money if you ask them for help?

I went to see a psychic last week and told her I needed help with certain issues and her response was “I may be able to help you but I would have to charge you for supplies and that might be between $ 600-700”.

I got a funny feeling about that so I just left. Is that normal for psychics to charge that much money? I can’t imagine supplies being that much money. Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer by The Princess
Smart for gettin out of there! That psychic saw you comin! A real psychic already has the necessary supplies and will only charge you for their time! I’d suggest lettin others in ur town know that she’s a fraud, so that she can’t scam anyone else!

Answer by Garbos Autograph
Wow… many do. Even the really good ones, however it I see no reason to pay that kind of money unless you are dealing with someone who is soooooooooooo good that money is then not an object. You can find decent readers but why waste your time on parlor games when for not a lot or the price of a stamp someone who is extremely good can read for you because it is what they do…(Yes that was a question)…? Anyone can be your reader and perhaps donate to them if they don’t usually charge. it is however important to be mindful that if that is their business they can charge anything. That price you quoted is a mortgage payment. I wouldn’t pay it. Even the best psychics I have been to never cost that much! I have heard of these stories and have many times rescued someone from a reader who had fleeced them. Some people are serial querients…..and think that if they keep going to a psychic that their problems will change. It just isn’t so. I accepted donations years ago but am no longer comfortable doing so. I am glad you left that session. Yu can get a really good reading for free online or for a far lower price i am sure. I have seen many readers here in a short period of time….but whether or not they are good is another thing entirely. Please be happy with any decision you make and please remember that it is all written in the stars!


Answer by Annie M
Frauds such as Sylvia Browne charge around $ 750/hour. Psychics don’t need any supplies. The going rate is $ 200-250/30 minutes. But, do not pay this type of money unless you know for sure that the person is an authentic psychic and not a fraud.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Your paying for our time & experience.

Some charge extravagant amounts, some do not. It is a case of looking about, getting recommendations & following your own intuition.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any places online where you can give psychic readings for a small fee?

I have been giving psychic readings locally for about the last 6 months and have been told i am very accurate. I have been practicing and think that i can now definitely begin to open up to doing more and more readings in order to help people. I’ve heard of forums where people do readings where people can send in donations from anywhere from $ 1 – $ 20. I’m willing to establish my credibility and accuracy, just not sure where ­čśë Any mature answers and help are welcome! Thank you!

Answer by Eyebright
I have been trying to do something like that for a while. I am finding that it is hard to get people to pay for the psychic guidance, but if i connect it with healing services often they pay for the healing services that i offer to help them fix their problems. If you would like to talk through your experiences and mine i would be interested – perhaps even to work together…

I have come across a few places, but nothing i really liked.

Answer by IntuitiveImpressions
Yes, many of us will take your call. I charge $ 1.99/minute. You can just call for 10 or less minutes and get your questions answered. Hope that answers it.

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