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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can Jesus really heal blindness and deafness?

I was watching videos about people, mostly in third world countires, who are with these preachers whom are praying to Jesus to heal them right in front of them, and they are completely healed. Is this really possible? It seems too good to be true, that right like that someone can see and hear again. I don’t really understand why that doesn’t happen around here, or how just one prayer can heal someone. I know Jesus had a healing touch, but how do you explain this?

Answer by laila is back

Answer by visvardis
sure its true thats why there are no blind deaf people in the world lol

Answer by My†h ß۞mber
Wishful thinking.

Answer by That Canadian Guy™
It’s a hoax to make $ $ $ .. You can physically heal eye sight and hearing with a touch of your hand.. all it is, is flesh touching flesh and no more..

Answer by Chase P
Its just a hoax, if anyone could be healed like actually healed, wouldnt it be in the news and if somone was really sick in the hospital wouldnt they just take them to church?

Answer by Missy F
We all go through suffering and Jesus can help stop it yes praying to him you will get help, but sometimes the suffering won’t end… until you go to heaven.
But there must be some explanation for that these people must have done a lot in there lives or are really good followers of jesus or something.

Answer by lisa
Well- He is Father God:)

Answer by David
satan can perform miracles too. Can they rise the dead like Jesus?

Answer by JC Rules!
Well if Jesus didn’t make us, He wouldn’t be able to heal us.

Deity of Jesus Christ
Joh:1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Joh:1:2: The same was in the beginning with God.
Joh:1:3: All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

M’r:10:27: And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.♥ † ♥ ☺

Answer by Arlene B
Your questions show legitimate concerns. Keep in mind that if in fact these miraculous healings occur, or seem to occur, does not in fact validate them as having divine backing. Jesus Christ warned his apostles about this saying, “False Christs and false prophets willa rise ans will give great signs and wonders so as to meislead, if possible, even the chosen ones.” Also, depending on where these faith healings are performed, some “psychic healers” say their cures have nothing to do with religion. Take into consideration the cost of services and the rate of success. Jesus said, “You received free, give free” and Paul said about Peter’s healing “They would one and all be cured.”

Answer by B.F.F <3
yes jesus does heal the blind and deaf.
back then in “bible times” you read that he freed a man for lepersy and blindess and demons. today he cant really come down and heal a man by his touch….
thats why its called praying
and having faith

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can people actually gain psycic abilities?

I hear a lot of people say that they can like move things with their minds and things like that and I also see it on youtube videos. Is this just a trick? An optical illusion?

Answer by Alex Mills
moving things with your mind is not a psychic ability, but there are some ways of gaining them. the ones you see on youtube will probably be illusions that were carefully thought out but yes there are some people who dedicate their lives to gaining and nurturing these abilities.

Answer by Alfred Roberts
Yo dawg,

It’s the fucking magnets. We don’t know how they work. I think they got psychic power. When people move that shit mang, they probably using mind magnets. But they totally out there — no matter what that freak James Randi sez.

Answer by Jamie D
Telekinesis is, until someone comes forward who is a telekinetic, and they subject themselves to scientific analysis and pass, considered nonexistent. There have been incidents which may or may not be uncontrolled telekinesis (poltergeists), but, sadly, no scientific conclusion has been made on the matter for definite.

Answer by John Stanford
All the videos on youtube are fake, you cannot gain psychic abilities because they don’t exist. Listen to the pod cast “Skeptics’ guide to the Universe” and “Skeptoid”.

Answer by Ron
‘Jamie D’ and ‘John Stanford’ has the right answers, the fact is that no one can gain psychic abilities as they don’t exist, the two greatest paranormal investigators of our time James Randi and before him Harry (The great) Houdini, both master magicians, who are better qualified than scientists to spot basic conjuring tricks, spent the best part of a hundred years between them searching the globe for a genuine psychic, never found ONE.

Both offered large amounts of money (JR has a $ 1,000,000 challenge) to anyone who could demonstrate these powers under controlled and MUTUALLY agreed conditions, still not one claimant, to the person, if I understand his ‘English’ correctly seems to be denigrating James Randi, there are ten other organisations worldwide who currently offer similar challenges, not ONE of them have had a successful claimant either.

This is JR showing how just one of the ways the trick is performed (you can buy the thread on the web) this is a so called Russian Psychic who declined to be tested by JR.

Any youtubes you have seen demonstrating telekinesis are illusions, if they are genuine stage magicians (they never claim psychic powers) that’s all very well and good, if they are claiming psychic powers, then they are frauds and charlatans.

I love illusions, this is me walking on water, no trick photography has been used I promise you, it’s an optical illusion.

Walking on water

Now if I wrote to James Randi and told him I could walk on water, all he would ask me to do (after finishing laughing) would be to walk across a swimming pool in front of his team and I would win his $ 1,000,000 it’s as simple as that.

EDIT: “Jaw dropping evidence”, where is it? the USSR and the USA spent billions on research on psychic abilities for military purposes during the cold war, they both came up with zilch!

If someone proved that they had this power and ‘came out’ do you honestly think the CIA could ‘spirit’ them away without anyone noticing – lame excuse.

EDIT2: Am I a yoga master too? sorry it’s a fake, just like anyone else who claims they can do it.

Answer by Classic Rocker
Well, in the videos its prob fake, but you can actually go buy this kit, it requires you to hook up these things to your head, and you can move a ball with your mind, its like 20bucks. I see it in those “As seen on TV” magazines.

Oh and to the people who say ppl with psych abilities aren’t real, do you honestly believe that the REAL people with psychic abilities would come out and claim they have them, no, because if they did the CIA would be on them like flies on sh*t, and those people would be tortured through scientific experiments. Besides pshychic testing took place during the Nazi and Cold War era, and they have come up with some jaw dropping evidence

Answer by Kevin7
Science says NO!!!!

Answer by miyuki & kyojin
No, psychic abilities not exist, some people can learn be better frauds however. Gypsy ladies may teach daughters this swindle. My lover’s cousin tell of meet Gypsy woman try con her, she too smart however, scams all fail. Frauds claim they have psychic abilities use cold reading, i.e. make people tell much of themselves. Good swindlers learn some probabilities. Some say general things apply at most people, like horoscopes at newspaper and Chinese fortune cookies. james Randi carry on fine tradition of harry Houdini (born Ehrich Weiss) of expose frauds, people want believe of this “osu no kuso” hate Randi-San. I see someone speak badly of him, I praise him much however.

Answer by mystic
Yes all humans have the potential to have many psychic talents including but not limited to, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, telekinesis (moving things with your mind) and many more. The trick is to tone your mind and open up your pineal gland. Unfortunately fluoride has a way of calcify this little organ that is in the center of your brain right in line with what would be your third eye if you had one. Do to this the glad is unable to vibrate like it is supposed to and doesn’t open. Vitamin K2 tends to help de-calcify the gland, but it will take awhile.

Answer by Minh Dat
It’s true.Even in the world right now,you can see yoga masters lift their body into mid-air,people control and read each other mind.So awesome.Wish i could do like they do.

Answer by Raider
Hardly all are special effect tricks.

Some people do have such abilities. See the links below for more info.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What topic should i do for my persuasive speech?

an original advocacy for speech and debate (persuasive speech that changes a law)

1. The ban of the psychic hotline
2. The regulation of energy drinks
3. The dangers of homeopathic remedies
4. The dangers of cosmetic surgery
5. The dangers of gambling

Answer by ℑℑ
Here’s a list of topics…..

Abuse Of The Elderly
Abused Women
Academic Dishonesty
Academic Freedom
Acid Rain
Affirmative Action
Age Discrimination
Aging Population
Agricultural Policy
Air Pollution
Airline Safety
Alcohol Abuse
Aliens and UFO’s
Alternative imprisonment
Alternative Medicine
American Education Reform
Animal Experimentation
Animal Rights
Animal Welfare
Anorexia Nervosa
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Armed Conflicts
Arms Control
Arms Trade
Atomic Energy
Ballot Initiatives
Battered Women
Beginning of Life Issues
Bermuda Triangle
Bilingual Education
Biological and Chemical Weapons
Bird Flu
Birth Control
Body Piercings
Breast Feeding in Public
Cameras in Courtrooms
Campaign Finance Reform
Capital Punishment
Censor Hate Speech
Chain Gangs
Child Labor
Church State Issues
City Curfews
Civil Rights
Climate Change Policy
Condoms In Schools
Creationism vs. Evolution
Dating Campus Issues
Death Penalty
Disabilities Act
Domestic ViolenceDrug Policy
Drunk Driving
Endangered Oceans
Endangered Species
Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
Ethnic Violence
Family Violence
Fat Tax On Food
Foreign Oil Dependence
Foreign Policy
Foster Care
GangsGay Marriage
Gay Rights
Genetic Engineering
Genetically Engineered Foods
Global Resources
Global Warming
Government Fraud and Waste
Gun Control
Hate Crime
Health Care Policy
Home Schooling
Homeland Security
Homeless in America
Human Cloning
Infectious Diseases
Inner City Poverty
Internet Chatrooms
Islamic Fundamentalism
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Media Violence
Medical Ethics
Medicinal Marijuana
Medicine Abuse
Minimum Wage
Missile Defense System
National Tobacco Settlement
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Organized Crime
Physician-Assisted Suicide
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Racial Profiling
Rain Forests
Religious Right
Reproductive Technologies
School Uniforms
School Violence
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Single Parent Families
Social Security Reform
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Space Exploration
Stadium Taxes
Stem Cell Research
Tax Reform
Teen Pregnancy
Term Limits
Tobacco Industry
Trade with China
US Budget
US War on Drugs
Urban Terrorism
Violent Video Games
Voluntary National Testing
War Crimes
War On Drugs
Water Resources
Weapons Disarmament
Welfare Reform
Women in the Military
Women’s Rights
Working Women
World Trade

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