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Psychic Police Brutality Prediction: An older white male who is a very important person in his community is mist…

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And my prediction came true #psychic

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Rylan’s psychic needs a new job, fucked that prediction up.

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2013: A Psychic’s Prediction

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can psychic abilities develop throughout a person’s lifetime?

Lately, I’ve been having a few premonitions here and there and they’ve come to actually happen shortly after. They usually consist of the same event, but at all different times. Does anyone know if you can develop psychic abilities throughout life, because if not than I have an abnormally extreme sense of female intuition. I’m only 16 years of age if that helps in any way. Thank you for helping me ~ Kaitlyn.

Answer by amoonlitdawn
I believe a person can become more enlightened over time, more in tune with their “third eye”. As they view the world, new perspectives arise and bring in a new light to how they think. I don’t think age changes much, I’m 15 and I have experienced similar things, dreams that come true, feelings or pictures that come out of no where and then have a connection to something that happens. Yesterday morning I had a feeling that my friend wasn’t going to be at school, I pictured my other friend and I sitting at our art table by ourselves and sure enough he wasn’t there, my friend and I were doing the same thing that I saw in my head. If you want to progress in your abilities I suggest researching the “third eye” and meditating.

Answer by quixoticalthoughts
Unfortunately psychic powers are pretty much just a figment of most people’s imaginations. When you look for psychic predictions or premonitions, you will find them more often. These are simply coincidences or things that you have subconsciously processed and developed an end result that is most logical and likely. Therefore, you don’t know that you are actually piecing things together and you end up with this idea that works out as an outcome of the real life occurrence. Either that or it is a coincidence as I said. The brain is something we still know only so much about, but as far as psychic powers go, we can be almost certain that we don’t have any.

According to the first post or at least the theory she mentions, we are all searching for the third eye, which is enlightenment. This would be the key to all of the world’s problems, the only problem is that this is theory based in ancient time, it is also never produced any positive results on the world as it was intended. Therefore it is a moot point.

But hey, you are a teenager, I was once, I went to a psychic, a very good one according to many people. I went in with an open mind and he told me he couldn’t read me so we would have to leave it to cards. Well that is cool and all, but chance does not predict fate, if you could prove fate.

Answer by Luuk
So far all research into “psychic abilities” is either highly flawed or does not support the existence of such phenomena. That’s what Science has to say about it (since this is a social science board). Anyone who tells you otherwise on this board is only giving you their opinions. Perhaps you ‘ll get better luck posting this question in another category?

Answer by YouAsked4it
According to the science of quantum physics, we are all connected in the universe due to the way our brains function. Modern technology and the electron microscope has given us a greater understanding of how the brain actually works.

Neural pathways (that look like tangled branches) within our grey matter, bend toward one another and form an electric “arc” effect. Billions of these all going off simultaneously, form a kind of “hologram” within and around our head, which we experience as conscious thought.

Since the universe is basically made up of different forms of energy, our conscious thought being one of them, we can understand how psychic gifts can be possible. Psychics have the ability to be aware of how their “holographic” conscious thought receives signals at a subconscious level from other energy forms, especially those from other thinking beings.

There’s a lot more to it than this and a more complete explanation can be found at

Answer by JustCurios
Sure, these abilities can be developed. Not a pro myself, and don’t want to mislead, so I’ll share my recommendation, Al Perhacs, not far from me in Ohio:

..check out his site links above for free video and MP3 downloads to get you started. His blogged are linked off his sites, too, at the bottom, pretty sure, and ask him questions, too.

Here’s to your success!

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