Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone be able to help me with interpreting a Tarot Reading I did?

No rude or snarky answers please, only people who are expert/medium in Tarot Cards.

This is question about someone in relevance in my life, it isn’t petty or silly.

Do we have a possibility of meeting? Or will we ever meet?

Reversed Strength, Page of Wands, Reversed King of Coins

It sounds very much like the person’s character but is it relevant to the question? If so what does it mean? THANKS IN ADVANCE

GOD! I was NOT looking for your response.

You know what, since you have your email open and I can easily track your I.P address if you respond. I will harass you for a year or so with my many several accounts. Jerk

Answer by Terry
You’ve got a problem and with not enough to show a way out. I slipped a card and it was the ferryman who can help you with swords. You are lucky.

Answer by Max Cruise
Why aren’t you aware tarot cards cannot predict the future?
The reading of tarot cards is bogus and a scam.
Randomly dealt cards CANNOT predict the future or tell you about the present.
Try this. Shuffle the cards and re-deal while you ask the same question. If tarot cards had powers, you would see the same cards re-appear in the same orientation.
You and I know that is not true.
Go online and ask the same question on website specializing in tarot cards. Every one will provide you with a different reading.
Hence the reason I and many others will tell you tarot cards are bogus.
You’re Welcome.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to do absent tarot card reading?

I’m a beginner in tarot cards… i just started using it for a couple of months and some of my friends want me to do a reading for them but they’re on abroad. So is it possible to do a reading for them?

Answer by stefanovitch
Ask the cards

Answer by ADRIAN H
Yes, it is possible, providing you can ‘tune’ in to the person you will give the reading to.
As you are just learning about the cards, remember, it is not the cards that predict, it is your interpretation of the images you get in your mind when you look at the cards. Only with time will you discover some images are actual whilst others will need to be interpreted.
Good luck.

Answer by Ms.Kate
Well put Adrain, well put……..

Answer by robbiehammo
i myself don’t think you can do a reading with out the cards i have been doing tarot card reading for a few years now but i will not do a reading for some one Else that’s just me i will only do myself good luck with your findings

Answer by Pam R
Hello Kat

Yes it is possible.

Just focus on your friend & their area of concern, put aside your feelings for them & go for it.

Try to write down your answers/findings & you may even find that even more informations flows.

If you wish to practice the Tarot join us at our Yahoo group

In Peace


Answer by WebWeaver
Yep it sure is. Everyone works a bit different, so you’ll need to find out what helps your flow the best. I like to have the email from the person open while I’m shuffling the cards. Some people like to write the persons name down on paper to look at. Some people don’t do any of this. It’s great that you have friends to help you as you learn so do the readings and play around with how you work with doing them. Try new ways, and when something feels right to you, go with it.

You can also keep trying new ways, the Tarot is a journey not a trip. Everything keeps changing as you move through and learn new things.
Have fun!!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What gives Tarot cards their magical powers?

Is it the magical ink or cardboard used? lol Do the toy companies somehow add the special powers to their ink covered cardboard?

Answer by Will Nickel
Gullibility. I have twenty different Tarot packs, and they’ll each tell you a different answer to a given question. And an hour later, they will each give an entirely different answer to the same question. And an hour later – and so on and so forth.
When I do a reading, I always tell the person I’m reading for that it’s only for entertainment. I talk to them while shuffling and arranging the cards – generalized questions to give me an idea what they’d like to hear – and then when I actually lay out the spread and interpret it, I tell them exactly what they expect to hear. And they’ll happily pay me my twenty bucks even so.

Answer by Cora
Read up on cold reading. There is no magic.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on interpret tarot card

How to Read Tarot Court Cards: Mini Tarot Lesson


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