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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can the Tarot cards tell you which occupation is best suited for you?

How can the Tarot cards be interpreted to give you an idea which occupation is best suited for you?

Answer by Alfonzo
Don’t put a lot of stock into Tarot card readings.
Don’t believe that something bad is going to happen just because you read it in a fortune cookie.
Have you ever wondered why horoscopes are so ambiguous and don’t get into specifics ??

Answer by Helen
The Tarot is a wonderful spiritual and psychological tool, but please don’t stop thinking for yourself.

You could ask the Tarot about the likely outcome of choosing different occupations, e.g. one might mean high financial security and low job satisfaction. There are a lot of Tarot cards related to work so I am sure that it can give you some pointers.

Tarot is unlikely to give you a specific answer to a general question on this as it only has 78 “words” in its vocabulary (double if you use reversed cards).

Try a different spread for each occupation that you have in mind, e.g. a pros and cons spread. Ultimately you must decide what is important to you.

Answer by detinater
i wouldnt listen to a terrot card reading

Answer by Annie
The tarot cards don’t answer the questions — the reader of the cards does. The cards will give clues to the reader, but they are just the medium. The reader will “see” the answer. The exact same cards can mean different things in different readings. The reader uses them to help her find the answer, but ultimately, they aren’t needed. The answers aren’t in the cards at all.

I think a tarot reader can guide you, but ultimately, you are the one who must live your life, therefore, you must be the one to make the decisions.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does your favorite tarot card mean something?

I have always been fascinated with tarot cards and recently I have begun to learn more about everything. I was just wondering if someone has a favorite card, does it say something about who they are or something along those lines? My favorite card is The Moon, I love this card very much. Does this mean anything? Thank you! :]

Answer by Ludz
I don’t have a favorite tarot card. I don’t think much of psychics, and astrology

Answer by Stung
After being baptised by fire throug enocounters with the dead, witchcraft and sever spiritual warefare I would honestly have to tell you my favorite tarot card would be fuel for the fire! Thank you very much baptised by fire / the witness!

Answer by Illuminator
Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, and the like are instruments of divination. Divination is a violation of the First Commandment and an abomination to God.

The Catechism says:

Divination and magic

2115 God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consists in putting oneself confidently into the hands of Providence for whatever concerns the future, and giving up all unhealthy curiosity about it. Improvidence, however, can constitute a lack of responsibility.

2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to “unveil” the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

2117 All practices of magic or sorcery, by which one attempts to tame occult powers, so as to place them at one’s service and have a supernatural power over others – even if this were for the sake of restoring their health – are gravely contrary to the virtue of religion. These practices are even more to be condemned when accompanied by the intention of harming someone, or when they have recourse to the intervention of demons. Wearing charms is also reprehensible. Spiritism often implies divination or magical practices; the Church for her part warns the faithful against it. Recourse to so-called traditional cures does not justify either the invocation of evil powers or the exploitation of another’s credulity.

For Jews, Christians, and Muslims the worship of God is paramount and all three religions teach that we are not to worship anyone else but God.

Divination violates this First Commandment to “have no other Gods before Me” in that it “contradicts the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.”

Knowing the future belongs to God alone. Only He knows the future. Angels, demons, and humans do not know the future and cannot know it unless God reveals it to them.

Tarot Cards and the like cannot give us the future. They are lies fueled by the father of lies.

To try to circumvent God by seeking to know a future that we have no business seeking is to distrust God.

We are to resign ourselves to God, trust Him, and rest in His fatherly care for our future.

Answer by Hope is certainty
We can give our own meaning to symbols and learn from them. The moon is the reflection of the Sun It is hot on one side cold on the other but gives off no light or heat of its own. It needs the Sun, the active to shine. It brightens the night. We each have both and need their balance to be whole.

Answer by Wiki
My favorite one is “The Fool”.

In addition to the usual meaning, it’s also an exhortation to act like a fool, to live freely.

In fact today we have too many rules, moral, social, …

Instead we should live like “a fool”, doing what we really like to do, without worrying about any problem.

Instead the moon is not generally considered a positive card.

So, if you like the moon, could mean that you draw satisfaction from successes/results overcoming the difficulties.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I learn to read tarot cards?

Can someone please explain to me how to read tarot cards? Or at least give me a site to help? Also, is it possible to use a regular deck of playing cards if you know what each of the cards mean? I’ve heard of people doing this and don’t know if it’s possible, and if so how?

Answer by Hosea
What a useless skill.

Answer by Holly B
e-mail me 2 learn how!!

Answer by Vicarious Cynic

Answer by kidlet_animal_luv
Stay away from them. They are dealing with the occult.

Answer by Harlequin

Try this site, it has a lot of nice things in there too that might interest you!

Answer by ?
A regular deck of cards do not have the major arcana (except for the jokers). I suggest you get the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck. Also obtain a good book on how to read the basics of tarot. One such is Sasha Fenton’s Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards.

Answer by dynollis
I’ve never heard of using a regular deck to read tarot. Why would you when the tarot cards look so pretty? But I suppose you could, if you assigned meaning to them all. Almost all tarot sets come an explanation card or book. You could google it, or go to the library.

Answer by johndeand
first buy a deck… an easy one to start with is the Rider Waite Smith standard deck… and then just read the little booklet that comes along with it. here are some useful sites:

http://tarotforum.net (click “learn” and just read as much as you can)
http://www.ata-tarot.com/resource/cards/ (this has all the card meanings in a longer, more in-depth format…. VERY useful!!)

those two are the only ones i’ve used to develop my skill and now i’m really familiar with the deck… i never have to use a reference for meanings and i’m always right ^_^

you could also buy a book about tarot, which i recommend, especially one that has lots of spreads you can practice. basically you have to teach yourself… and it’s a really fun journey to take!

p.s. yes you can use a regular deck but it’s MUCH harder because there are no visual clues… and it’s nowhere near the same dynamic of meaning as a tarot deck. here’s a link: http://www3.sympatico.ca/terrir/romany.html

–EDIT– moriah may be a certified magickian, but i can assure you, a proper intuitive person/psychic can divine with *ANYTHING,* whether it’s a thoth deck (which is just as special as a rider-waite, thank you very much) or a deck of two-cent playing cards. i’m not bashing thoth decks though… some people find them easier to learn with than others, it just depends how you connect to the cards. i recommend buying a rider-waite AND a thoth deck (that’s what i did). and learn to read both (they’re very different)…

–second edit– moriah, from reading your answers to other questions, i can see you’re very wise, but really can’t you concede that the method of divination has no impact upon its accuracy?

Answer by Moriah Conquering Wind
If you really want to read the Tarot in depth and accurately, you need to forget about all these various haphazard systems. Concentrate on learning the associations of the Western Qabalah for each of the sephiroth and 22 paths in conjunction with the tarot cards. Get a deck like Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck or one of the modern ceremonial decks. Forget about fluff crap like Rider-Waite or any of the silly Fairy decks out there. Get serious about magick and mysticism and you will EARN the right to read Tarot properly. If you just want to be a run of the mill fortune teller conning and bilking people then develop an imagination and just make crap up.

Answer by β˜…β˜†β˜… ϚԎѦϿӚѰ β˜†β˜…β˜†
What JohnDean said plus http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/tarot/p/Intro.htm seems like a good basics site.

Answer by Allan R
If you are looking for a class that is made up of real people and real teachers coming together to learn then I would suggest you try out this site. http://www.mistresskalpanasrealm.com/new/

I am a student at this free school and I love the attention, the detail of the lessons and the feedback I get from my teachers.

Also If you would like more one on one mentoring if you become a memberof the American Tarot Association we have a mentoring program that will connect you with someone who will help you learn at your own rate. www.ata-tarot.com


Answer by ?

I run a free Tarot course by email which you are more than welcome to join πŸ™‚


You can read regular playing cards (do a search on cartomancy). With a regular pack of cards ignore anything to do with the Major Arcana and Pages (these are Tarot only). The suits of playing cards correspond with the Tarot like so:

Hearts = Cups
Clubs = Wands
Diamonds = Pentacles
Spades = Swords

Hope this helps!



Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Join our forum, you can ask & practice as you like. I also run a tarot course for those interested.

Regular playing card divination is called Cartomancy.


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