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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Could people who work in Military Intelligence with TS/SCI security clearances answer this?

If someone developed or had paranormal powers more so then just merely psychic mind powers but PHYSICAL powers, Would the military detain and study them against their will?

Lets say for example the ability to make earthquakes at will, or even the ability to physically fly in the sky.

Would they just say its for the “public good” that they detain you even if you promised not to show them to people?

Can anyone give me examples of this in your careers?

Answer by Shamus
LOL…this happens only in the movies.

Answer by Ruth
The answer to that is probably classified. Why are you asking someone with an TS clearance to post this information online? You’ve probably been watching too many movies…..

Answer by Dement3d 1 US Army
Sounds like a sci-fi movie.

Personally what I think, the government would take individuals with powers to study them and to keep them away from general public. Lets say someone that has powers gets mad and they cause an earthquake, then the blame would be on the government.

Now asking questions about secret projects and top secret stuff online will not get you an answer. No one in the position with TC/SCI will risk their career and freedom to answer a question that can ruin them. [by ruin I mean, end of their career and prison time]

Answer by Tema
What a foolish question. I don’t think it’s even possible to answer something so ridiculous, but I’ll try. The answer is no anyhow. There are no examples because either the idea is mythical, or the situation is as you described above…where the person is being “hidden”! ha ha ha!

Answer by Cinnamon Girl
Naw, I knew wiccans that could change the whether in the military and I could do some pretty wicked stuff myself when I was wiccan and they never detained or studied me, infact my NCO required me to get a psych eval because of it, dum bitch! I had a spirit guide and could astro project and see spirits and angels, including my spirit guide and give psychic reading, my NCo thought I was looney tunes.
However they did use those who had the ability to remote view during WW2 I believe google remote viewing, they used them to spy on the enemy.

Answer by BoatsBM1
Another prospect for a AFDB!!!!

Answer by AD
So, you’re expecting someone with a TS to reveal information that could get them court-martialed for disclosing on Y!A just to satisfy your curiosity? It wouldn’t be worth it. What do you think the purpose of the clearance is? It’s not to tell people on the Internet. In case you don’t know the Soldier who released that video of those civilians getting killed in Iraq is getting court-martialed as we speak due to releasing it to the public when it was classified. Ironically, a bunch of anti-military groups are siding with him saying he was right for violating his agreement with the government not to release that information.

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