Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do fortune teller’s predictions usually come true?

My mom went to a fortune teller a long time ago. She has three children: a daughter, a son, and another daughter. I am the son. The fortune teller told the fortunes of me and my sisters. She said that although my older sister would make my mom happy as a kid, she was going to become very rebellious in the future and give her a lot of stress. That’s exactly what happened. So one day, me, my older sister, and my mom were talking and she brought up the fortunes and joked about how my older sister’s became true. We became curious and asked her what my younger sister and my fortunes were. She said that my younger sister was going to become rich and famous which would be cool if it came true. She was a little hesitant on telling me my fortune though. She said that I was going to marry a woman that would be like the “man of the house” and make me miserable. I would divorce and remarry to go into the same type of relationship. I was like wtf? Although my older sister’s fortune came true, don’t all late teenagers become rebellious? Well besides me because I watched my older sister get into so much trouble that I’m a little more careful with the bad things I do *wink* so I never get caught. My parents think I’m an angel. Anyways, even though I can’t get girls now (I’ll admit it), does that mean that I will have a horrible love life? And I don’t see my little sister becoming famous for anything. She can’t sing, she can’t act, she can’t do anything special (I know I’m mean) but you never know. She could become some sort of talk show host or something. So what do you guys think? Have you ever had an experience with a fortune teller and did it become true? How do you feel about things like this?

Answer by Yandy Gonzalez
sorry but no, none of those things do come true

Answer by Peter
Fortune tellers often word their predictions in non-specific ways such as “you’ll meet someone interesting today” – and unless you live on a desert island, you’d likely meet someone (anyone). Your mind then starts to ask questions and form the relationship yourself. For example, the person may not be normally interesting to you but since the prediction has been made, your mind automatically start to look for someone “interesting” to fit the prophecy. In simple terms, it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy. What a fool believes, he sees.

Answer by Elizabeth Ansel
If its truly from God, then yes it comes true.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can i ask her out?

also i really want a way so that they can’t refuse and i need ideas of things to do. i want to sound playful, fun and confident!

Answer by princess
ask her on a picnic

Answer by dman43235
If you already are her friend then just walk up to her and ask her out it is the most confident you can look..if she is your friend i suggest you get to know her a little better..

Answer by ch0colate.syrup
maybe u could flirt with her n playfully ask if wans to go out for a date? ask in a fun n confident manner..

Answer by katielittlelady
BEST WAY- Make a chinese fortune teller and under each flap have it say will you go out with me.
*Look up origami fortune teller in yahoo if you dont know what that is

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in fortune tellers?

I need serious answers please lol

Answer by Miss Models 🙂
Yes, I do. 🙂

Answer by Blue B
Dont u think that if ppl could predict the future of any kind then we wouldve been warned about September 11 hurricane katrina and all other natural and man made disasters that have been happening through out our existance?

Answer by hullaballooh
They supposedly contact spirits that “tell” them what the future holds, you may not know this but those spirits are dark, if you’ll look at the history of all that, or talk to people who were seriously spending their money on fortune tellers, bad things happen…You asked for a serious answer, whether or not you believe is up to’s your money.

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Paper Fortune teller. How to make origami

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