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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do Scientologists really believe the whole story with the frozen aliens and lost souls?

Answer by tagboy
Apparently they do, They give these clowns thousands of dollars to get clear.

Answer by Theta Works
No. No such thing. No aliens, no lost souls. It’s amazing at the way myths alter.

From Scientologymyths.info

“Do Scientologists believe in aliens?

No. Scientologists believe people are spiritual beings, not their bodies, and that they move on to another body once they die. Some believe they have been around for a long, long time. Some believe that this universe is a massive infinite space and that there is life on other planets. So it could be said that some Scientologists believe in “aliens”, meaning life on other planets.

Now, I have never seen any writings about (or Scientologists talking about) a belief that an alien lives inside them or that there is a spaceship buried somewhere waiting to take all Scientologists away.

There is no worshipping of aliens found in Scientology scriptures. Nor does such worshipping take place informally.

There are some people spreading the utterly false idea that Scientology is based on alien beliefs or ancient aliens or something of that nature. Scientology is based on communication, knowledge and understanding and provides help to master life and gain more understanding about it.

There are a lot of twisted interpretations of Scientology religious beliefs on the internet. I am happy you came here to find out more! Contrary to rumors and biased media reports this is not Scientology’s “Creation Theory”. The purpose of these bigots is to ridicule Scientologists, trying to make fun Scientology’s true religious beliefs. Well, if they have to invent stories to ridicule Scientology then the true Scientology seems to be worth to look at. You can do that at the Scientology Video Channel, for example.

I think the whole alien thing comes from the next question.” [see link below]


Answer by Meggie
No. That’s what critics are telling you that we believe without ever reading the basics available to all in the libraries.

To Saint and Bond, isn’t that interesting? That the more you read of the basic books the more data you have to be prosperous? All one has to do is apply it. After all, Scientology is something we DO, not believe.

Answer by Thetaɵita
I’m a Scientologist and the only place where I read this crazy story of aliens is on the internet.. get facts. Scientology is about improving one’s life, not to make him believe in weird stuff.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I would like to try out some new religions, help?

I am thirteen years old.
Currently I attend a Quaker Meeting near my home.
I really enjoy it! I think its really cool how there is a whole room of people who can stay still for an hour and are comfortable being silent with everyone else. However, i think of meeting more as a place of spiritual worship. I would like to know of some other religions that i could consider.
The more, the better (:
Thanks sooo much!

Answer by Jesus<3s YOU!
choose which ever faith feels right to you sweetie

Answer by We’re only human
I would highly recommend Buddhism.

But look into all of them and see which you feel is right for you.

Answer by clusium1971
Well, at age 13, you are much too young to decide for yourself what religion that you would like to be.

However, if you are interested in learning about Catholicism, maybe this site will help you.

Answer by Kristen
Research it out and choose what religion pops out to you. Im LDS and I love it! but there is a religion for everyone.

Answer by harpertara
Try taking the quiz on the website ‘www.beliefnet.com’ it’s called the Belief-O-Matic. It will help you figure out what religions your beliefs align the closest with. Another good one to try is Unitarian Universalism. Its site is www.uua.org.

Answer by rodrim79
I find it strange that you are so young and looking into something so big. What exactly are you looking for? I will, of course, always recommend my religion, because quite frankly WE ROCK!!!

roman catholic

Answer by тнιs ιs a BOMB [тιck.тιck.]
I’ve tried the main ones: Christian, Atheist, Agnostic…. then Atheist again. Take your time, and choose whichever one you think is true.

Answer by lucas544
try christine spend time with God go in your prayer closet which is a place where you develop a relationship with God and he will answer your prayer get to know the spirit of God which is the Holy Spirit. God says with out his son the is no entrance in heavean we must ask Jesus in our hearts. that is where true peace is in God.

Answer by Layla Garcia
Well there are wonderful monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity, & Judaism..

There are polytheistic religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.

I would recommend you research about Islam because there is a huge buzz on Islam these days and it would be good if you learned about Islam in a positive manner then to believe everything you hear from influences around you that are Islamphobes..

Answer by Fascism Sucks
I like my non-denominational church.

Answer by _ciarin_
You might want to try Asatru.


Answer by Kaitlyn
Christianity — all the way.
Catholic or Protestant is cool, just keep your eyes on Jesus. I guarantee He’s the absolute best thing for you and will change your life if He hasnt already 🙂

Answer by MN Twins Fan
That is beautiful that you are 13 and can appreciate a silent hour of worship. I would also suggest Catholicism. It is a wonderful religion that many people don’t understand or stereotype but once you take the time to learn about it you will find a gracious and loving group of people who praise and respect our Lord.

Answer by Devo
I would tell you that you should choose what feels best to you- regardless of what other people say.

For a general list, you have
-Multiple versions of Christianity
-Multiple versions of Paganism

And many many more. As you get older, you’ll find that you’ll be “drawn” to one religion over others. Inately, you should just do what feels right.

Answer by Sincere-Advisor
Consider Islam. It’s the coolest!

Answer by Derek O
doesn’t it suck that people talk down to you just because you’re 13? you’re not too young to decide for yourself what religion you’d like to be!!!! there’s a book called the encyclopedia of world religions. you can probably find it at the library. it’s too bad that people fight so much over religion. ALL of them have something noteworthy to offer, and ALL of them have aspects that need to be discarded. Good luck!

Answer by whiteparrot
You are on an interesting quest – but potentially misleading. Make sure that where ever you go the Bible is taught and held up as God’s Word.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Buddhism & Hinduism, what should a man caught between spirituality and materialism do?

I just can’t let go either of them

Answer by Brandon Smith
You cant hold onto either of them either.

Answer by Ed
As I learned while listening to a video of Ajahn Brahm, a Buddhist monk, on the very topic of materialism and non-attachment, letting go utterly is not necessarily a possibility for everyone. What you can do, however, is learn to live humbly. As Ajahn Brahm taught, you create stress (which is suffering) by trying to have things in your life you do not need because you think you need them simply because your neighbor does or because society or the media tells you you should have them.

You do not need that massive ass TV (not quiet his wording), or an over-sized house. Be happy with a smaller TV and a smaller house. You can still practice being spiritual while living within a materialistic world. Just understand what you actually need versus what you think you want but don’t really want or need.

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