Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do the online psychic tests really work?

how many psychics actually get those online tests to test your psychic ability work? score high kind of thing?

Answer by Hiм ♱
doubt it

Answer by King of the Zodiac
I doubt it. If you were really psychic, I think you’d probably know for sure ever since you were a child. On the other hand, you could be highly intuitive.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I go to chat with an online psychic for free?

I have some really good questions to ask a psychic but it would be best if it was free and not on the phone but on the computer.

Answer by jesusinmysock
Basically anyone that says they are psychic can do it for you on the internet

Answer by Fireball
nothing is free but they are fakes anyway….this is horoscopes

Answer by zenshopping
Why bother? If you really want to, get some tarot cards, flip some coins randomly or look at chalk drawings.

Anyone with any skill in this will not do it for free. Sorry.

Answer by Christina C
don’t know when u get a free session then it is for a real short time enough to get u to try call and pay

Answer by dueshy

Not free but only like ten bucks or so. They are legit.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on online psychic

Psychics Online Take A Call From The Fresh Prince


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