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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you agree with my amazing psychic prediction that Barack Obama will win re-election in 2012?

After all, I have a gift in psychic predictions. Check out my answer to a question posted 6 months ago regarding Amy Winehouse:

Answer by RLP

Answer by LiberalsRNutz

By the way have you cashed in on the lottery with your amazing ability? Didn’t think so.

Answer by Intelligent One
Man, thats got you real excited huh?

Answer by ahandle101
Hawke will be elected president.

What, Dragon Age 2 predicted a blonde guy named Anders would go psycho and blow stuff up.

Answer by Chris R; OMG
Psychics are crackpots, and so are you.

Answer by Angry White Male
Amy Winehouse died? LOL

Answer by Jhon
Whoa dude you have a gift and you should share it with the world.Can you tell me my future lol.

Answer by brown9500v13
Big deal.

I have a magic 8 ball that has a triangle that says “Amy Winehouse dies of drug overdose”.

Answer by tribeca_belle
Yes, and it doesn’t take a psychic to predict that.

Answer by the blunt truth!
Choosing the obvious path of a druggie is hardly the same as trying to predict the reelection of the most anti-American president in our history. Just because it is what you hope for, that doesn’t make it so.

Answer by Growth vs Oil
No, Goldman Sachs is giving more to Romney this time when they gave more to Obama in 08. Gold Sachs has been picking presidents for years.

Answer by Walrus 2012
Walrus says you just became murder suspect.

Answer by Time for cake and sodomy
yesh I do,but only because of statistics I don’t believe in superstitious stuff (:

Answer by chloe
I, too, see an Obama victory in 2012.

Answer by MARK B
It’s your 5 points. I ‘m not gonna go there, except to say the I would like to see Obama win again, convincingly.

Answer by WilliamH10
No, he may not win renomination, when the economy goes back into another Obama recession and the Democrats only chance to keep the White House will be to jump ship to another Democrat like Hillary.


Answer by VeggieN
You did say that she will die. But anyone can see that the woman is nothing but a train going off a cliff. You claim to have amazing psychic. Is that right? What about your eyesight? Can you see that Obama is a snake slithering in the muck? Can you see that piece of forgery of a Certificate of Live Birth that his gang and the White House put on the internet? Have you seen that thing under magnification? You tell me.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone used a psychic and did their prediction come true?

my girlfriends parents went to a psychic and apparently something bad is going to happen to her in 2012, but her parents wont tell her what the psychic predicted… obviously it’s something serious but i’ve never believed them, anyone had any first hand experience with them?

Answer by Disp
Yes, and it never came true. It’s all a ruse, really. Further, if it does happen, it’s due to coincidence, not a prediction.

Besides, if you believe in Christianity, the only “predictions” that come true are what God says, not what we regular people say.

Whether you believe in religion or not, being psychic is fake. If it were true, then all the psychics would have mentioned when/where/how, etc. “end of the world” scenario.

Answer by Graybeard
No one has ever demonstrated any form of psychic ability in a controlled test that ruled out coincidence or fraud. It’s a common scam, but no such ability exists. For details on a longstanding offer of a prize for such a demonstration, see It’s one million dollars. You can learn more about scams like this at WWW.CSICOP.COM. You friend’s parents are simply victims of deception.

Answer by Sapphire

Answer by Codex Buranus
I only found one good psychic, and even then not everything she predicts has come to pass — she’s got about a 50% success rate I would say, and is particularly bad at romantic readings (but my experience and that of friends finds most fortune tellers have trouble with romantic readings even if they’re generally good at predictions — the trouble seems to be that thinking you ‘know’ how your romance will play out causes one to act differently and mess it all up.) I found her to do very well with business and friendship readings, and also at reading stuff that happened in the past.
Anyway, the good psychic was Madisun, she reads on ebay under the name Madisunro — but she doesn’t always offer them, she just lists a few when she feels like it.

Answer by Kevin7
It could happen once in a while but overall there is no scientific validity To E.S.P .Many statistical studies of E.S.P have been done., it proves no scientific validity to the idea. Even in gambling people sometimes get it right or win, but overall you loose.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Sit, Relax, and then write your psychic prediction.?

Take a quantum walk. And just write whatever comes. Oh, and if nothing happens, you may have to force your finger to hit a key on the keyboard, and then just follow your intuition from there…

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