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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know of any real psychic or tarot card websites that actually work?

Do you of any FREE tarot or psychic websites with real psychics that actually work?
Theres a really important question I need to ask.
Also, how do you know they are real?
Thanks!! x

Answer by R T
Well, that would imply that there were real psychics and tarot card readers. So no, there are no such websites.

Answer by A Modest Proposal
No, there aren’t. Clairvoyance is a fraud; it’s impossible to see into the future.

Answer by Gazoo
Don’t be silly. Of course not.

Well…unless by “work” you mean trick gullible people. Then I could probably find a few of them.

Answer by valhall13
Naw. Just buy a deck and do it yourself.
Trust me, it’s better that way…and loads cheaper too!

Answer by Its Kfed…byutch!
For $ 40 bucks, I’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.

Answer by babygirl
Come to my website…I will tell you anything you want to hear for 20 bucks.,,BUT in the mean time…stay away from that boy, for he is trouble and ot of god.

Answer by roadside confessions
The Bible strongly condemns spiritism, mediums, the occult, and psychics (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-13). Horoscopes, tarot cards, astrology, fortune tellers, palm readings, and séances fall into this category as well. These practices are based on the concept that there are gods, spirits, or deceased loved ones that can give you advice and guidance. These “gods” or “spirits” are demons (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). The Bible gives us no reason to believe that deceased loved ones can or would even want to contact us. If they were believers, they are in heaven enjoying the most wonderful place imaginable in fellowship with a loving God. If they were not believers, they are in hell, suffering the un-ending torment for rejecting God’s love and rebelling against Him.

So, if our loved ones cannot contact us, how do mediums, spiritists, and psychics. get such accurate information? There have been many exposures of psychics as frauds. It has been proven that psychics can gain immense amounts of information on someone through ordinary means. Sometimes by just using a telephone number through caller ID and then an internet search, a psychic can get names, addresses, dates of birth, dates of marriage, family members, etc. However, it is undeniable that psychics sometimes know things that should be impossible for them to know. Where do they get this information? The answer is from Satan and his demons. “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). Acts 16:16-18 describes a fortune teller who was able to predict the future until the Apostle Paul rebuked a demon out of her.

Satan pretends to be kind and helpful. He tries to appear as something good. Satan and his demons will give to a psychic information about a person, in order to get that person hooked into spiritism, something that God forbids. It appears innocent at first, but soon a person can find himself addicted to psychics and unwittingly allowing Satan to control and destroy their life. First Peter 5:8 proclaims, “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” In some cases, the psychics themselves are likely deceived, not knowing the true source of the information they receive. Whatever the case and wherever the source of the information, nothing connected to spiritism, witchcraft, or astrology is God’s intention for us as a means to discover information. How does God want us to discern His will for our life? God’s plan is simple: Study the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and pray for wisdom (James 1:5).

Answer by emfederin

Answer by Steeler Hater
None of that stuff is real. If psychics existed they would be multi triillionaires from the stock market, lotteries, sports betting etc and probably wouldn’t charge for their help, if they truly want to HELP.

Answer by Karen
None of them work because its just a scam to get cash from mentally retarded people.
PS if your really retarded email me your name and all your bank details. A spirit told me to ask for them Honestly.

Answer by CybX Systems
Tarot only works once for each question you ask in your one life.
Tarot is designed to be of a physical format, not digital, but sometimes it does actually work online, coincidentally of course, this is the same for Ouija Boards online.
So that’d be any.
I wouldn’t trust living human psychics, because most of them say they can communicate with intelligent beings of the ether (superhuman or not), when humans and other creatures’ link to the psychic world is actually distorted by imagination and science.

Answer by Angelo N

Dont listen to the bible preachers they dont know what they are talking about.

Answer by Yolanda
I consider myself a Christian, and while it is against Christianity to believe in psychics & tarot card readers, I do believe in both.

To say that if psychics and tarot card readers were real they would know the winning lottery numbers and be able to foretell disasters, is as asinine as saying if Jesus were real and prayer really worked people wouldn’t have cancer or wouldn’t lose their jobs or there wouldn’t be divorce or pain.

I think you need to be cautious about ‘shopping’ for a tarot card reader. I have one that I have consulted on & off for about 4 years. She works at a ‘spiritual gift shop’ and she conducts readings by appointment and can do them over the phone. I live in a state different from where she resides and I’ve never met her and only consulted with her over the phone. I have recommended her to several friends and some have used her and have been equally impressed.

I think you should be careful not be become dependent on seeking ‘advice’.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i find a free psychic?

I need to find a free psychic,or tarot card reading? does anyone know a good online site?

Answer by shanoo mathur
It is easy to us if you provide your birth date, month,year time,place,country,

Answer by Adelaide Farr
‘Eh. From what i’ve noticed that person just copies and pastes the same thing.

You have three options.

There are several free psychic chats. Search google. Some allow psychic readings; others are just to talk (They don’t like you asking for psychic readings.)

Second, some phone psychics have things like, “FIRST 5 MINUTES FREE!?.” :/
I recieved one by Master Prophet Noel. I’m not sure if he still does his free 10 minute reading, but free services like that you can come by.

Third choice…
…I’ll give you a free psychic reading over the computer. Reply to this answer if you want this option.

Hope I helped.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I reach A free psychic?

I am under age and No psychic will help me. I NEED TO KNOW MY FUTURE there is so many unanswered questions I have!!!! Mostly about my furture and choice of heart.

Answer by Daydreamer
no one knows what the future holds..just wait and see what will happen

Answer by Steve H
If you wait, they should contact you.

Answer by Desiree
The future looks very grim for you, kid. But if you pay me $ 100, the future looks bright!

Answer by Moon Ninja
We don’t work for free.
Cough up the dough, I charge $ 50 per hour.

Answer by Marcus
It may not help you knowing about the future. You might only worry about it. Make your own choices in life.

Answer by Allen
Your favorite color is Blue!

You will age, you will marry, you will die.

I’ll take a pat on the back…

–not superstitious

Answer by ….. ……
There’s no such thing as a free psychic.
They’re all scams ripping you off for money.

Answer by loki
Psychics are bullshit

They do not have any powers or abilities

Answer by Tomo
I can see that your future will be academically poor.

Answer by Whizz
The only physic there is in the entire universe and beyond is god before you go to sleep tell god to give you a vision trust me it works

Answer by Lisa Lee
What are your questions? Maybe we can help you as we are as psychic as they are! I can probably guess you feel very anxious about 2 people.

Answer by John D.
The vast majority of psychics are con artists that want your money. And worse yet their accuracy is worse than a coin toss. At about 30% accuracy is hardly impressive I think for anyone. The best way is to guess based on what you know about yourself and your tendencies. Or someone else can take an educated guess for you. So toss a coin it’s 50% accurate.

Answer by rayal
You are spelling Psychologist wrong.

The future is up to you.
Dr. Brown

Answer by R
Go find a Christian minister instead, psychics aren’t safe they don;t have the right perspective.

Answer by Corey
They won’t help you because the laws against defrauding a minor are taken a lot more seriously than defrauding someone who’s old enough to know better. I’m sorry, but there is no magical way to see the future. You’ll just have to experience your life by living it. Like everyone else. Every one of the 6-7 billion other people alive today.

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