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What will the future be like? — Well I’m no fortune teller so I have no idea

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What will the future be like? — Do i look like a fucking fortune teller?

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what your future holds 😉 — are you a fortune teller?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think alot of fortune tellers talk a load of rubbish?

I must tell you that I don’t see fortune tellers as I am a Christian.
I would just like to say that I’m NOT saying ALL fortune tellers talk rubbish and even if they do, I’m not saying they are bad people.
As a Christian, I refuse to see a fortune teller. But that doesn’t mean I dislike them as people. I know they are just like everyone else. Besides, I know they are simply doing their job, just like everyone else.

Answer by goofy
its fun to hear or read all the things they predict or which i should say they make up or blend it up

Answer by Jolly Wolly Jim Jam
they are totally full of crap. It called cold reading. its where you say really vague answers like “you lost someone special in your life”, 99% of people have lost someone via death, separation, divorce, etc. the client tends to give them all the answers they need. Never do they ever give exact answers off the bat. Don’t bother asking them for lotto numbers either because “it doesn’t work like that” which translates to “if i could do that do you think i would be here”

A lot do.

However, there are few who are true.

The ones who do not look for money to do their job are the ones who are real.

As I said, there are very few true psychics/astrologers in the world.

Answer by DragonAtma
Most fortune tellers are frauds, but most of christianity is also a fraud.

Answer by Ken E
The only thing that ANY of them can do.

Answer by Racer
Heaping loads of rubbish………then charge you an arm and a leg for listening to their garbage !!!!

Answer by Mike S
i will try to be nice about this becasue youhave no idea how ignorant you sound. first off, fortune tellers are like everything else, some are faking it to make money others actually can see. they talk to god and see futures n what not. they are skilled and make much money at it.
YOU however think christians cant believe in them. yet you worship one. i find it ironic. a man who spoke of seeing god of knowing people and truth and helping with gifts, yet they cant exist now. the difference is now they are only ridiculed, they were once hanged or crucified. not becasue they are evil, but becasue they know the truth about god. not that anyone cares. they know god wanted everyone to love, religion is not of love, it is of fear, the work of demons in ancient times. you should really find a new hobby. like praying, or helping people, but that may be too goddly for you.

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