Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anybody know where I can get a free psychic chat reading?

Thank you for reading. I have been searching for along time! I don’t have credit card ,just debit, and I don’t want to pay to call some number that charges me 🙁

Answer by Mark
Here you can get free psychic reading thorugh this link:

Answer by Rekima
Hi! Perfect then. Universal Psychic Guild new visitors receive FREE 3 minute psychic chat readings to try out the psychics of your choice.This is to show you just how good they are. Refer below for easy 3 step process.

Hope I helped.

Answer by Jasmine
There are a number of online psychic sites that offer free psychic readings. Other offer money back guarantees.

You can find a great guide at:

Of the four reviewed, I think oranum ( is the best, as they have little online chatrooms you can hop into and ask questions of the psychics. It’s limited by time… but once it expires, you can clear your cookies, close your browser and then come back and ask more questions! 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : looking for free psychic reading?

would like to get a free psychic reading

Answer by suruchi s
go to 21st century psychics site.there real psychics sit and answer ypour question. u can ask first three questions for free. u also need to give your birthdate along with your question.
best of luck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are their Real free Psychics?

Im going though something right now and Idk what action to take if any.
NO one knows what I should do in this situation. I remember y aunt has a psychic that she would talk to every once and a wile that would give her great advice. But i dont want to pay a buch or any money i just need an answer to this problem.
Im also afraid of wasting my time/money on a fake

If i find a real good one Ill be more then glad to come back and pay i just need an answer now >_<

Answer by amy
Psychics aren’t real. At all. No one can predict the future except God.

Answer by Lorelei C
Talk to someone that understands your problem. Psychics are fakes.

Answer by eri
There aren’t any real psychics at all, free or otherwise. They’re all just making stuff up and you make it fit your life yourself. Just like horoscopes. Try talking to your friends.

Answer by Dan
Physics tend to be con artists who prey on people in need of professional help. If you have a problem and don’t know what to do you need to seek help from a counselor, doctor, priest or family member. Please do not let anyone here tell you they know what is best for you and certainly don’t waste money on a physic. even the ones who honestly believe they have a gift, may give you some really bad advice.

Answer by John
Not only are there no real free psychics, there are no real fee-based psychics either. Some of them are con artists, some of them actually think they have abilities, but all of the seemingly good ones do the same thing — warm reading, cold reading, keen observation, and shrewd guesswork.

Answer by ysaint
I don’t know about psychics, but I do know that people are able to have a “sense” about things. Some call it the 6th sense, some call it intuition. If you have a question about something, then look into yourself for the answer. What ever feeling you get from it, then go with it.
I wouldn’t pay anyone to tell you anything.

Answer by advisor
Yes there are. My only advice is sometimes not making a choice is the same as making a choice.

Answer by steph
there are psychics, just because some people don’t have a gift does not mean they are fake.
i don’t know if
there are any free one, but go on google such and type in psychics in “and type in where you live” and it should come up on a map or something.
oh but it is a good idea to talk to your friends as well.
hope everything turns ok, 🙂

Answer by Sarah
There are a lot of psychics who don’t charge for services but they are like everyday people and don’t offer their gift on the internet.
there is a website I’ve used more than once and you have to follow the guidelines and what not but Here you go 🙂

Answer by Raider
Obviously, I believe they (we) are. As I said above, we are all born with some abilities, some more than others. Some of us are born with it, some of us develop it from childhood, and the rest of us can develop it to some degree or another if we work at it. Is it real in the sense of what is portrayed on movies and TV? Of course not; movies and TV aren’t real!

What would cause someone watching a news story about a murder to say “His body is buried in a shallow grave in the woods close to a main road. He was shot once in the back of the head,” only to find out later that’s exactly what happened? What would cause someone to call up her mother after reading Tarot cards and seeing her father’s death impending, only to find out that (although she didn’t even know he was sick), that yes, he has terminal cancer? What would cause someone to tell a business client an employee was embezzling, only to have the employer check it out and find out it’s true?

Many, many stories like this exist. And so do psychics and psychic abilities.


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