Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?

Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?
Websites, or does anyone do it personally through personal e-mail or anything?

Answer by ☾.·¨¯`·☆ Åмằ§ Vεяïŧằ§ ☆΅
I use this site when I choose to do an online tarot reading as opposed to one at home with my own deck. You can choose the deck you’d like to use in addition to the spread.

I also use an online angel oracle card reading website which is also very good and almost always very accurate:

There used to be an option to use Doreen Virtues ‘Healing with the Angels’ deck but sadly it is no longer offer. I do notice they have a Sylvia Browne deck and she’s wonderful so I would imagine hers will be just as good.

Good luck 🙂

Light & love!

Answer by Aisha
I read tarot and give readings based on what part of a 10 year cycle you are in. I use live chat to read at

and you can learn more about me (and tarot) at

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can i start using tarot cards?

I’ve recently started to get interested in tarot cards, but honestly i dont know where to get started and i have many questions.
1.are tarot cards “evil” in any way?
2.where can i learn how to use them and buy a deck there anything i should know before i look further into this interest?

Answer by natasha
Tarot cards are not evil at all. They are a tool to help in a psychic reading. They can help you strengthen your gift because the cards never lie. Meaning that the are highly accurate. You can buy some from a metaphysical shop or a book store like Barnes and Nobel. When you get your cards you should be the only one who touch them. Only your energy needs to be on the cards. You can use them on family and friends to practice. When I brought my first deck I slept with them under my pillow at night. That helps seal your energy in your cards to get an accurate reading. Tarot cards are not toys or a game. They are tools of deviation. Just have a clear mind and be serious about this art. You will be fine.

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
It is bliss to buy psychic ability!

I’ve been to a place that prints these cards, the company I work for sells playing cards wholesale. Not all of them of course because there are many styles of decks. They have do some impressive artwork, and there is one that goes along with the vampire craze.

So what make them so special compared to other printed items? Is it the cardboard? The inks? Both? Well I’ll tell you a true story.

The cardboard comes from trees from a secret magic forest in Austria. During WW2 none of this wood got to the USA, as the Nazis used it themselves. But what they lacked was quality ink and Hitler’s people had poor results. The best magic ink is made in the USA and trades on the market at about $ 133.00 per gallon. That is why the cards cost so much. Also there is a lot of quality control. The cards get tested by groups of elves to make sure that when used, randomness is not an issue.

Unless they are printed in China. They use plain cardboard and regular inks. These will result in random spreads every time. So buy American and spend lots of money on lots of decks. And don’t forget the velvet pouches to store them. Spend more money.

Answer by George
I created a section on my web site for exactly this.
I wrote a series of articles on how to learn to interpret Tarot cards here:

Then I added an online virtual Tarot deck to allow people to do Tarot without owning cards.
I’ve found that it is just as valid and accurate as using real cards.
It’s really good for learning and practising spreads and has interactive help with the card meanings.

The “magic” of Tarot is in you, not in those pieces of cardboard!

The online Tarot deck can be found here:

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
1.are tarot cards “evil” in any way?
No, they are not evil in any way. First of all, evil does not exist. Second of all, tarot cards are merely slips of paper with pictures on them… incapable of doing harmful acts without assistance from a person. If the person handling them intends no harm, the worst that could happen might be a paper-cut.

2.where can i learn how to use them and buy a deck
You can find decks for sale in a lot of places online…, eBay or any of the numerous metaphysical shops online. You can also check your local bookstore, but I recommend visiting a local metaphysical shop as they are local businesses that you can support, but they are also more likely to have a wider selection and to know what they are talking about when it comes to tarot decks and books. Before you go, however, I recommend looking at card samples online to get an idea of which decks appeal to you most.
You learn how to use them by studying them and practicing with them. first, you must select a good deck. The best decks to train with are usually based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but I fidn that deck to be rather ugly. Other decks that are closly related would be the Morgan Greer deck, the Hanson-Roberts deck, the Fenestra tarot or the Los Scarabeo company deck. You want a deck that you find both aesthetically apealing to you and a deck that “speaks” to you with powerful iconic symbolism. Any deck will do and you want to get a deck that you feel “drawn” to. That said, if you start with one of the decks I mentioned and study for a while, you’ll be better able to tell which other decks might work well for you so you can get a second deck that may be much more appealing and fun to use. there anything i should know before i look further into this interest?
Cards can’t predict the future. The future is a fluid abstract that changes with every choice you make.
A good way to study is to spend time with each card… maybe one or two each day. Read the book that comes with the deck. Read any other books you can find on tarot. Read websites about card meanings. Journal about your studies and your impressions of the card, but mostly LOOK at the image on the card and try to see what YOU see in it. Ultimatly, no matter how many books you read, your interpretation of the cards will depend on your own personal reaction to the image and what YOU think it means, which may be different then the “traditional” meanings.
When you’ve gone through each card, go through the suits numerically. Pull out all the aces and compare them, then pull out all the twos, threes etc and compare them to each other. This excersise will help you understand how the suits are laid out… it will give you a grasp of what the numbers mean and what the suits mean. Then go through the major arcana and look for the story of the fool… Google “Journey of the Fool” to see how the major arcana is laid out and which cards indicate what stages of personal development. I found these exercises useful.
Keeping a journal is a common and very valuable way to train yourself with the cards. Record impressions of each card, record readings you do to check back and see how effective the readigns were etc.
Also, develop your own personal rituals involving the cards. Try sleeping with the deck under your pillow, knocking on the deck with your knuckles, using a special cloth to do your spreads on etc… it helps to make them feel “special” and get you in a calm state of mind to do readings.
Always trust your deep gut and intuition. If you feel that something is right, then forget what ever else you’ve heard about it and do it your own way… that’s the whole point of divination systems… helping you tap into your OWN personal knowing.
Have fun!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can somone help me with this tarot card?

I went to a tarot card reader who read the cards amazingly well some parts were off and some were scary accurate!
Anyway she said in one month i got the moon card which SHE said mean ill keep a secret but when i looked it up online it said something completley different it said believing illusions and chasing after fantasies which is almost perfect for me..Im confused which is the right interpretation?Maybe my tarot card reader didnt know that one 100% or maybe its her Interpretation?

Answer by Tea
The tarot reader you saw appears to be using the most commonly used meaning associated with The Moon card, but adding her own spin to it in reference to your particular reading.

The Moon card is all about mystery and things that are hidden. It usually means that there is something you’re trying to figure out, but the answer is eluding you. If it’s about another person, it means that you’re having a hard time figuring that person out. If it’s about yourself, then it may mean that there is something going on with you that you haven’t figured out.

“Believing illusions and chasing after fantasies” is a meaning that is usually associated with the 7 of Cups, not with The Moon card.

Answer by charisma
the thing about tarot is that the reader may not even have an interpretation NEAR the one in the book. The reader is supposed to see whatever it is that she/he sees in the card regardless of “staple meaning”. So never second guess the reader… the guides showed HER the meaning as the reader. 🙂 Good luck

Answer by Ding-Ding
It depends on the deck your card reader used. Different decks can hold different meanings. Another reason there could be differences is that the cards can “interact” with each other. A “Good” card can blunt or lessen the impact of a “Bad” card and vice versa. The Moon card can indicate there is something hidden, ergo, a secret. If it was preceded or followed by a female court card it could mean that person (or you) had a secret. It all depends on what cards and what sequence and what questions you asked. When a reader has read the card for many years they can see connections between pairings of the cards. It is similar to what psychological profilers do.

Did you accidentally look up the wrong card? The Seven of Cups is the card of illusion and fantasies.


The old occult saying of “Know Thyself” sounds merely like a cliché that seems overused in many circumstances in the occult. What does this term mean? How does knowing yourself and the power of “I” effect you as a person.

I would like to share a short biography of my life as a brief example. I would like to make clear the synopsis of this essay is to essentially show how the Will affects the the magical user through magick, but this is not an summary of playing the victim of ‘poor me.’ There are other people with worse things than what I serve an example of in life, but I only know my experiences from my personal perception.