Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know any tarot card games I can play with a normal deck of cards?

You know those games you used to play as a kid? Where you pick a certain number at it would be the age you die, how many boyfriends you had, how many kids. I always thought it was harmless fun, and I would like to see if I can find anything similar or maybe a lil more complex and interesting.

Answer by KdS
People can read fortunes with playing cards — in fact it seems to be the slightly older practice. Just do a search online for “fortune telling standard deck” and you’ll get a lot of pages with instructions.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics-why do birth dates help in giving someone a reading?

Wouldn’t you need more information? Especially if you do it online?

Answer by donkeyeyes
They don’t even ask what hospital or where it is. Are you male/female? A big waste of time and in most cases money. A sucker born every minute. Oh, your a Leo, $ 50 sucker.

Answer by Racer
Because the cost for these so called “psychics” is determined by your birth month.

And that statement is as about as stupid as a person who claims to be a “psychic”.

Answer by Ella
Here’s the dirty little secret…it doesn’t, at all.
It’s used on cold reading to gauge your age etc and is used later during the session.
In fact, as soon as they ask, get your money back.

Answer by b_witch
What they are doing is numerology, they take the numbers of your birth date and add them up then reduce it to one number. Each number 0 thru 9 has a different meaning. Unfortunately 99% of the online sites use computer programs to do this for you and they charge you money and give you just enough information to keep getting more money out of you. In numerology there is more involved than just your birthdate and the online sites will charge you for every variation of numerology that there is.

Answer by pamela k
to get an accurate reading a “real” psychic would need your real first name and your full date of birth. this is for astrology, numerology and to tap into your psychic energy. they need this for another person if you want to know if there is a soul match. no a “real” psychic would not need other info at this time. online or phone readings are very hard to do i prefer face to face because you can do tea leaves as well and palmistry, plus with divination methods and tarot or oracle cards you can get your client to leave a psychic imprint on them for a more accurate reading.

Answer by Maralee Fox-Heins
Perhaps some of the legitimate ones use it to help them to tune into your personal vibrations but I have never needed someone’s birth date in order to do a psychic reading. In my opinion, if you have honed your psychic abilities well enough to read professionally for others, then you will not need more information other than a first name to do an online reading.

Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

Answer by Leo
I’ve known many people with “psychic” or intuitive ability. They could tell me some amazing things, things that seem impossible to sense – even what my astrological signs were.

Not one of them ever asked when I was born. If someone asks you that, it’s so they can reference astrology – a highly intuitive person wouldn’t want to color their perceptions like that. In other words, they almost certainly aren’t psychic/intuitive.

Answer by I’m just me
it helps some psychics to connect to you and your energy, it helps essentially to zero in on you. people have different ways of doing it. I for example would rather have a picture of your face, so that I can see your eyes (so yes, in person would be better, but that’s not possible online). otherwise, you’re just one in a million, you know? We need something to zero in on, to feel you out from everybody else.

oh, and i’d agree with the woman who said that if you’ve honed your gift enough you usually don’t need this. I’ve just never met anyone who’se honed it to that degree. they usually need a small something to hone in on you.

Answer by CassysTarot
Some psychics use astrology. Otherwise, some practitioners may use a birthdate as a personality map, to fix you for the reading. For example, if I throw a tarot spread and I get a certain card that involves the energy surrounding a certain person, having the birthdate helps me to fix on whether that card represents the seeker that I am reading for, or someone else, someone who may be coming into the seeker’s life. but I don’t ask for any information at all if I am doing a reading in person. I simply look at the hands of the seeker and then start my reading. Online I cannot see their hands, so I ask for a birth date.

Because most so-called psychics are fakes and use cold reading

Answer by Victoria
Those people are not real. They are giving you the quote typical star reading. Available free online. Real psychics are hard to find.

Answer by westpenninewoman
It helps the psychic tune into your aura by having a few basic details about you and to deliver you a better reading. If you went along for a face to face reading the psychic would, of course, have an idea of your age,etc.

Sceptics expect psychics to be ‘all singing and all dancing’! “Tell me what this week’s lottery numbers are and all that kind of rubbish!”

A professional psychic reading should be about helping you find the right path in life and solutions to your problems. Not about insignificant details that wouldn’t help you evolve as a person.

When you work in the psychic world you work with shadows and impressions. It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. The person having the reading has some parts of it and the psychic has the others. Together you can piece together a picture of your future. A few details such as DOB help fill in the puzzle.

As long as your psychic doesn’t ask for too many details you should be in safe hands.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone do any type of Tarot reading or numbers reading or anything similar via the internet?

Websites, or does anyone do it personally through personal e-mail or anything?

Answer by Sanguine
I personally haven’t had any experience with readers who work online.
However, there is a website that will generate a reading for you, and explain the cards/positions.

On the left hand side of the page, there is a place to input your question.
I’ve found this site is very accurate. Of course, not as personal as going to an actual reader, but this one doesn’t cost you anything! 🙂

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Online Tarot Card Reading

Online Tarot Readings – Tarot Card / Love Tarot Reading


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