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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know how accurate the psychic, Madonna, on south street in Philadelphia is?

Was just curious if anyone has been to her and how accurate her readings were…

Answer by Tim
I tried this online help with
excellent results .

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are palm readings for psychics?

Out of curiosity I am going to visit a psychic later on. She said she would do a palm reading and let me ask questions for 30 bucks. Is this worth it? How accurate are palm readings?
I’m no longer going to go, I’m sure it’s fake. I was just going for laughs.


Answer by old school – spuds to you
both are fake.

Answer by Imitation9
Depends on what you like for your entertainment dollar. $ 30 is probably better spent on something tangible that you will reap value from…and not something….you know…made up.

Answer by Freak Of Nurture
They are as accurate as any form of psychic divination, and roughly as accurate as blind chance modified by educated guessing.

Answer by Smash It Up Darwin
Not worth 30 cents. Psychics don’t really have an ability to tell you accurate, detailed information about yourself by inspecting palms.

Many psychics really do think that they have such an ability, although some are aware they are scam artists and do it only for the money.

Answer by Dreamstuff Entity
I’ll let you ask your questions for half that.

Better yet: buy this for $ 11.56, never spend another dime on psychics in your entire life.

Answer by trattymavis
ha yea. palm readers use a bunch of general statements, and people ignore the misses and focus on the hits that sound like us or that we like.

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