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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of a REAL spiritual healer or psychic in chandler arizona? PLEASE?

I am in search of a real spiritual healer in the Chandler area in Arizona. I cannot travel to Sedona. I am in need of some serious help here. Please if anyone know of a honest to god, healer and or psychic please let me know. Thankyou so much.

Answer by eri
No one has ever been able to prove they actually had psychic powers, or mystical healing powers. Much less someone in a specific town. I’d suggest talking to a real doctor, because anything you’re looking for is just going to end up with you getting scammed out of a lot of money.

Answer by Tom
I am not sure exactly what you are looking for as you ask about a spiritual healer or psychic. Different people have different ideas of each thing so that could be a wide variety of possibilities.

If you are referring to something of a medical nature, your first choice should be medical attention from a doctor.

In your area you may want to contact Sacred Spiral Pagan Church which is located in Mesa.
Another possibility is to check with some of the people involved with Phoenix Pagan Pride Day.
By contacting the local Pagan community you stand a better chance of finding local people who can let you know who and what is in the area. Remember that not everyone hangs out a sign and many of those who do are just out to make money and will give nothing of value in return. In fact of those I have met who are involved in these areas the ones who do show results tend to remain relative private and the best way to find them is through the Pagan community.
Aside from checking online for contact information for the two groups I mentioned you can also go to witchvox.com and find people or groups in different areas. I do believe Sacred Spiral has listings on witchvox. Local Pagan/New Age supply and bookstores may also be a contact place as they at times have fliers about various things or know the local people active in different areas.
Allison DuBois (the person the Hollywood series Medium is based on) lives in your area, roughly 25 miles north of Chandler.

Always be skeptical when someone makes a claim that they can do something, be open but not necessarily with your wallet. I have rarely seen results that are dependent on a price tag. That leads me to Sedona. I have not been impressed by what I have seen there at different times over the past few decades. It tends to be very “New Age” with a lot show and fancy sounding ideas but not as much foundation.

There are plenty of people that will tell you such things are not real but would you trust someone who claims to be an astrophysicist to do brain surgery just because they say they are a scientist? The same goes for anyone who makes claims in these areas because they claim to be Pagan or can talk about or have strange “metaphysical” ideas. You want to find someone who explains what they do in easily understandable terms and does not seem to be stroking their ego with extreme claims.

Another option you may look into is contacting the tribal leadership of the Native Americans in your area to see if they may be of assistance. The Native cultures have persons who go beyond what is understood or generally accepted. If you do this be respectful and remember that “shaman” is not a native term and each tribe will have their own way of dealing with things along with how they refer to them. They may or may not be open to you if you are not a native, respect their choice either way.

Answer by Jem
I have a lot of problems too and got scammed by many different people and I didn’t get what I want until I saw the email mysimplelifetoday@yahoo.com..she helped me with my probs, she will help you and all went great after contacting her 🙂 You will not regret anything.. I have asked for 5 spells already and she could be a counselor too for free, a friend if you need one..

Answer by carterdealejos13
if they were “honest to god ” , would they charge money ? why would a omnipotent deity need cash ?

Answer by Elmira
Well you could visit Chandler Tao Healing Center located in chandler or Chandler Natural Health and Spiritual Connection there are both located in-city .
Anyway a psychic power is mostlly done by your brain , i mean it’s all about YOU , YOU must belive in thir powers and your self-conscience will do it for you . You could always try a phone-psychic reading like the one offered here http://psychicangelsmessenger.com/

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can we raise money for a charity organization?

We operate a Christian charity organization, called Machanyim, and are looking for ways to raise money for support. Machanyim helps people in need with food, clothing, shelter, employment, counseling, and other physical and spiritual needs. Two of the ideas presented to us so far are a charity golf tournament and a walk-a-thon. Any other good ideas?

Answer by K K
Bake sale,make jewelry, kid’s fun fair, charity basketball tournament, food drive.

Answer by bethie_biker
Yard sales are always a good source. Ask your members to donate their unwanted, usable items then have a sale. You can combine this with a bake sale or a church fair-type of event with games and rides.

Answer by Sarah C
Try an egg sale. Start at one end of a block or neighborhood. Explain your organization and ask if the first person would donate one egg to you. Then go to the next house and sell the egg for a donation (Don’t set a price). Repeat until the end of the block.

Answer by A F
Check with board members, friends, friends of friends of friends to locate 1 or 2 celebrities with the aim of a celebrety golf tourney and celeb auction. Try for support of sports team in your area for an event where ppl pay $ 50-100+ to play golf (or whatever with a chance at a celeb 4 some or team member) Look for local businesses as hole sponsors etc. Be sure to get hole in one insurance. Go to http://www.sponsorwise.com for companies wo may contribute stuff to help such an event.

You can also try a dinner with ___ benefit combined with a showcase for local chefs. Because they are shopwcased they may well donate the food as well as cooking it.

Try a festival or sport show. We have groups here doing bike and old car shows, art shows, etc. as well as singings, concerts, fashion and talent shows. In a rural area a chili fest (or other local favorite food) can be good combine the favorite food with music, crafts, contests etc. Let ppl pay for a plate or bowl or the staring food,have cook off teams with entry fees of $ 100 or more per team (or less depending in your area)

We and a lot of other Christian ministries also do an onoing program that can bring in a solid and ongoing amount of money. Our web site for that is http://prepaidlegal.com/caringhand0 if you’d like to take a look.

Help your board members set personal and group fundraising goals.

Work and make friends with your local media. Keep your cause before the public.

See if your sponsoring denomination gives support.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know of any Spiritual Poetry publishing websites?

The poetry I write is of a spiritual nature not of a religous nature. My poetry is focused on Soul and it’s spiritual insights, advancement, and experiences.

Answer by perfumer
Hello J. F.

If you wish to reach a publisher directly, contact one of these: PS Avalon Publishing, Dan River Press or Unity House. PS Avalon is a small, independent publishing house that handles the printing and marketing of the books that they publish. They pay in royalties up to 20 percent but do not offer any advance against those royalties. Dan River Press is also a small press, as most publishers that work with poetry are, and markets books almost exclusively to bookstores and media that the poet personally knows. Unity House is a publisher exclusively devoted to books of a spiritual and religious nature, and while a small press, they have far-reaching contacts to help market the books that they publish.

Hope this helps

Written by ArthurJames

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