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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know the age of Erika Frost, the psychic medium?

She’s the medium who does ghost tours on the queen mary. Her website doesn’t give away much information unfortunately. Any idea?

Answer by fragolina ♥
I haven’t found it, either. Maybe she doesn’t want it to be public.

She looks like 30 or so, though.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a psychic or medium reality tv show?

I got my first tv cable in years, a few months ago. Since then, I have been searching psychic reality tv show but found none. I am fascinated in tv shows involving with spirit experts contacting dead loved ones or experts who claim to have gifts of seeing and communicating with angels. If you know one such show that is good, please drop me a line. Thanks.

Answer by Dromo Ocquaye
yes its on tlc its called long island medium .if my memory serves.

Answer by susan
That would be hard to do since television is so visual and spirit people are usually not ones to appear on cue.

You might want to consider gaining an understanding of your own gifts so you can live that reality!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Isn’t it illegal to lie to get people to buy a product?

I see a lot of “psychic mediums” or “spiritual healers” on the internet claiming stuff, like they trained with masters for X amount of years — people who they literally made up. And that they had past lives, etc, etc. I mean, if one were to prove that they made all this stuff up, would they get in trouble or are they just immune to the law because their claims are unfalsifiable?

Answer by tonalc2
Not always.

Answer by Captain Obvious
Yes fraud is illegal.

But with psychic mediums and spiritual healers it becomes very difficult to prove you’ve been defrauded.
I doubt they are going to promise tangible, verifiable results. And what you are paying for isn’t a product, so much as their service. They provide that service, now it’s up to you whether you believe their claims or not. Believe the services were of use. You could say the same thing about religious groups: if they promise salvation, how on earth are you supposed to prove they didn’t give you it?
Or even, to push the idea even further, a fictional book: you read on the spine that it is the “most gripping crime novel this year”, you read it and can think of several other crime novels that year you found more gripping, does that mean they have defrauded you?

But back to the psychics, I imagine, in a court of law, it would come down to the question of if you were sceptical about their abilities, then why did you pay for their services?

Answer by O
well as you know there is a big difference between it being illegal and unethical
also there is proof or lack of
then we get to the loop hole of “buyer beware”
might mention also the number of lonely hearts who get ripped off by people on those internet dating sites who say oh I am young beautiful 25 yr old girl need money for grannies operation… blah blah and of course lonely old dude falls for it sends money… of course the 25 yr old girl is really an ugly oily 45 yr old man from some where like nigeria a country which specialies in this type of activity… food for thought
the line between legal ethical moral corrupt and fraudulent all lies in the domain of PROOF

you are getting into really complicated confusing areas
but it is a good question and wish you well figuring your answer

Answer by susan
How do you know this “a lot” are false? Is it because you do not believe in this that you assume that everything is not true?

There is a lot of fraud in many professions. It is a bit easier to be successful as a con in this area because the people who seek out a psychic are often more desperate to find out about a situation. Many a person has paid for car repair that was unnecessary or not even done. That said, there are many who are reputable, honest and sincere.

How to know the difference? Anyone who asks for a large sum of money up front to remove a curse/bad energy is most likely a fraud. That is not ethical. Anyone who is too vague and asks you questions is probably a con. Anyone who acts in the manner as psychics are presented by Hollywood is probably also a con. Anyone who makes promises as to what they can do is definitely a con because no one knows what will be shown until the moment it is shown. Most, but not all, true psychics are humble people because their ability to see is a very humbling experience.

Some have studied for years and years. And just because you do not believe in reincarnation does not mean it is not true.

Take a look at the information about Alison DuBois (a real woman upon whom the TV series, Medium, was based) and Edgar Cayce. Of course, if you are a determined nonbeliever, there is nothing that can change your mind except that you have an intuitive experience of your own.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic medium

Psychic Medium Maureen Hancock Interview

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