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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does the world exist because you exist or do you exist because the world exists?

Answer by Loho
The latter.

Answer by William L
the last one. Without the world, nothing in the world including us would exist.

Answer by ladyluck
I exist because God created me

Answer by ♥ Kate ⓛⓞⓥⓔⓢ ن٥ﻻ ♥
I exist because the world exists, and God exists because we exist.

Answer by Gina D
well it depends if u believe in God. God made the earth for his creation and we are his creation. but if u believe in that crap about the big bang theory than i cant help u.

Answer by Spiral
I exists because the world exists.

The world does not revolve around humans as some religions seem to teach- we are just another part of the system, no greater or lesser than any other organism.

Answer by Michael B
Neither, the world would exist without any of us, it did before and will again in the future, we are not significant.

Answer by Back For Round 13

Answer by Love Blind.
What kate said

Answer by fee fee
it depends how u see it , to me the world exist because i exist once i am dead nothing will matter to me.

Answer by WILLIAM R
who says I exist

Answer by superhalonerd
We exist because the world exists. Without the world there is no us. The world exists in our perspective because we exist, however this is only a tier above a play on words logically.

Answer by Happily Happy
world and I exist because God exists.

Answer by SanJoseHope-asaurus
Double logic error

1) False dichotomy, and

2) There both exist due to a COMMON cause.

Answer by Jabien
obvious….because the world exist so I do to ! Guess that if human were not their, the rest of the living creatures might have been even happier !
But I’m glad I’m here :o)
To argue with “Happily Happy” I would say that I do not exist because god exists but because my mom and dad exist :o)

Answer by Shisha-Man
Interesting. There is an outer reality (the world) and an inner reality (yourself). It depends from which lens you are looking from. If you did not exist than you would have no knowledge of the world thus rendering the world useless. However, since you do exist the world is of great value to you. Its all economics.

Answer by bindysdogs
Both. The world exist because…if you are a believer…..the father wanted his people to worship him as well as tend to the earth he provided for us. I am his people, therefore the world exist because I do.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are we letting the terrorists win?

In my opinion…

Not all but much of the political correctness we see is really a cloak to hide the very real fear many have of the radical jihadi terrorists. The reluctance to publish the cartoons of their leader was a red flag. The beheading videos have had their desired effect. Terror in the minds of many. The tendency to think twice before expressing one’s true opinion publicly. How many in the media have read the threatening emails they receive and wondered..could this one be for real?

How much of the PC we see is actually just plain old fear and have you ever censored yourself for the same?

Answer by Guy
So the only way to defeat terrorism is to make the terrorists as angry as possible?

Answer by Yeah, Butt
The Democrats are.

Answer by RebelliousScot
Yeh screw Political Correctness, lets not respect other religions and not do our best to look after handicapped. It’s all about me as a person.

Keep taking the freaking tablets.

Answer by Ben Dover
The terrorists win only if we fear them. They should be fearing us, and all freedom-loving people of the world.

Answer by tomslick54
No…The Governments that allow Terrorist to dictate to them their positions are allowing Terrorists to win. We are attempting to show these Governments the way to peace and prosperity, but if they continue to look the other way, they will find our support leaving them.

Answer by iLikeWater
I think the real terrorists we are letting win are Cheney an Bush.

Answer by Well Duh!
I’m thinking Americans are getting just a tad bit over the PC crap. We have Europe as our example of PC out of control. But then Europe has always been our model of what not to do. I boycott all media outlets that refuse to call a spade a spade or a terrorist a terrorist.

Answer by ATJ
Obama is now going to punish the FBI for not taking Hassan down before he killed yet Obama threatened them by political correctness and not to profile Arabs so how can they do their job with this man as leader?

Answer by kadiss17
The PC trend is about control IMO. I don’t think it’s about fear as much as policing certain thoughts and opinions.

Answer by corvette
Yes,….Bush made the effort but fell too short. We should have sent 3X more troops to start with and cleaned their clock once and for all…it would have taken less than a year. So we fooled around with taking potshots and now they have expanded worldwide. And Obama is going to do less. When they attack us again, the citizens will have to take up arms and show the government how its done.

Answer by Justine
PC is used as a very effective weapon to silence the truth , do you think for one second that someone like an Obama would have been elected to POTUS without the use of Political Correctness as a smoke screen ? Political Correctness is an infection of this nations soul it is undermining our ability to think with the cold steel of pure logic .

Answer by Bad Elephant! Go to your room !
OBVIOUSLY we are NOT letting the terrorists win.

Terrorists killed 3,000 on 9/11 under the Bush/Republican watch.

They have killed 12 under the Obama/Dem watch.

You do the math….

Answer by mike hunt
People only have to look around the world at other countries where Muslims have taken over other countries…all of this political correctness will do nothing but make people fear standing up to Muslims and the fear will come from our own government, that is the sad part. The shootings at Fort Hood were an act of terrorism and anyone that thinks different needs their heads examined and I always hear some people saying most Muslims don’t agree with the terrorist at Fort Hood but show me where a single “peacefull” Muslim leader has come out to condemn these shootings or even 9/11…the only thing I’ve heard is a few saying this event will just make people dislike them even more.

Answer by The Taxpayer
We are indeed helping them through political correctness. We’re not supposed say anything for hurting their feelings if they decide to shoot us. If they shoot us…it’s because their feelings were hurt. It’s defensible and held up in court. Led by the left, we are a nation of cowards.

Answer by water_skipper
Well, since Bush didn’t go after Bin Laden and Obama isn’t either, I’d have to say yeah.

Answer by Bianca
I have no idea why this song comes to mind: “We are the champions, my friends, weee will keep on fighting to the end. We are the champions, we are the champions, no time for lozers, cause we are the champions of the world.” by Freddie Mercury and performed By Queen. Do I look like I care? Take it as you will!

Answer by Fern O
Just what is it that terrorist are winning?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you tell who is winning the presidential race?

Answer by inappropriatus
If you measure by the level of vitriol on the attacks…it must be Obama.

Answer by ihatelilac
McCain, because the Dems. are to busy cutting each others throats. Watch the polls.

Answer by Sarah M
McCain will win if Obama gets the Democratic Nomination…it’s a different story if Hillary gets the Dem. Nomination.

Answer by robert g
A new poll came out that showed both hillary and Obama match up a tie with McCain.

Answer by j
between hillary and barack, a poll showed most democrats favor barack.

Answer by ellilitino
Either Clinton or Obama.

Answer by bloodweiser
It will be Obama as pres. with Hitlery as VP, or vice-versa.

They’ve taken this woman/black in office thing and used it to whitewash the real issues, which all three prominent candidates lie in the same bed on. Prepare for another 4-8 years of total tyranny when they pick up where dictator Bush left off.

Answer by Lisa P
At this stage, Hillary will get it, Barack SHOULD be her VP.

Answer by Himpalapotamus
Obama is definitely winning, but Hillary has chosen to side with McCain and attack Obama. Hillary is a traitor to the democratic party.

I just pray that average Americans can see through the lies and vote for the only candidate with any integrity. We have a once in a lifetime chance to elect someone worthy of the office for the first time in my lifetime. Someone who puts America first, and not lobbyists, corporate cronies, or partisan politics.

Answer by pablo_asawa
if its Democratic..its going to be a very bad future…

Republican? not going to be good either..but at least we will have a little more money in lower taxes..and i have been a democrat most of my life..
how sad to see BO or Hillary..but thats just my view…

Answer by Slightly Violated Francis
Let’s have a universal moment of objectivity…breathe in…and out.

You will not find one answer of mine where I have laid any political allegiance on the table. All my comments are qualified, as they come from a place of analysis rather than partisan bias, or trolling, or flaming. Based on polls, coupled with recent ‘controversies’ and my own view of the current situation today…McCain is winning.

The Dem race is a mess. Neither will get 2025, Obama’s being chopped at left, right and centre for (mostly) the wrong reasons and Hillary won’t get Florida done again.

If the Dems do not pull out of this plummet hard and fast, in November McCain will win what many thought was, for the GOP, unwinnable.

Edit: I would love to hear why the thumbs downers think my words here are so off-base. Feel free to email your thoughtful comments.

Answer by Nana

Answer by Mike
Sadly it appears that McCain will win.

If Barack Obama is nominated over 30% of the registered Democrats will cross ovoer and vote for John McCain.

When that many Democrats cross over, it is almost impossible to win the general election. Essentially that hands the Presidency to the Republican.

If Hillary clinton is nominated the supporters of Barack Obama will have a huge temper tantrum and create absolute chaos.

the result is that approximately 30% of the registered Democrats will be concerned about the chaos that the Barack Obama supporters are creating. those Democrats will cross over and vote for John McCain, handing him the Presidency.

Answer by njr
Yes, it is simple actually. Hillary is done in every way except mathematical.

Obama wins the nomination but he has already lost the election.
He lost the independent vote he absolutely had to have in order to even make it close. 36% of the independent polled today have changed their support.

McCain wins in the largest landslide in history.

Answer by Vejay S
Almost all the polls I have seen have been very close and most of the time within the margin of error. As of yesterday I would have said a three way tie. Today I am really uncertain about Obama since he has taken a beating. If the Democrats keep attacking each other I think neither will be able to defeat McCain.

Answer by Steve J
Obama has more pledged delegates, more votes, won more states, everything. Even the supers will likely vote for him because of the fact that most supers will side with their constituents.

Answer by dirtymartini
It’ll go back and forth for the next six months.

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