Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free online Tarot Card Courses?

I’m looking for free online courses that teach how to read the Tarot. I’d really like a course that includes exercise, and exams on what you learn.
Daniel, do you honestly think that I give a crap what Christian think about the Tarot? Cause, I don’t.

Answer by grelics
There is an excellent free 20 week course for beginner Tarot at Magicka School
I just completed it and have moved on to the advanced course.
Also has a good course that includes exams.
Joan Bunning has one at (no exams though)
Blessed be on your journey!

Answer by Pam R
Hello Richard

I run a course, but it isnt for free.

But I also have a forum, which is free where you can ask & discuss tarot as well as practice the tarot tasks that I post weekly.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there anyone who is willing to do a tarot card reading for me??

Answer by Lord Sesshomaru457
Sure let me look in my crystal ball and see if Ms. Cleo is still about.

Answer by average_guy_1271970
That’s Satanic stuff – are you sure you want to dabble in the occult? There really are evil spirits out there, and Tarot cards are a way they push their way into your life.

Answer by loon_mallet_wielder
The last time I answered a question like this the asker reported me for abuse, so, no I am not willing.

Answer by owlofglass
All of the readings at these sites are online-based and are free. I really like the first 2.

Llewellyn Tarot Readings
(7 different spreads and 12 deck choices)
(20 decks to choose from, 11 spreads to choose from!
By the way, also offers online-based readings with runes, the i-ching, and others.

The Mystic Readings
(Two kinds of Tarot readings, a rune reading, and others)

Thoth Celtic Cross Reading
(This site allows you to store your readings if you want)

Playing Card Readings
(Readings similar to Tarot–9 spreads to choose from)

Tarot Cafe
(Has several spreads to choose from including Celtic Cross, Tree of Life, etc.)

EOS Tarot Reading
(Not an actual Tarot deck but a great reading regardless with a female voice talking you through the reading–this site is part of a promotion for the EOS car.)

If you are interested Tarot and reading the cards for yourself there are some terrific sites on the net, such as Aecletic Tarot, Tarot Passages, Super Tarot, and the Hermitage Tarot.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to tarot card readings work online?

If I wanted to get a reading online, would it be worth it? How do they work as opposed to getting the reading done in person? I thought the point was to get your energy on the cards, but if one does a reading online, they are not touching the cards. How does this work?
By online, I mean I have placed an order to a psychic for a 5-card reading. I know there are sites in which you can click on cards and the computer will generate it for you, but this is not the type of reading I’m talking about. Sorry about the ambiguity!

Answer by Alikat
It will work about as much as it would in person.

Which is not at all, there is nothing about your life that a person with a deck of picture cards a can tell you.

Answer by Andrew
It makes no difference. It’s just a con trick either way.

Answer by S☼L
Tarot cards can be read by anybody, since each card has a specific meaning. The only difference between a reading in person and one on given by a computer is that in the latter case it is you yourself who do the job of reading the cards (whose general meaning will be presented to you, so it’s not difficult). The advantages of a personal reading is that the result can be extended or deepened or added to by the reader’s intuition, plus that you can ask for clarifications when something is unclear. There is no “energy” involved.

Answer by Aggy
Why do you think pictures printed on cards in their millions in a factory in China have any supernatural powers? Just who imbues them with their “magic”? After the ink is dry do they go to a special magic department where a wizard casts a spell over them?
I hope you see what a nonsense it all is.

Answer by LookingSweet
Yes, they do work. I am a reader where the client selects cards from an electronic deck, and it works in exactly the same way, except you have chosen the cards, not me. They are not ‘computer generated’ readings, they are written up by real psychics and sent to your inbox and you can reply to your psychic reader asking more questions if you wish!

Answer by Adwoa
Yes they do work but it depends on you and the tarot reader as well.You should not just go fore one tarot card reader and should never depend on them 100 percent.
Oranum – Offering Free Tarot Readings and Psychic Chat.
Hollywood Psychics – Giving You Tarot Online Readings and Psychic Readings.
Psychic Source – Your Source for Free Tarot Readings & Free Psychic Chat.
Kasamba – Affordable Psychic Readings and Free Tarot Online.

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Tarot Reading for February 19, 2014

Written by GentlemanJim58

I’ve been active on Live Mystics since May 5, 2011. I feel proud & honored to have served nearly 8000 people world-wide. I also feel so very proud to be working with experts like Arthur James, Clairevoyant1, Leslie15, MysticOwl12, Skinnymouse, SugarBare, Greeneyes71121.

I don’t do palm readings, for this I would suggest Arthur James. I don’t read horoscopes or do life maps. For this I recommend Mystic Owl 12, & for balance & healing I recommend Leslie 15, she is also an excellent reader. I do read for many of the other experts here on the site and so I have had the great fortune to understand their talent & skill in a very personal way! Comments are always appreciated after a reading to help others know of your experience with me as well as to help me be able to offer you my best attention and expertise.