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Does anyone know where I can speak to a free psychic? Either online or on phone, i hacve some problems

Answer by littlelegs
Dont bother my Friend, there are many Frauds out there , free or not. I am a believer but not with all of them.

Answer by Countess_Catori
You can email me through my profile here. I am really behind on readings right now. I will see what i can do but I make no promises. No one is always accurate, especially psychics 🙂

Please send only one question. I will answer it best I can with the info I receive.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic???

Do you know of any free online psychics? I just want to try it out! Make sure they are completely free….most say there are but they will only give u half of what u want then they want money? If there are not any online….then do u know any in the central Ohio area??? Thanks for ur answers!!

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Answer by stiggo629
Now perhaps you understand the scam. Of course they won’t tell you anything important until you pay. Once you pay, they still won’t tell you anything important, since they can’t, since they’re all frauds. But once you pay, they’ll know you’re gullible enough that you’ll keep paying if they tell you what you want to hear.

Answer by Thom1274
A free psychic is an oxymoron. The whole point is to swindle you out of money. They may give you the first time for free, but only so you come back for more. It’s a form of control.

Answer by Constanze B
yes, i am a psychic.
i see much money being wasted in your future when you find out that there are no free psychics and that they are all bogus

Answer by PsiTips
I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations about how to find free psychics.

Answer by Simian
My advice is to not go for the cheap and quick when you see a reader.

You might end up with a bad one, even if they seem to pick up on your current situation accurately.

California Psychis offers 10′ free for new clients, but the again, it’s not something just to be tried out…

When you’re ready, do your research – a book out there called 100 top psychics in America – and book an appointment with a reputable practitioner.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a free psychic reading online?

I have a specific question I want to ask a psychic and I’ve done all of the tarot card stuff online. Do any of you know a good website where I can talk for 100% free (without having to give a credit card number) to a psychic?

Answer by Jfig
It will be fake if its online.

Answer by Insight
Try here you more likely to get good practical advice.

Answer by {{Ɛɱɜɾɑɭɗ Ϙʋɛɛɳ}}
obviously it would be fake. who would even fall for that? ah hah

Answer by Tony
Try this

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